BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 13th August

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 13th August


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 13th August
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 13th August



What is your full name?

My name is Akanksha Rani.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Akanksha.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

It is important to focus on one thing?

 Yes, I think it is important to focus on one thing and not lose our concentration.

 when do people need concentration to focus on one something?

Concentration is important to Focus on something so that people give their 100% to that job/task and get good outcome.

When do people became more focused?

People became more focused when they have a goal or objective they want to achieve, Also, when people do what they love doing, they become more focuses.

Is it easy to have concentration?

No, it is not very east to concentration these days. There are many distractions, like our cell phones, TV, noise from traffic, etc

Can people deal with two different things at a same time?

Yes, it is possible to multitask, for the task should be related. For example, when cooking, we normally have to multitask and do two or more things at same time, another common example is when we are driving and we have to many tasks at the same time.

Do you have many close friends?

Yes, you can say that I have many close friends. In my early childhood I had two close friends, Poonam and Kitty and during my senior school days I had a friend with whom in shared everything and now I am very close to Mini and Mainu.

What qualities make them good friend?

My friends are great and fun loving, we always have a good time together. They are trustworthy a reliable. I can call them up at any time of the day or night.

Do you live with your family?

Yes, I am living with my family at present but soon I will have to move out to a different city as I am joining a new job there/ as I am planning to go abroad for my higher education.

Do your family and friend still live in your hometown? 

Yes my family still live in hometown but my friends have moved out some have got married and moved out their families to different cities and some have also migrated overseas.

Do you think family should live together (why/why not)?

Yes I think a family should be living together, but more important is when you are living together every members should respect the individuality of t her other person and give him space to nurture personal interests.

When do you spend tone with your family?

I like to spend my time with my dear ones whenever I get a chance. sometime we sit and chit chat over a cup of tea. We try to have at least one meal together.

What do you do together?

At time we sit together and share some light moments, lime playing some board games or watch comedy shows om the TV, while on some other occasions we, may have some serious discussions on politics and topic of concern like global warming.

Do you often go out with your friends?

NO, these days I don’t go out very often with my friends a most of friends are now living in different cities and we can meet only once in a month or something once in two-three months.

Is your family very important to you?

Of course, my family is very important to me. I think every living creature feels the family is most important part of their existence and we as human being are at the higher levels of existence so the family is dear to each one of us.

Do you prefer to spend time with your family or with friends?

Well it depends sometime i like to be alone, sometimes I like being with my friends and on other occasion s, I enjoy a good family time. spending a lot of time with one person may cause a lot of friction and difference of opinion. 


Describe something interesting you learnt from the internet.

Please say,

What you learnt

What website you learnt it from

How you learnt it

And explain why you found it interesting


The easy access to internet has helped me learn too many things in my life.It was a time when I struggled to make a financial report or analysis using Microsoft Excel. When I googled the online training course for the same. I found numerous theoretical methods and videos. One after another, one after another I start to read and implemented my learning in the real life. Initially, it was somewhat hard to put to use only to find my comfort zone at the later stage. I’ m incredibly thankful to internet for teaching me functional skill that on must possess in the business world.

I learnt this remarkable skill from

. there are many other websites available for the same but I found this website more practical, functional and useful. They have tutorial for beginner like me so nobody needs to be tech-savvy or a wizard(=genius, expert) of the number formulas. The only things one needs to bear on mind is to follow all the step one by one. Trying to learn or master any new skills overnight brings only frustration. I allowed some time to comprehend fully and it worked in my favour.

What I did was whatever I learnt through reading and videos from YouTube, I did practice the same sums by my owns. Then, I used some hypothetical numbers to practice further. Gradually, I started incorporating (=including) the actual number of business to corroborate (= confirm, verify) my learning. Now, its works wondrously.

It always fun to master Microsoft Excel. Certain calculation take days to solve or I would sat they will send me spinning at times. Before I learnt this course, I worked like a donkey to calculate too many numbers using the traditional methods and calculator. In real terms, it never worked for me. Another factor was I couldn’t decide which business proportion offered me the best return (= yield, profit) because I didn’t have any tools to know ratios. After mastering this skill, I feel I am an economist and could tackle all the micro and macro economy of the world- pun intended (=double meaning)


How has the internet changed in your country?

The internet service has recorded a proliferation of users in my country has a population over one billion and it’s said that more than two third of it uses the internet day in, day out the good is people now use it to the fullest. All useful and smart applications are in vogue (=fashion trend) at the moment.

What would happen if the internet didn’t work in your country?

In the absence of internet connectivity, it creates chaos. People are much accustomed to using the internet that they cannot do anything without it for a day. Without internet connectivity, most businessman find it difficult to transact routine bushiness and other personal transaction/ jobs. Children and youngster need to complete their homework or assignments and internet facilities them to research various topics to fulfil their jobs. Everything will collapse (breaks down, fail) If there is no internet

Would libraries disappear in the future?

I guess in all probabilities it may happen in near future. undeniably the ease that’s offered by internet supersedes the conventional facilities such as libraries in no time students find or research the academic or other details using the internet this feature isn’t offered by the traditional library Ergo(therefore) I won’t be surprise if the day comes without the four-walled library.

Why the Twitter popular in India?

The popularity of Tweeter is gaining momentum in my country yet. It was sure to happen because it is right platform for the people to share their idea and advocate certain cause. In past, people didn’t have any platform to reach the audience and government had no system in place to gear their voices. Now, it’s possible and common to see people venting out frustration, offering suggestion to the admiration and providing feedback of any product in a lightning speed (quick, rapid).

 Do you think information from Tweeter is more valuable than from other sources?

I believe most of the time information circling on the tweeter I reliable. However, people need to be little but mire cautions and careful while believing it blindly as this platform allows people to offer their point of views. I ‘m always afraid of points of views because they are formed with personal opinion, too. Opinions sometimes are detrimental (dangerous) against the reality. Therefore, the word of caution is, “trust after verifying the news or point inn question.”


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