BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st July

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st July


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st July
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st July



What is your full name?

Hi. My name is Veerpal kaur.

What shall I call you?

Please call me by my first name, which is Veerpal.

Where are you from?

I am from New Delhi in India.

Can I see your identification please?

Yes. Here you are.

Thanks. That’s fine. Now I am going to ask a few questions about yourself.

First of all, let’s talk about walking.

Do you enjoy walking?

Yes, I do enjoy walking. I walk everywhere that I can. I find it very relaxing and it is obviously good for my health. It also has the added benefit of being free of cost. I always feel very relaxed and refreshed after a long walk.

How often do you go walking?

I try to walk every day. Since I moved to a new place to live, I have made the decision to try to walk to all places which I need to visit as part of my daily life. Not only does this keep me healthy, but it also allows me to explore the new area that I am not living in.

Is walking popular in your country?

Yes, I think that walking has always been popular in my country. This is because it is both free and a good form of exercise. I think that a lot of people prefer to walk than to have to pay money to travel short distances around their hometown.

What is your favourite festival and why?

I like October Fest. It’s a German festival that starts in late September and ends in October. People drink lots of beer at October Fest and that is why I like it.

How do people celebrate this festival?

Well, they built pavilions and stands that sell beer and all kinds of food, a lot of bands are playing there. People from all around European come to celebrate the October Fest dressed in traditional, German clothes.


Describe a disagreement that you had with someone.

Please say:-

– When and where it was

– What it was about

– How you felt about it later


I recount (=tell) a disagreement with my neighbor a few days ago. He came over my place with a view to complaining which was quite unpleasant for me. I didn’t take it lightly because he seemed to have crossed over a line of leniency and decency of mine.

He parked his car in front of my gate for which my mother had requested him to remove his car from that spot. He was disappointed with that request, and he phoned me over this matter. I calmly explained him why he was requested to remove his car from that spot but he seemed to have built a solid foundation of constant non-consultation and selfishness.

In the evening, when I reached home, he again came over my place to discuss this matter. I got annoyed at his discourteous (= rude, impolite) and quarrelsome behavior. I didn’t like the entire episode because I had always wanted a peaceful neighborhood. But this gentleman didn’t value my leniency. Eventually, I lost my temper and sounded him off.


How can decisions affect a person’s life?

The decision making is an important aspect in our life. One misstep can force us to go backwards from where we may not come back ever or if we happen to recover what we’ve lost, yet we pay the heavy price for the wrong decision. The opposite is also true. Aright decision could be a life-making event for anyone. Therefore, it is consequential (=important, significant), and could affect us greatly in either direction.

What are the main decisions youngsters have to make nowadays?

For the youth, career making is on the top priority, especially to choose the right career path. This task is daunting (= challenging, threatening) for their parents and themselves both. There are other essential decisions that seek a lot of attention. For .example, when they are young and restless, they tend to remain overconfident and sometimes it costs them heavily in later years. Therefore, it’s for their good that they should be with the good company to set the right path.

Did you get advice from somebody before making crucial decisions? Why?

You bet (= absolutely)! My mother was always like a shadow to me; not in a nagging manner but always as a friend who guided me time after time. When I was a kid, 1 always believed myself right in all the decisions only to realize later in life that howl was wrong on many occasions whereas my mother has always been a farsighted (= foresight) gracious woman. I’m proud of consulting her whenever it needed and I had always her back.

Why do people make wrong decision sometimes?

Well! I guess nobody does it on purpose, it just happens. Taking a right decision is little bit of speculation, sometimes it goes right and the other time it boomerangs (= backfire, recoil), too. People in most occasions analyze various aspects before deciding something important. Yet they fail because the right decision also depends upon many other external and internal factors.

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