BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th September


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th September
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th September



What is your full name?

My name is Tandeep Kaur.

How may I address you?

You could call me by my nickname Tanu.

May I see you ID?

Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?

I hail from Moga, which is in northern part of Punjab.

Do you like to watch movies or Television shows that make people laugh?

Definitely, I like to watch comedy shows and movies, being a student I have hectic schedule and they prove anodyne to me.

Do you usually make your friends laugh?

Yes, I think I have great sense of humour to make my friends laugh.

Are you the kind of person who makes people laugh?

As I earlier mentioned that I have good sense of humour, I like to make people laugh by my deeds or talks; I think that laughing is the only way to keep our self away from worries of life.

Do you think it is important to laugh with friends?

Yes, I think it is imperative for everyone to laugh with friends because they all are of same age group. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that laughing is the best exercise to increase the blood circulation of body.


Speak about the role of extra-curricular activities in education

– What these activities mean

– Which these activities are

– What their importance is

– What your suggestions are


Extra-curricular activities mean those activities which are performed by students along with their academic studies. These activities are histrionics, debate, declamation, elocution, (mix, skit, drama, dance, music (vocal and instrumental), arts like mime, rangoli, collage making etc. Extra-curricular activities are a must for real education. These activates provide charm and spice to the bookish knowledge a student gets from the educational institutes.

 A student gets ample opportunities to exhibit his/her talent in various activities. It is the best training for a student to groom and develop his/her talent. If a student wants to be a good speaker or actor, these activities are the best. Stage-fear can easily be overcome at this stage. It is a fact that the great speakers or actors or singers of today had their initial exposure and confidence only on stages like this.

Extra-curricular activities properly channelize the boundless and directionless energies of the youth. When a young person gets applause from the audience, he/she tries to improve his/her performance. Such students cannot fall prey to the anti-social and anti-national element. These students can never become destructive.

Sense of competition, co-operation and co-existence is better produced by such extra-curricular activities. Students learn the real value of the real society. In this way they can become better human beings. My only one suggestion is that these students should do all these activities not at the cost of their studies.


Do you think extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in schools/colleges?

No. I do not support this suggestion. It should be voluntary choice of the student Some students are interested only in academics, so it should not be a compulsion for the students to go in for extra- curricular activities

How do these activities help a student?

These activities sharpen the other skills of the students. Their personality is developed through these activities.

Don’t you feel it is the wastage of student’s time?

No. It is, rather, the proper utilization of the student’s time It rightly said, “All With and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Students who study all the time get bored and their efficiency level goes down. So, they need break from their dull routine.

Should the students get benefit in further studies or jobs on the basis of their achievement in these activities?

Yes. I think that those students who win medals at the national and international levels should get some weightage of admission for further studies and even at the time of recruitment for jobs.

Should hobby classes be encouraged in the schools? Why?

Yes, hobby classes should be run in the schools during vacation. These classes will go a long way in teaching new skills and practices to the students. They will enjoy while they learn. These hobbies will provide a new direction and meaning to the lives of the students.


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