BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 4th October

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 4th October


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 4th October
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 4th October



What is your full name?
My name is Abhilasha Rani.

How may I address you?
You may address me as Abhilasha.

May I see your ID?
Sure, here you go.

Now let’s talk about your introductory part that is based on “mirrors”

Are mirrors useful?
Yes, mirrors are useful. We use them every day to get ready and check how we are dressed, before stepping out of the house. Through the day, also, if we encounter a mirror anywhere, we check our appearance and feel self-assured.

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror?
I spend normal amounts of time in front of the mirror. I wouldn’t say that it’s a lot, but it’s just enough for me to get dressed, look my best, and step out of the house confidently. I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror, though.

Who according to you spends the most amount of time in front of the mirror?
I think teenage girls spend the most amount of time in front of the mirror. For most teenage girls, trying on different outfits and accessories is a hobby and an everyday pastime. They love checking out their appearance and sprucing it up every now and then.

Why do women spend more time before the mirror than men?
Women take longer to dress up than men, usually. This is because they wear a greater number of clothes and accessories on any given day than men. They also happy cosmetics and put on jewellery, which men usually don’t. these activities take up sufficient amount of time. So, women spend more time before the mirror, perfecting their look, than men.

Let’s talk about “music”

How is today’s music different from that of the past?
Today’s music is fast, and based on western styles, whereas music of the past was based on classical rhythms and folk tunes.

Nowadays people make blends of Indian music and international music. Are you in favour of this practice?
Music is an art which allows people to constantly experiment. There is nothing wrong in mixing classical and western music. If it is good, people will accept it, and if it is not good, it will be rejected by listeners.

What is importance of traditional/folk music?
The purpose of traditional music is not only entertainment. In fact, it carries the legacy of the cultures and traditions to which it belongs. Traditional music that we enjoy on festivals, seasonal celebrations, and ceremonies acts as a reminder of our cultural history.


Describe an antique or some other old thing that your family has kept for a long time.

You should say:
– what it is
– how (or when) your family first got this thing
– how long your family has kept it
– and explain why this thing is important to your family.


When it comes to an old thing I keep in my family, I want to talk about the transformer that I got from my parents on my 10th birthday. On that day, my parents bought me a transformer as a birthday gift. When I opened the gift box, I was really astonished by what I was seeing in front of me. It was an awesome transformer that I had been dreaming about for ages.

The moment I saw this transformer, I fell in love with it. It was pretty huge and looked like a hip yellow car, and it could be shifted from a car to a robot action figure and back again. The transformer had a really nice color scheme and finish. And it came with a nice handgun like the weapon and different accessories. It was super cool! And with the transformer, there was a card from my parents saying, “Sweetie, you mean everything in the world to us and you are forever the apple of our eyes. Happy Birthday! Love parents.” I am telling you, although I was pretty young at that time, those words impressed me a lot.

Until today, I still keep this toy. It has been over ten years since I got it. I love it not only because of the toy itself, but also because of the sentimental value it has for me. The value is irreplaceable.


If you are subjected to choose from old things or new items, which one would you prefer?
I ‘d like to choose the old one, simply because of its sentimental value like memories and it can be a good topic during getting together. Thus, we remember some memories and better know more.

What is something that people keep in their family for a long time?
There are a great number of items family kept as their heirlooms. Jewellery like ring and necklace; furniture like chairs and table; antiques like calligraphy among the many items’ family keeps.

Who are the people in your family that like to keep things?
I guess the one is my grandma. Although the stuffs she kept were not valuable, such as the old clothes and shoes of family members, I do appreciate her practice, as these items saw how we grew up day by day. It would be funny to reopen the box and see the old things.


Do you think it is important to maintain traditions? Why or Why not?
Yes or no. certainly, the majority of traditions benefit us. An example here is antique which can inform us the way the ancients live. We can know exactly who are and where we from. But, some traditions like taking no place in the family for the women should be thrown out.

What is the importance of collecting old things and putting them in museums?
There is no doubt in the importance of finding things like these. Imagine if these antiques were kept by individuals. It has a risk of bring worn out. Besides, the majority of the public can’t access to these important objects.


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