BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 9th July

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 9th July


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 9th July
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 9th July



What is your full name?

My name is Rashi Chawla.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Rashi.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here it is.

What types of TV programs are more popular in your city/country?

People in my city/country like to watch social, cultural, and comedy based programs. However, reality shows like ‘KBC’ and talent hunt shows like ‘Indian Idol’ and ‘SaReGaMa’ are also becoming immensely popular where I live.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV?

Television offers many benefits. We get local, national, and international news on television almost instantaneously. We can also watch live sports, and other important events on it. What’s more, along with watching movies, we can enjoy numerous programs based on society, lifestyle, general knowledge, religion, history and science and technology.

On the flipside, watching television is a passive activity. It doesn’t refresh our minds. Moreover, excessive TV-viewing is also harmful to our eyes. Lastly, owing to the availability of international satellite channels, selection of proper programs suitable for viewers of all ages has become a difficult task as some of the programs tend to have offensive or disturbing content that can have adverse effects on the minds of the viewers.

What are difference between Hindi and English movies?

There is a vast difference Hindi and English movies. They differ in length, theme, content and use of technology. Hindi films are 140-170 minutes long as opposed to English movies, which are 100-120 minutes long. Hindi movies are based more on culture, society, religion, and love whereas English movies are largely based on science, space, fiction, fantasy, and romance. Lastly, Hindi movies are often musical; we can see 4-5 songs in a single movie on screen, whereas most English movies do not have songs on screen.

How do you define happiness?

To give a universal definition of happiness is next to impossible, because the perception of happiness is different for different people. I think it is a reaction of one’s mind to an external situation, based on the inner condition of one’s thoughts and feelings. In this sense happiness is a momentary response, because as we all know, any reaction of the mind cannot sustain for longer than a moment. To me, happiness is a part of our consciousness. We should try to search for it within, not outside.

How can a person remain happy in life forever?

It is impossible to remain constantly happy through one’s entire lifestyle, if the considered is based on the general perceptions of happiness that we carry. This is because; happiness is only a momentary reaction. However, happiness transformed from a mode of reaction, to a state of being. This state of being happy can then be extended to eternity. For example, a flower gives its fragrance to its surroundings till it withers. It is fragrant in itself, without caring about the external world and its opinions. Happiness as a state of being is similar. One needs to be happy within themselves irrespective of the opinions of others, and by adopting a non-judgmental approach to the events of life.


Speak about an international/national celebrity, or personality who is controversial.

You should say

– The name of the personality

-What he does for a living

– How that personality/celebrity is controversial

What is your opinion of this personality/celebrity?


There are many celebrities, who willingly or unwillingly keep courting controversies during the spans of their careers. Many celebrities in fact are more famous for their controversies than for their actual achievements in life. While the list of controversial celebs is actually endless, today I would like to speak about the man who was elected President of the USA in 2006.

The 45th President of America, Mr. Donald Trump is a very successful businessman, too, and has featured in television shows as well, before campaigning for his presidential role. Almost all his television appearance have made headlines in his earlier days, but this is not what makes him a controversial personality in my eyes. Trump truly started courting controversy when he decided to run for President. He started making the most outrageous statements in public started saying things that no politician had said before on an international platform.

He unabashedly went on to criticize immigrants and refugees, blamed them for the lowered employment of American citizens, and even went so far as to say that of he became president, he would see to it that America was rid of its immigrants. This statement was not only discriminatory and insensitive, but also went against America stood for. In fact, the USA is a nation of immigrants, Donald Trump being one of them. In fact Trump’s own wife was also an immigrant. This mentality and negative attitude towards people won him many brickbats and he became an international talking point.

Further, Trump went on to make racist and sexiest comments on international TV, regularly repeatedly. He kept tweeting insensitive one-liners online, which ensured that he got likened to loose cannon. He even went on to say that he would build a big wall between the USA and Mexico, and that he’d make the Mexicans pay for its construction. Soon, he became a trending topic and memes about him started surfacing. People started making fun of his appearance, his mannerisms, his loose talk, and also started questioning his intelligence.

It appeared for the longest time that Trump had no chance at winning the election, because he was so controversial and so unlike all the other highly polished, politically correct Presidents of the USA. To everyone’s surprise, as the elections drew closer, Trump managed to amass the support of many Americans. The number of people willing to vote for him kept increasing in spite of his exponentially disrespectful public speeches and statements. Eventually, he became the President of the USA, and even now he continues to court controversies.

However, everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves without being judged, and Mr. Trump is no exception.


How did you come to know about the controversies created by this person?

I came to know of Donald Trump from the TV, initially, and then followed up on news of the American elections in newspapers and on the internet. I have always been interested in political debates and discussions, so I managed to gather some information on Trump’s latest controversies every now and then from my circle of friends, too.

Do celebrities deliberately create controversies at times?

Yes, sometimes celebrities do create controversies to stay in the limelight in the media. Sometimes, they intentionally spread rumours of accidents, affairs, break ups, or similar issues, as the media pays more attention. This is the reason, just before the release of a film or a music album; they intentionally create such controversies in a pre-planned manner. They also drag in other people, organize press conference, and give provoking statements to garner public attention. Sometimes, some media men also take an active part in encouraging and supporting pre-planned controversies because they get monetary benefit in return.

Has the popularity of international celebrities increased or decreased in your country in the last few years?

The popularity of international celebrities has increased in my country in the last few years. These days, people talk about the international celebrities, more than ever. International celebrities from various fields such as sports, films, music, politics and business are given more attention by the media and the people of my country.

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