Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Interview, 10th April

Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Interview, 10th April

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The first graph below shows the weight (in tonnes) of fruit produced by a farm during each month in 2013, and also the amount (in tonnes) of fertiliser used. The second graph shows the volume of rainfall in each month (in millimetres).

Write a report summarizing the information. Select and describe the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Interview, 10th April
Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Interview, 10th April

Sample Answer:-

The charts give information regarding the tonnage of fruit produced in a farm per month in 2013, the fertiliser used and the monthly rainfall in that year.

We can see that fruit production rose steadily from just over 2 tonnes in January to a peak of roughly 4.2 tonnes by August. Output then fell rapidly, declining to around the initial 2 tonne mark in December. However, looking at fertiliser use, we see that this seasonal pattern is largely reversed: the most fertiliser (just under 1 tonne) was utilised in April, followed by a marked decline to zero in June and July. Fertiliser consumption then increased slightly in the autumn, rising to a total of around 0.7 tonnes before dipping to just below 0.5 tonnes at year end.

Regarding rainfall, this appears to reflect the use of fertiliser, with an early high of 16mm in February, falling consistently to 4mm in July, August and September. Rainfall then increased steadily to reach 14mm in December.

In summary, this farm generally employed the most fertiliser at seasons of high rainfall, and by contrast it produced the most fruit when both rainfall and fertiliser use were around their lowest.

General Writing Task 1:-

You are visiting another town next month for a short break. Write a letter to the tourist information centre. In your letter

  • Tell them how long you are staying
  • Ask for some suggestions for what to do
  • Find out if there are any local events happening at the time

Sample Answer:

Dear sir or madam,

I am trying to get some advice about getting the best out of visiting Wanaka Lakes, as I am planning on visiting your area at the end of February for a fortnight, from the fourteenth to the twenty-eighth.

First of all, what accommodation can you recommend? I am travelling alone and do not have a car, so I’d like something central to the town, at a mid range price if possible. Somewhere near a bus route would be good, too.

Also, are there any special events on between the dates I will be there? have heard that there is a market on the 20th of the month, but I was wondering if there’s anything else going on? I am interested in most things, but would like to plan my trip as much as possible to get the most out of my stay.

Thanks for your time.

Paul Brown

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people believe that sport is an essential part of school life for children, while You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Sample Answer:-

Sport continues to be a controversial topic in the school curriculum, just as sport itself has become a controversial industry in some respects. There are valid opinions on both sides, which I will consider now.

On the one hand, some people feel that sport uses up time which could be better spent on academic subjects such as exam preparation. In addition, it might be said that it is unwise to force children to do activities which they have no interest in. After all, some youngsters are just not sporty, and should be allowed to study instead. Finally, there are question marks over the wholesomeness of sport itself, with drugging and corruption scandals increasingly common, as we see in cycling at present. Some people believe that this lack of morals sets a poor example to young people.

On the other hand, though, one major benefit of sport is that it helps children’s physical development at an important stage. If all their time was spent studying, they would become unfit and their minds would eventually suffer. Furthermore, supporters of school sport emphasize the importance of team building in sports such as football or hockey, which is often felt to be an excellent preparation for adulthood. Finally, many people feel that a competitive spirit, so important today, is fostered by sports at an early age. It is notable, for example, that many successful business people excelled in sport at school.

Overall, I feel that sport should be compulsory for school children, because the positive effect on their mental and physical development outweighs the negatives. This is as long as children are given a wide range to choose from, to ensure their interest is high, and that the sports industry itself maintains the highest standards of conduct.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your Full name?
My name is Harmandeep Kaur.

Can I see your ID?
Sure! Here it is.

Do you work or study?
I am doing masters in professional accounting at United University.

Where is your hometown?
My hometown’s in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam. It’s located in the north of the country, not really that far from the southern Chinese border.

Is there much to do in your hometown?
Oh yes, there’s certainly lots to do there as it’s a fairly big city. If you like going out in the evening there area lot of good restaurants and bars. If you prefer cultural activities there are museums and art galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of other things outside of the city which are easy to reach.

What are the people like in your hometown?
They are mostly quite friendly, but as with most big cities everyone is often busy so it may seem as if they are not interested in speaking or having a chat. But if you live there you know that most people are quite happy to have a chat if they have time and will help you if needed.

What kind of books do you like to read?
Mostly like to read biographies. I’m not sure why but it is interesting to read about people’s real lives, especially when they have had interesting lives and have had to deal with many problems. I do read fiction as well, but I often find it difficult to get hold of a book that I really like. I also like reading about books to do with current affairs.

Do you read the same kind of books now that you read when you were a child?
Not really, no. Actually I didn’t read that much when I was a child, but if I did it was mainly fiction books, such as fairy tales. Things like The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Fantasy things.

When do you think is the best time to read?
I think any time is OK, but when I read I like to concentrate, so I can’t read for a short time like on a bus ride like some people do. I like to put time aside to enjoy it. So if I have some free time at the weekend I might read for a few hours. And I nearly always read before I go to bed – this really helps me to sleep.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a time you needed to use imagination
You should say:
– what the situation was;
– why you needed to use imagination;
– what the difficulties were;
– and explain how you felt about it.


I would like to talk about the time I had to get out of my comfort zone to join an Innovation Challenge Contest which made me think out of the box and work flat out to become the runner-up.

This annual contest is open to all undergraduates and post-graduates around the world. Each year this contest draws the attention of more than 30 000 people so it was really competitive and challenging for me. Therefore, when I was awarded the runner-up prize, I was deliriously happy and extraordinarily excited.

The goal of the Challenge was to recognize individuals and organizations that were working on internet-based solutions to promote education and economic empowerment in countries throughout the world. Therefore, it really required

PART – 3 Discussion

Why do most children have a wild imagination? Most children have a wild imagination because they hear stories, which their parents or grandparents read out to them. They also read story books. This stimulates their imagination centre of the brain. They are not yet aware of the realities of life.

What kind of books can boost people’s imagination?
All sorts of books can boost people’s imagination. When we read books, we imagine the characters in our mind. So, all types of books force us to imagine the scenario or the characters. This is the main difference between reading a book and watching TV. Reading is an active activity, where as watching TV is a passive activity.

Do you like to watch movies about the future?
Yes, I do. Watching such movies is fun. Someone has used his imagination to envisage the future. It also makes us think what can happen in the future. Just as yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality, who knows, today’s fiction may become tomorrow’s reality.

What can schools do for student’s creativity?
Schools can have art classes. These bring out children’s creativity. They can also hold story telling competitions. When children tell stories, they use imagination, and this boosts creativity.

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Best IELTS Writing & Speaking Interview, 10th April

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