BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th September

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th September


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th September
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 25th September



What is your full name?

My name is Harmandeep Kaur.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Harmandeep.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here you go.

Describe yourself physically.

My height is 5 feet 6 inches. I have brown hair and my complexion is very fair. Luckily, my body type is mesomorph (= a person whose natural body shape is neither thin nor fat, with quite a lot of muscles) by birth.

Why are you taking the IELTS exam?

I’m taking the IELTS exam because I want to study Masters in Physiotherapy at a well known university in Canada. I have chosen a few universities and they require at least 7.5 overall band score.

Why are you going abroad?

I’m going abroad because I want to do my degree in Canada. My father wanted me to study in India, but my heart was always set on studying in North America.

Will you come back to your country?

Yes, I will definitely come back to my motherland because I want to practice as a physiotherapist here in India.

Do you have a full-time job at the moment or are you studying?

No, I don’t work full time but I do work part time as an assistant physiotherapist (PTA). I really love my job.

Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Ahmadabad which is in the state of Gujarat, one of the most developed states of India.

Is there much to do in your town?

Yes, indeed. There are certainly many things to do there because it is very big city. If you are the person who likes to go out in the evening, there are lots of good restaurants, recreational clubs, movie theatres, shopping malls and fast food joints. If you are up for cultural activities, there are museums and art galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of gardens-the big ones located inside and outside of the city.

What are the people like in your hometown?

I’d (would) say people are quite friendly, but as you are aware that most big cities keep you busy all the time. Professional and personal engagements consume most time, hardly leaving any time to socialize. This may give an impression that people are not interested in socializing or speaking. But the moment they’ve some leisure time, this impression goes away.



Speak about the food you like the most

– Which food – vegetarian or non – veg

– Why you like it

– What is the preference of other people?

– Eating habits you would recommend


Everybody has his/her own preference of eating. As far as I am concerned, I like vegetarian food the most. There are so many reasons for this preference. Vegetarian food is the safest food these days. Time and again it has been proved that non-veg food is very dangerous for consumption. If an animal is affected by some disease, it can be very dangerous for us. In countries like India, there is no Medical examination of the animals and birds which are to be used as meal. Diseases like mad-cow and bird-flue are striking the whole of the world again and again resulting in scores of the health-problems.

  I am a God-fearing person. I personally believe that we have no right to kill birds and animals for satisfying our own lust. They also have a desire to live on this planet. We should believe in the policy of “live and let live”. When a lot of vegetables and pulses are available, there is no justification of eating meat. Moreover eat-meaning produces obesity which gives birth to so many diseases.

Our fore-fathers say that those people who eat meat have a strange or abnormal thinking. Simplicity of eating habits gives us a peaceful and balanced mind. These reasons are there which are my guiding principle to be a vegetarian.


Which types of people are usually found in your state-veg or non-veg? Why?

In my state most of the people are religious. Hinduism is the main religion of the people. Hinduism is deadly against non-veg meals.

Do you think the eating habits of the people of your state have changed at present?

Yes, indeed. The people’s eating habits have changed qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Average income of the people has increased which has brought about this change.

Do the people like home-made food or outside food?

These days both the husband and wife are employees, Woman donot have sufficient time to prepare meas. So the families today are fond of outside food.

Are the people conscious of nutritious food now?

Yes. The people are very conscious of the nutritious value of food. Literacy rate has increased and so is the case with awareness. Magazines, newspapers, TV channels and other sources of information have made the people health-conscious.


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