BEST IELTS Tasks, 2nd June

BEST IELTS Tasks, 2nd June

Academic Writing Task 1

The chart below shows information about Heart Attacks by Ages and Genders in the USA.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

BEST IELTS Tasks, 2nd June

Sample Answer:-

The bar chart gives information on the number of Americans who experience a heart attack in a year based on their gender and age groups.

As is presented in the diagram, more than 120 thousand American males between 29 and 44 years get a heart attack while it is scarcely the case among the women of the same age group. The heart attack rate considerably goes higher with the increase of the age and for the Americans over 65 years, this rate is the highest. While over 420 thousand males suffer from this in a year who are middle-aged, it is noticeably lower for women from the same age group. However, Americans over 65 years old suffer from a heart attack the most regardless of their gender and 440 thousand males have had it in a year against the 374 thousand.

In conclusion, males have a significantly higher rate of myocardial infarction, a medical term used for heart attack, than that of females and older Americans are more prone to have heart attacks than young ones.

General Writing Task 1

You go to a park for morning walk where you see some boys do anti-social activities. Write a letter to a leading newspaper editor for publishing this story.

In your letter

Explain the situation

Say what actions you would like the newspaper to take

Describe negatives to convince the newspaper editor

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with a view to seeking your help to break a story in your newspaper. I have been going for a morning walk at Queen’s Garden for the last 10 years or so.

Recently, I have noticed that some school going children – surely they bunk off school – come in a group and cause some amount of inconvenience to other. Smoking is prohibited in the public place; yet they smoke in the garden. When they are requested not to do so, they tangle with those who oppose. Secondly, at times, we have seen them playing cards. Their playing of cards is not foe fun but it is in the form of serious gambling. The park is not a gambling place and under state law, all forms of gambling are prohibited. Enclosed are some snaps in which they were caught red-handed doing these anti-social activities.

I never wish their story to be published because they are very young, awaiting their bright future. However, when we tried to talk to them, they were at loggerheads over this.

I solicit your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Anita Bhatia

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

People should have the right to carry a gun, as crime rate is on the increase. Do you agree?


It is a paradox that even in countries which have stringent (=strict) measures to deal with crimes, crime rate is on the increase. There are people who argue that since crimes are on the increase, people must have the right to carry guns. However, this essay is not agreement to the suggestion since it is not a solution to the problem of increasing violence and escalating (=increasing) crime rate.

To begin with, those who argue in favour of allowing private citizens to carry guns hold that an individual has the right to self-defense. To cite an example, the U.S. constitution allows individuals to carry guns. The right to life is a fundamental right. It is, therefore, an individual’s privilege to defend himself or herself. In such societies it is easy to get a license to carry a gun.

Conversely, there are many others who argue against it. It is responsibility of governments to ensure the safety of their citizens’ lives and property. For example, every modern government has a police force. The primary responsibility of the police will be virtually ineffective.

Another aspect to consider us that people, even children, can get trigger-happy. For instance, it societies which have passed liberal gun licensing laws, crime rate is very high. In such countries intentional and unintentional homicides (killing of man) and suicides using guns are a major problem, as many incidents in the USA have proven.

In short, allowing everybody to carry a gun is not the way to tackle crimes. Instead of decreasing them, possession of guns will only increase them.



What is your full name?

My name is Schubert Perry.

Can I see your ID?

This is my passport.

Where are you from?

I live in Goa.

Do you work or study?

I have recently completed a master in IT Technology from information technology from Pune University.

In your country do people wear hats and caps?

Yes, I’ve seen many people wearing hats or caps, especially in my community when I go to church on Sunday morning, I see elderly people wearing hats and the youth wearing stylish caps.

Do you wear caps and hats?

Sometimes I wear the cap for two reasons. One is when I see the temperature outside is very heated so I try to heat by wearing a cap. Second is sometimes I love wearing different kinds of caps just to look stylish.

Did you wear hats as a child?

Yes, I did. My grandfather was very much fond of wearing stylish and traditional hats. He would take me to church every Sunday morning, and I started following the same culture. He bought me a few hats when I was in school. I’ve treasured them yet and oftentimes I try them as per occasion.

Why do people wear hats and caps?

It’s a personal preference, and a lot depends upon the family culture. For instance, my family has traditionally been using hats and caps so we follow suit. Others might be doing it for beating the heat during the summer time. There is another group of people who want to look stylish and trendy and they might be thinking that wearing hats and caps fulfill their needs.

Do you think it’s mostly for practical reasons or because of fashion?

I guess it has both purposes in some cases. But for me it’s more of a fashion than a practical reason.


Describe the happiest day in your life.

You should say

What that day was, or what the occasion was

What happened on that day?

How happy you were

How did you react to the situation on that day? (or) how did you celebrate that day?


The happiest day of my life was 30th April, 2000. This was the day my wife delivered a baby girl, and I become a father. It was an auspicious moment for me when I saw my new born baby girl for the first time. She was crying when I first saw her. Her crying was turning her face a tender reddish pink. She had kept her eyes and fists closed. The corners of my eyes also become wet with happiness, when I set my eyes on her for the first time. My body and mind brimmed over with joy as soon as I took her in my hands. That was an ecstatic moment for me, and the ecstasy lasted throughout the day. Thrilled and overjoyed, I thanked the doctor and her assistant nurse for the safe delivery of my child. After that, I went to see my wife as she had been transferred to her room by then. I gifted some flowers to her and thanked her for giving me the most invaluable gift of my life. I could not take my eyes off my new born daughter as she lay sleeping beside her mother, taking deep breaths. Later, I called my friends, relatives and neighbors, and gave them the good news. I also bought sweets to distribute to all the visitors who come to see my wife and daughter, the staff members at the hospital, and the other patients, there. On that day, I also felt some changes coming over myself. Suddenly, I felt more responsible and more conscious. I also felt grateful to the almighty, who gave me this opportunity to take care of, and nurture a new life on earth. It was certainly the happiest day of my life.

PART – 3 Follow Up Questions

What makes you happy in life?

Everything that is good for me, my family, and mankind, makes me happy. I don’t believe in giving a conditional and emotional response to the situation in my life. I firmly believe that complete acceptance of everything in life makes us eternally happy.

How do you celebrate the happy moments in life?

It depends a lot the situation. Generally, I go to restaurants or ice cream parlors with my family and friends to celebrate happy moments. I also take photographs of those who are present there.

Do you do anything to cherish the memory of that event/day/occasion?

Yes, that day is actually the birthday of my daughter. So I give her some gifts every year. We also invite her friends and classmates home, and arrange a small party, on that day. What’s more, also always make it a point to buy return gifts, for my daughter to give to her friends, at the end of the party. She gets very happy on her birthday. In fact, show starts making plans for the celebration weeks in advance! Her happiness at the celebration actually enhances our happiness, too.

Do wealth and material possessions play any role in bringing happiness in life?

Material possessions and wealth offer luxury, comfort, and convenience. People often associate their happiness with luxury and comfort. Such people may feel happy with wealth. However, in a bid to buy happiness, some people may adopt unethical ways to lived. Hence, it is important to understand that money and things cannot bring long lasting happiness in life.

What factors are responsible for the well- being of a person?

There are three factors important to the well being of a person. They are physical, psychological and financial stability. Physical stability relates to the health of the body. Psychological stability relates to the health of the mind; and financial stability is related to the monetary support available to a person in order to survive and grow in this world.

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BEST IELTS Tasks, 2nd June

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