BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 16th September



What is your Full name?
My name is Gurdyal Singh.

Can I see your ID?
Sure, Here is it.

Where do you live?
I live in Mumbai.

Do you work or study?
I am a working as a software engineering with Oberoi limited.

Do you like your job?
Yes, I do like my job because it’s all time full of creativity, and the software designed by the person like me helps many business flourish in the world. So, I feel that I do something worthwhile in my life.

Do you enjoy watching sports?
Yes, I love watching football, tennis cricket. Not only watching sports but if I’ve a choice or an opportunity I would love playing them all. I have grown up playing many games in my life and I cannot wait to seizes such an opportunity.

What kinds of games do you play?
I love playing tennis a lot whenever I’ve enough time to allocate to it. When I am at home, I also love playing video games and the game such as Candy Crush on my mobile phone. My mother likes to play the game of chess, and sometimes I also give her company. Initially, I didn’t like chess much but after playing for some time, I started liking it.


Describe a website you like to visit

You should say:
When you found it
What it is about
How often you visit it
Why you like this website


There is no doubt that online source is essential for everyone nowadays. A vast amount of information is instantly updated every second to meet our needs. For me, in particular, I’d like to check the website called almost everyday.

What I love about the website is a wide variation of food stores is introduced in detail, including the price, the food available, the parking area and the service offered. Posts can also be varied in terms of food, by which the reviewer recommends their top five stores selling it; in terms of design concepts, by which people can choose their favorite surrounding environment or those young photographers can also come to practice and in terms of specific locations. Of course different person has different taste, I also can to go through the comments below or save many posts for references.

What is more, the website provides delivery service, which is a huge benefit for those who are living too far away from the store. For those reasons listed, is definitely one of the websites I’d love to visit daily.


Which websites are popular among your generation?
I think that websites with information about how to do things are really trendy, for example, recipes and how to make certain dishes or how to make clothes with tutorials to follow. People are finding new hobbies through looking at websites and learning how to develop new skills. 

Is using the internet a social or solitary activity?
In my opinion, I think that it depends on what you are doing, for instance, if you are at university and working on a group project, then you may have to work with your peers to find information. However, for most people it is a solitary experience, working with your desktop, tablet or phone to find out whatever information you are looking for. 

How has the internet changed social behaviour?
Before the internet people interacted much more when meeting up and going out together, now you see people glued to their phone screens. Their focus is on their social media apps looking at what their friends and family are doing through photos and status updates, rather than actually talking to them. Communication is mostly through social media, with instant chat cutting the need for face to face meetings. 

Should companies check job applicants’ online profiles?
It’s not unreasonable for employers to do this, however, I think that what people share online may not be the whole picture of how they behave at work. For example, seeing photographs of a person on a night out with friends acting silly, does not mean that they will act like that in the workplace. It can give the employer a wider sense of the persons personality and interests so that they can see if they really are who they say they are. 

What will be the next big development online?
In my view, I think that more and more people will be able to work online from home in the future. Companies will make it easier for employees to take work home with them, giving them a hard drive or a company modified super tablet, with everything they need to work productively from anywhere. It has already happened with many companies, including Apple and Amazon. It makes sense that this trend will continue and we will see more of it. 


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