BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 30th July

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 30th July


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 30th July
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 30th July



What is your full name?
My name is Priya Seth.

Can I see your ID?
Sure, here it is!

Where are you from?
I live in Rajkot which is around 300 kilometers away from Ahmedabad city.

Do you work or study?
I own a small business of ethnic attires for women. I started this business not long ago and it’s growing by leaps and bounds (= rapidly) these days.

What do you do?
I design clothes as per the latest trend of fashion. My specialty lies in designing the women’s day-to-day Indian attires and for special wedding collection. Also, I’m trying my hands-on kids wear as well but it’s at the infant stage at the moment.

Why did you choose this job?
I completed my fashion designing course two years back. I found designing clothes was a very interesting job and it suited my passion. I’ve a knack of designing various types of clothes so I thought why not I pursue my passion and career together.

What will you do in the future?
I want to become a successful entrepreneur, and the world must know my work and appreciate it. I think globally and I foresee my stuff being sold in every part of the world sooner.

What color do you like? why?
Being an apparel designer, I love all the colors as long as they go well with any combination. But personally, I love white and pink color the most.

Do you like chocolate?
Yes, I like chocolates. My favourite chocolates are Bounty, Mars and Dairy Milk.

Did you also like chocolate as a child?
Whenever I saw bars of chocolates, it always salivated (= secrete saliva, especially in anticipation of food). My mother always rationed my chocolate eating but I was my dad’s girl so he would buy me chocolates of my choice and both of us ensured that my mother didn’t know about it. I had too much of chocolates as a child.

Do you think most people like chocolate? why?
I don’t know about the preference of people. But I reckon they should like the chocolate. It’s tasty so why wouldn’t they like it. Plus, I’ve not come across anybody complaining about the taste of chocolate but I assume most people surrender to the craving for chocolates.


Describe a piece of equipment that is essential for you in everyday use.
Please say,
– What it is
– Why it is important to you
– How often you use it during the day


The equipment that I can think of is the refrigerator at my home. It constantly and untiringly standing in the kitchen and cools our vegetables and other eatable stuff. The make of the fridge is Godrej and it has twin doors. It’s a 415 litres model.

The fridge has become omnipresent (= widespread, present everywhere) in every urban household. I guess it’s hard to do without it. I believe it offers magnificent utilities to all the members directly or indirectly. For example, it cools the beer for my dad, keeps vegetables from decaying for my mom, cools the dry fruits for the family and also protects certain medicines and vials that need to be stored in the cold atmosphere.

It’s one of the most useful appliances of the modern household these days. Its real importance is realized during the scorching summer of India when the temperature is heated up to 45 to 50 Celsius degree. The outside temperature burns everything and a cold bottle of water or juice refreshes and dehydrates the body of anyone.

How many times I use the fridge at home is an interesting question. Because I’ve never given any thought of counting that how many times I open or shut the fridge. The rough assumption that I can draw is at at least ten times a day that I use it on a working day but the count goes up when I’m home.


Who else in your family uses this equipment?
Everyone uses the fridge as per their utilities. I would say it’s a darling of everyone. Just imagine one day without the fridge, everything will go upside down.

What other equipment do you have at home?
Apart from the fridge, I reckon the second most useful equipment is TV. Our home is filled with equipment such as game equipment, protective gears, garden tools and others. Really. I never thought of the importance of these pieces of equipment until this day of the exam. I mean while discussing them I feel that they’ve been a part of our life everyday and why not ever I thought of them.

What is the future of machines or robots, in your opinion?
I see the future belongs to automation when we think of technology from the machine and robot point of view, it’s going to be exciting always. No doubt that these machines will comfort the life of humans further and at the same time will make them lazy, too. Well, that’s not the real concern for anyone but the main concern that I foresee is when they will replace the human at workplace. This is very dreadful because the moment it happens in the world, many people will lose their jobs and the unemployment rate will also spike up.

Describe the advantages of industrial robotic and automation systems.
There are boundless advantages when the automation systems are in place. First of all, the precision of the technology gets us the best and finest quality of the production. It saves considerable amount of time and money both. Large corporations rely heavily on the automation for the efficient productivity, and it directly improves the bottom line for the stakeholders.

Do you think having robots in our houses would be beneficial?
I don’t know about it but I assume they should be beneficial. We’re always sceptical about new technologies in the beginning but we get used to with them later on. But I also doubt how robots will be handy for us. I mean we do our household chores and run errands. Are these robots going to do all these jobs? Funny, isn’t it? Let’s see what the future unfolds for us. I will be surprised to see my pizza delivered or cooked by such robots.

Do you think robots will take our job in the future?
Yes, I’m on the same page and it’ll be dreadful when we are replaced by them. Sooner or later all of us will have to embrace this paradigm shift (= a fundamental change in approach). I see those days coming for sure. The future generation will need to be smarter than the smartest to earn their livelihoods.

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