BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st September


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st September
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 21st September



What is your full name?

My name is Balbir Kaur.

How may I address you?

You could call me by my nickname Balbir.

May I see you ID?

Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?

I hail from Moga, which is in northern part of Punjab.

Do you like to watch movies or Television shows that make people laugh?

Definitely, I like to watch comedy shows and movies, being a student I have hectic schedule and they prove anodyne to me.

Do you usually make your friends laugh?

Yes, I think I have great sense of humor to make my friends laugh.

Are you the kind of person who makes people laugh?

As I earlier mentioned that I have good sense of humour, I like to make people laugh by my deeds or talks; I think that laughing is the only way to keep our self away from worries of life.

Do you think it is important to laugh with friends?

Yes, I think it is imperative for everyone to laugh with friends because they all are of same age group. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that laughing is the best exercise to increase the blood circulation of body.


Speak about a competition/ contest you took part in, in the past.

You should say

– when that competition/contest took place

– what the participants had to do

– how you performed

– what kind of reactions did you receive from others?


I would like to speak about an extempore competition organized by my daughter’s school, two years ago. It was actually a surprising event for all of us. We went to attend function organized by the school, for both, parents and students. The function was organized at the cultural hall in the school premises. Here, the school management came up with some surprising activities for the students, as well as the parents. The principal explain the importance of public speaking, and to emphasize it, he introduced a surprise extempore contest for parents.

He invited to some parents for participate in the contest, and decide d to select topics for them to speak on. I raised my hand, along with 15 other participants. Finally, we were all asked to go on stage one by one, and each of us given a topic by principal.  I must say, it was a tough call to judge our speeches, from the competition perspective, as everyone did really well. As a participant, I quite enjoyed it. The topic I had to speak on was- teaching children in English medium schools. I instantly started my speech and spoke for a few minutes in front of the 500 strong audiences.

I organized my thoughts well, and was able to deliver the content clearly and emphatically. Everyone applauded my speech. At the end, the principal declared me the winner of contest and everyone gave e yet another big round of applause for my performance. The principal, teachers, and the audience were all very happy in the end because the entire function was aimed at increasing parent-school interaction.

My daughter was also very happy about my win; she jumped with joy, and rushed to me to give me a hug. Many parents came to me later, and congratulated me on the win. I have won many other contests in the past, but I will not forget throughout my life.


Does the presence of our family members help in our performance? Why?

Yes, the presence of our family gives us mental support and motivation. We actually perform better in the presence of our loved ones, because their feelings add energy to our performance.

Should such competitions/contests be organized regularly in all parts of your country?

It is not bad idea. It will actually strengthen the bonds between schools and parents. This will subsequently be helpful to the children. In addition, this will also help people in expressing and sharing their ideas and opinions with others on a public platform. Finally, these kinds of contests will also motivate children to perform better in the competitions organized at school level.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to the people who participate in such competitions/contests?

I don’t think there is any direct or indirect disadvantage to people entering such contests. On the contrary, it benefits them in many ways, by providing them an opportunity to recognition and a good reputation among their friends, relatives and the society.

Some schools give prizes to all the participations in contests/competitions. Is this a good or a bad practice?

It is need a good practice to give out prizes or mementos to all the participants. School children are vulnerable and sensitive. When they prepare for a contest, they do it with all their heart, and so, at times, they tend to get emotional if they don’t win the competition. Thus, in order to prevent them from getting frustrated, some schools give a prize to every participant. This keeps students motivated to perform even better in the next contest.


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