BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 1st October

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 1st October


BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 1st October
BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 1st October



What is your full name?
My name is Veerpal Kaur.

How may I address you?
You may address me as Veerpal.

May I see your ID?
Sure, here you go.

Do school in your city give the required important to sports?
Most school do give the requisite important to sports. They develop some area of their campus for sports related activities. School authorities also encourage student to participate actively in sports. They also send their team to state level tournaments. However, many schools in some big cities don’t have enough space for their student to practice and learn sports. I recommend that these schools make some alternative arrangement to support sports activities of their students.

What are the benefits of participating in sports activities at school levels?
Participation in sports activities help in sharpening skills and honing talents. A candidate can be identified and selected by sports authorities for further training if he has real talent, provided he participates. In addition, participation in sports gives benefits like physical fitness, improved reflexes, better understanding of sports, and respect in the society.

What is the difference in games and sports?
The difference lies in the motive behind the activity. A game is an activity that can be played by anybody, at any place, and at any time for the purpose of enjoyment. A sport is an activity that can be participated in by athletes or sports persons at state, national or international level with the motive of representing a club or a nation. For example, the cricket that we play in the streets is better classified as a game, whereas the cricket that our national team plays can be called a sport.

How important is hard work in getting success in sports?
Hard work is essential in sports. Sportsman should work hard at all levels to ensure success. They should maintain their physical fitness by regular exercise. They should also keep on practicing to sharpen their skills and to develop innovative style based on the requirement of their sports.

Does luck pay any role in sports? Why?
I believe that luck is actually the result of hard work and positive mental attitude. We often see that persistent people become successful in the end. I accept that some people are gifted in sports, but, they cannot reach the top if they don’t work hard, or if they are pessimistic.

Should Sportsmen accept modeling offers, or not? OR Should sports endorse brands?
Popular sportsmen and sportswomen are role model for many people. In this case, companies take advantage of their popularity by signing them as their brand ambassadors. However, sports celebrities should take care of two issues. Firstly, they should stay away from endorsing tobacco and alcohol brands. Secondly, they get the privilege of endorsement because of their success in sports, only So, they must not neglect their sports for money from modeling, during their career.


Describe an important place (like a stadium, swimming pool) in your city/

A sports center in your city

You should say:
– Where it is;
– How often you go there;
– What people do there;
– And explain why you think it is important


A sports Center has been recently inaugurated in the city, and I had a chance to visit it last month. I come to know about it through the local newspaper. The Sports Center was inaugurated by the famous hockey player Pargat Singh and is named after the hockey legend Dhyan Chand. Many different sports such as soccer and hockey are played at this stadium and it also has professional coaching staff. One can go and learn different kinds of sports activities or just simply go and hangout with your friends. Since it opened, the Sports Center was on my must-visit rader.

So, when I found out that The Chandigarh Tigers were playing Football in a friendly match on 20th August, I made it a point to buy tickets s that I could have fun at the new Stadium. I must say that when I arrived at the 10-hectare Stadium, I was swept away by the thrill and flurry that filled the air.

There were football fans getting ready to come in to the support the Home team. There were diners, shoppers’ families and the curious ones – like me all enthusiastic and impatient to visit our fresh sports icon. The Stadium comprises an extensive variety of venues, specifically, a 35,000-capacity stadium, 4,000-capacity Aquatics Center, 1,500-capacity Sports Arenas, a Water Sports Center, a Library and about 25,000 square meters of trading and dining hall.

What I found the most incredible was the sight of the city skyline. It looked glorious and everyone felt stunned at that moment. The greatest part about the new Sports Center is how close the Stadium is to the shopping area. It took me just five minutes to get from the shopping centre to my seat. I felt pleased that I has the chance to visit this remarkable stadium and be part of history, watching the first ever football game played in the new Stadium of the city.


Where do Indian people play support?
Indian people play sports in stadiums and playgrounds. Some people are also played on the streets. Street cricket is very popular in India.

What are the benefits of group sports?
Group sports teach us many things. They teach us cooperation. They also teach us sportsman spirit, which means winning with modesty and losing with grace.

How can children be benefited from doing sports?
Children can be benefited from sports in many ways. First of all sports keeps them physically and mentally fit. Then they learn how to compete and cooperate from sports. They can also learn many other skills like leadership skills, decision-making skills, sportsmanship etc.

Should young people try dangerous sports?
If young people want to try dangerous sports, they should try them but under supervision.


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