BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th August

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th August


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th August
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th August



What is your full name?

My name is Manpreet Kaur.

Do you work or are you a student?

I am working as an executive manager.

What difficulties did you face in your first job interview?

I was little but nervous during the time of my first job interview. I knew nothing about the company, as it was a walk-in-interview. Many candidates appeared in it which made me even more skeptical about my selection. However, I performed well and I was shortlisted by the interviewing panel for a personal interview. Finally, I got an appointment letter after a few days of my interview.

Why do you prefer job to business?

No doubt, Business gives freedom to experiment and explore new ideas. It also gives us the independent decision and managing power. But job offers us security and less stressful life because job gives a fixed salary.

What are your strengths that help you in your current job?

Ah! My hard work, initiation, efficient leadership, vibrant attitude, and last but not the least, dedication towards my work help me and a lot in my current job.

What types of jobs do males and female prefer?

Males prefer jobs that require some travelling, as youngsters like to travel and learn practical lessons of life, while females prefer office jobs like that of a receptionist, computer operator, telephone operator, telecaller, secretary, etc.

Should college students do part-time job? Why?

Of course why not. College students must do part-time job because it helps them to earn money. Moreover, they become more responsible, matured and self-reliant by doing jobs.

In which jobs do employees have to update themselves regularly?

All types of jobs require regular updating, but there are still some jobs like medicine IT, software programming media jobs, etc. which require faster up-to-date knowledge from professionals.

What are the ways to search for jobs?

There are three ways to search for jobs. First, we can look for advertisements in the newspaper and apply for the jobs. Second, we can consult with placement consultants. Third, we can apply for online jobs in portals.


Speak about a family member you resemble

– Your relation with the member

– How you resemble him/her

– What benefits you get


I resemble my father in my family. I resemble him in appearance, height and quality of hair. I resemble him in such a way that whenever any person who knows my father is able to recognize me as his son. I have come across this situation many times in my life. Previously, I could not believe that how someone could recognize me immediately as his son, but now I don’t wonder because I have seen photographs of my dad when he was young. I have similar hairs style, height and face complexion that helps my relatives and my father’s friends to identify instantly.

I have received plentiful benefits of this resemblance. First amongst them is acceptance, my father is a well-known person in my community and area. Many people know him and give respect to him. That is why, whenever I meet my relatives or his friends or business colleagues I get similar acceptance from them that enables me to get recognition in my society. People offer same the respect and warmth to me too.

In addition to this, such acceptance has brought early maturity and responsibility in my life as others started respecting me; I had to be mature enough to live up to their respect. So, I developed myself as a responsible member of my community, who is as good as his father.


What are the best ways for a family to spend time together?

I believe one of the best ways for a family to spend time together is to go out into nature. This is an amazing way to commune with each other and our surroundings. We live in such a hectic, world where we’re constantly being bombarded with the media from all directions. The solitude and peacefulness of nature fosters family togetherness and makes memories that will bolster children’s sense of self-confidence throughout their lives.

Why is eating meals together a good way to communicate with your family?

It’s almost a cliche these days to emphasize the importance of eating meals together around the table, not in front of the television or watching sports. While you are sitting there as a family, ask your children a great deal of questions about their day to day activities, not in an accusatory, meddling fashion, but in a way that shows interest and concern for their daily activities. Meals should be a peaceful, joyous time and it’s important to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to good communications.

What are the responsibilities of the family so they keep themselves united and undivided?

A united and undivided family is like a fortress. It gives you solidarity, strength and cooperation. Every member of such family has some obligation that will keep the root cemented. It should be the duty of the Karta of the family to warm all the misgivings. All the children are to be given the same food, education and environment. All members of the family have their meals at the same time and place. All the earnings of the family should be funneled in a central fund. All the problems facing the family should be discussed at length with all the members and a decision is reached. An unanimous decision is all the better.

What is close knit family?

A close-knit family is such a family in which all the members have strong bonding with others. Communication between family members is the main thing in a close knit family. When there is communication gap, the family is no longer can be considered as a close knit family. The family which eats together, lives together, laughs together and shares all trials and tribulations together is a Close Knit Family.

How can family problems affect your behaviour in life?

It is often observed in many cases that family problems always create mental problems in life and has been universally observed in almost every household. Where is family, there is problem and family problem is common in world. And too many problems that make you upset and create tension and stress. So to keep oneself steady and firm one should be determined firm and steady to face the situation.

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