BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th September


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th September
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 19th September



What is your full name?
My full name is Ramanpreet Devi.

How may I address you?
You may address me as Ramanpreet.

May I see you ID?
Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?
I am born and raised in Delhi.

How do you feel about birds? (Why do you feel that way?)
I feel that birds are very special. They are beautiful creations of God. They add diversity to nature.

How do Indian people feel about birds?
India is a diverse country. Everyone has different feelings. Some love birds, and keep them as pets. Others just admire them flying in the sky. Some even eat birds.

Are there many birds near your home?
Yes, there are birds near my home. I can see pigeons, crows, sparrows and even the cuckoo bird occasionally.

Have you seen many different kinds of birds? (near your home)
Yes, I have seen many different birds. Apart from the birds I see routinely around my house, I have seen peacocks in my neighboring village. I have also seen some rare birds, in the Chhattbir zoo. There were different varieties of parrots and the ostrich and emu over there.

Do any birds have any particular significance in India? For example, does India have a national bird?
Yes, peacock is our national bird. It is a beautiful bird. The male looks very beautiful with its plumes spread out.

Do Indian people like to raise (keep) pet birds?
Yes, they do. Some people keep birds as pets. They keep colourful parrots and pigeons as pets.

Have you ever raised (kept) a pet bird?
No, I have never raised a pet bird. There is a lot of work involved.


Describe a big company you are interested in.
– what the company is called
– how you know this company
– what kind of business this company does
– what kind of interesting activities the company has


The company that I want to have a career with is Google Incorporation, USA it’s one of the top ten companies as per the repute ranking done by reputation institute’s annual rankings.

I guess everyone knows Google incorporation. In fact, it’s boon on this generation. On one click, you can get the information that you seek. I don’t remember exactly when I come to know about this company but I assume it was back in early 2000 somewhere.
Google is a search engine and by all means it’s the most superior in the world at the moment. Apart from the search engine segment, it’s into online advertising technologies, software and cloud computing.

This company is specialized in internet- related services and products. The very first is I use Google’s email account called ‘’. Google offers a bunch of interesting features such as weather and flight updates. It can also be used as an inline dictionary. I’ve downloaded and installed its app on my cell phone. Google’s certain features are so impressive that it makes feel that Google knows every move of mine or knows more about me than I do. For instance, I get the product delivery status on my cellular phone by Google if I place an order on Amazon or Flipkart.

The more I use its features, the more I get fascinated by its services. It’s awesome.


What is the difference between large companies and small companies?
The large company is a symbol of a great leadership of a founder or a CEO. Working with the large company, you are in a pool of competition and under immense pressure of outwitting(=outsmart) others by creating or innovating something new. It offers a natural drive to prove yourself while the small company may be all about working in the comfort zone. The moment someone is the comfort zone, I believe it stifles(=prevent an idea or an activity) the innovation and creativity.

Are there many big companies in your country?
In India, there are countless companies and numbers are just keep growing with time. We’ve multinational companies such as tata motors, Mahindra &Mahindra , Aditya Birla Group, reliance industries, and among others.

What are the good things about working with a large company?
With large corporation, one is always in the edge of doing, something creative. If one doesn’t produce the desirable result, he’s shows the door of the company. It’s believed that people, most of them, perform under pressure and a strong leadership. Large corporations help people hone their skills in a better way.


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