BEST IELTS Speaking, 2nd july

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

BEST IELTS Speaking, 2nd july


What is your full name?
My name is Mukti Garg.

Can I see your ID?
Yes, Sir. With pleasure, this is my passport.

Where are you from?
I’m from India, presently living in Vancouver.

Do you work or study?
I am doing masters in professional accounting at Deakin University.

Let’s talk about music, what sort of music do you usually enjoy listening to?
Music is a medication to soul. My day starts with music and ends with it. It soothes, calms, comforts and uplifts the soul. It’s a university healer. I listen to soft rock, Sufi music, old songs and old country classics.

Has the kind of music you like changed over the years?
Yes, the kind of music I used to listen to has changed but all sorts of music genres (= category, class) are available nowadays on the internet. These days music is too loud, very techno types. I personally feel music should calm you, give you joy and bring peace to your soul.

Do you prefer listening to live music or recorded music?
I prefer the recorded music as there’s no disturbance and you can enjoy it at your convenience. In the short, every bit of music detailing is taken care which results into a worthwhile listening experience. In live music, more than music, you enjoy beholding (= seeing) the singer because of some reasons, either you like him or follow him for good reasons in life.

Do you think listening to music helps you study?
We’ve grown listening to lullabies (= cradle song) and nursery rhymes. When a child cries, a piece of good music is a natural pacifier and he may immediately stop crying so music is a healer. Music can enliven and enrich the lives of children and the people who care for them. Music does help to concentrate studies. Whenever I get bored from the extensive reading, I listen to music just to unwind myself before I get back to my studies


Describe an activity you do for your health or fitness.

You should say:

– what you do

– how often you do it

– where you do it

and explain how you think this activity helps you stay healthy or fit.


Staying in good shape is everyone’s concern and I am no exception. To be honest, I have been so caught up in my study since I entered university that I have a problem in organizing my daily routine. However, I have been participating in a yoga class for about 2 years, which takes me only 1 hour a day, to try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike dancing or running, yoga definitely involves stretching actions. You might look at yoga and think that it is light and easy but it is more demanding than it appears. Yoga allows me to work on all the parts of my body. It can burn a lot of calories in just one hour of training. Also, it enhances my flexibility and suppleness in every single movement.

What I enjoy the most about yoga is meditation. It is all about regulating your breathing and helping you take things off your mind easily. Another thing is that doing yoga is supposed to be good for curing headaches and digestion related problems, so it benefits not only physical well-being but also mental health.

By maintaining a schedule of taking part in the yoga class on a daily basis, I feel extremely relaxed and full of energy after the class. It helps me to keep fit and refresh my mind after a long stressful day. And of course, I don’t see myself stopping practicing this activity any time soon.


Do you think people pay enough attention to their health today?
Times have changed, I believe. There was a time when people stopped caring about their health but I believe in recent times, people have again become more aware of their health. Most people prefer doing some sort of physical activity in their lives to make sure they are healthy. When making small decisions like the food they prefer, people are going for, much healthier foods.

What costs are involved when you are ill in your country?
It depends on the kind of hospital we go for. The government hospitals are way too cheaper than the private ones. Also, having medical insurance and things in place, cost does become less. However, for the daily workers, the cost of getting ill is usually high.

Do you think most people worry more about their health as they get older?
Definitely yes. I think as the person starts getting old, they start getting the signs of bad health. It is during that time that people realise the importance of health. So, one can see a lot of old people going out for walks or jogging.

How can people be encouraged to stay healthy?
The best way a person can be encouraged to stay healthy is by talk and promotion using advertisements. So, if there are few who get motivated by it, then there are others who start following. Also, one can motivate others to be healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

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BEST IELTS Speaking, 2nd july

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