BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th August

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th August


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th August
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th August



What is your full name?

My name is Harminder Kumar.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Harminder.

May I see your identification?

Sure, here you go.

What’s your favourite food?

 I would have to say that it’s definitely steak. Its quite expensive, so it’s a real treat when I get the chance to have steak and I love all the things that come with it like pepper sauce, chips, mushrooms, and onions.

 Have you always liked steak?

I didn’t really like meat when I was younger. My mom said that I only liked to eat sweet things or breakfast cereal when I was a child. Naturally, Coco Pops were my absolute favourite.

Are there any foods you dislike?

I like most foods, but if I had to pick some I don’t like, it would have to be vegetables, especially green ones like broccoli or cabbage. They either taste of nothing at all or really bitter. Although, I try to force them down when I have to because they are very healthy.

What are some traditional foods in your country?

Everything seems to revolve around the potato where I’m from, but there’s much more to Irish cuisine than just one vegetable. If you come to Ireland you have to try a full Irish breakfast. It’s made up of lots of fried meats, plus a range of bread like wheaten, soda and potato bread, of course.

Do you have a healthy diet?

No, not at all. I like all of the things that are unhealthy like sweets, fatty foods, and junk food. I don’t really have a lot of discipline when it comes to my diet, whic his probably why I’m a little overweight.

How important is the internet to you?

Extremely important. I depend on it for work, research, study, and entertainment, so without it I’d be completely lost.

How often do you use the internet?

I use it constantly throughout the day, every day. I check my emails when I get up in the morning, I use it for work all day and then I watch videos, read books or listen to music through it at night.

Do you use it more for work or in your free time?

 I’d say both really. About 50% of my job involves researching and writing on the internet so I would use it for about 4 hours a day. When I get home, I’m normally too tired to go to the gym or play sports so it is really easy to download a movie or stream some music and I normally do that until I fall asleep.

What are your favourite websites?

For work, my two favourite sites are WordPress and Google. WordPress is a blogging tool that allows you to publish blogs easily and maintain a professional looking website. Google, of course, allows me to find the information I need quickly and accurately. In my spare time, I, of course, use Facebook like everyone else in the world, but my favourite site is The Guardian because it allows me to keep up to date with everything that’s happening

Do you use apps?

I’m a bit of an app addict. My favourite app at the moment is one called Stitcher. It allows you to listen to podcasts and helps you discover new podcasts. You can download them and then listen to them when ever you have time.

Do you think you use the internet too much?

I think most people do these days. My problem is that there are so many sites and apps that you end up checking them way too often and this wastes lots of time. It can also be a bit anti-social if you are checking your phone all the time when you are with other people.


Describe a person you were friendly to, although you did not really like them (him or her)

You should say:

• who this person was

• when and where it happened

• what the situation was

• why you didn’t like this person

explain why you were (or had to be) friendly to this person

• and explain what the results were after you were friendly tothis person


I would like to describe a person who I had to be friendly to, although |did not really like her. I think this situation is quite common in our lives, especially when we have to act as part of a team. AA couple of months ago, I was assigned to a team at my workplace in order to tackle a big project. As part of the team, I had to cooperate closely with this person. However, we had never really liked l each other for several reasons. Firstly, she is much older than I am, so she always thinks she is right and disregards the opinions of others.

I would describe her as both bossy and officious, although she did not have a more senior position than I did in the company. Secondly, I considered her irresponsible because she did not appear to me to pay serious attention to the project. So, although it was supposedly a group project, I ended up working all on my own as much as possible in order to see the task through.

As the work was vital for our company, we had to be successful. I, therefore, had no choice except to collaborate with her in order to finish the job. I would rather have done all the work alone, but if I had refused to work with her as part of the team, then the evaluation of my job performance would have been affected at the end of the year. So, knowing her personality as I did, I swallowed my pride and tried to be patient.

Despite our many arguments, we completed the task on time. I learned that sometimes people can work together, even though they don’t get on with each other. It just needs a little bit of time and patience to work things out, and each person has to compromise to achieve a common goal.


How do you handle disagreements when working as part of a team? Provide an example.

Good communication and respectfulness are the best means for conflict resolution. For example: I always take the person aside and discuss the issue privately. I listen activity to make sure I understand and the other person’s point of view and I work with the person to develop a solution together.

How would you describe the personality of that person? (you dislike)

The person I dislike most is closed minded and ignorant. They are arrogant and self-righteous. They believe they are better than everyone else and look down upon others. This personality is extremely annoying because it disrupts teamwork and causes bad situations.


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