BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd June

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd June

Academic writing Task 1:-

The charts below show the percentage of monthly household income spent on various items by two different groups in one European country.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd June
BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd June

Sample Answer:-

The charts illustrate how low and high income groups spend their disposable income (earnings excluding house rent or purchase) on seven items in an undetermined nation in Europe.

Overall, people in low income group spend the most on two main categories, which are food/ drink and fuel bills. However, the largest expenditure in high income group is on miscellaneous, and both groups share the relative same numbers in restaurant and hotel.

Regarding the low income group, the largest amount of money is spent on food and drink, with 29%, compared to just 15% of the high income group. Low income people pay for fuel bills over threefold than high earners for that, at 24% for the former. Meanwhile, the two groups spend on clothes nearly the same.

By contrast, high income group has the most significant outlay for miscellaneous, 23%. This group also show more interest in transport and recreation/culture, which approximately doubled that of low income group, 16% and 21% respectively. While restaurant and hotels group make up 12% of high income group, it just comprises the least number of low income group, only 4%.

General Writing Task 1:-

You want something that you can’t buy in your own country. You decide to ask an English friend to help you. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

– Say what you want
– Explain why you want it
– Suggest how the friend could help

Sample Answer:-

Dear Simon,

How are you my friend? Are you enjoying your summer in Plymouth? I’ve heard that, unfortunately, the weather is very bad over there.

Well, as you’re in England. I should ask you whether you could buy just a couple of things for me. You know that I’m a supporter of Plymouth Argyle Football Club, so could you just look round the city to find an official T-shirt of the current season, please? My size is M.

I don’t know if you can find them in Plymouth, but I also need the famous Scottish Chocolate Chip shortbread called ‘Walkers’, I told you that both my parents adore them and so do it. Finally I also need a new wetsuit because the one I bought few years ago is too small now and I know that there are some good shops in Plymouth with that kind of things.

Could you buy this things for me and send them to me to my Italian address, please. Reply me as soon as possible, please, and enjoy your holiday.

With Love,


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Modern technology has made it easier for individuals to download copyright music and books from the internet for no change.

To what extent is this a positive or a negative development?

Sample Answer:-

Few would argue that technologies developed in recent years have had a significant impact on the way books and music are shared. The Internet enables very cheap, or even completely free, access to words and sounds.

For many people, this is a very negative development. Firstly, they make the point that downloading words and music without paying is morally wrong – it is, after all, a form of stealing, just as much as if someone had shoplifted a CD. Secondly, they claim that if nobody actually buys music or books then the people who produce them, for example, novelists, journalists or musicians, will no longer be able to make a living from such work. Eventually, new work will stop being created, no one will perform live, and whole industries will cease to function. They say that eventually the only way to make money from writing and music will be through things like celebrity endorsements, and mediocrity will flourish.

I believe, however, that freer access to books and music on the Internet is a liberating development, allowing more people to enjoy what was once the preserve of the few. It is particularly good that young people can freely experience a wide range of music and writing. I feel the only way to prevent accessing books and music is by stricter monitoring and harsher penalties and that this would be extremely damaging because it would increase surveillance and control. I believe it would stifle creativity and undermine creative industries much more than free access is said to do now.

In conclusion, I believe writers and musicians will find a way of benefiting from the new situation, and good artists will be able to make a living as they always have done.



May I know full name please?
Definitely, My name is Jaspreet Kaur

How may I address you?
Well, You may call me Jaspreet, instead of calling by my full name.

What is the name of your home town?
I am a dweller of rural area named as Kapure.

Are you working or studying?
I am a student as I have recently completed my senior secondary education with medical stream.

Are you fond of bags?
Yes I am fond of bags. I like to buy a new backpack or laptop case every now and then. There are many options available in the market these days, which prompt me to keep changing the bag that I use. Bags are not just a utility item to me, but also a style statement. I think a good bag can add to the personality of the one carrying it.

Have you every purchased a handbag for anyone?
Yes, I remember purchasing a beautiful brown leather handbag for my mother when I was only 12 years old. I had saved up my pocket money for a few months leading up to her birthday, and found a bag that would suit her style and taste. The bag had many sections inside and a few handy side pockets as well. It was very hardy, too, and lasted a good few years.

What are some tips for selecting a bag for gifting?
The first thing to keep in mind while buying a bag is the gender of the person for whom the bag is being purchased. For woman, handbags and purses are more suitable, while for men, laptop bags, messenger bags, and backpacks are ideal. Then, the choice of fabric is also important. Some people may be very fond of leather, while others may be completely averse to animal products. So, one must know the taste of the person for whom the bag is being purchased. While gifting a bag, one should also keep in mind the age of the receiver, and buy suitable colours to suit their personality.

Are children’s bags different from adults’ bags?
Yes, children’s bags are quite different from the bags that adults use. Children prefer bags which are more colourful and striking. They often go for multi coloured bags, or bags depicting their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters. These days it is easy to find school bags and hand bags for children, with any cartoon character of their choice. The quality of children’s bags has also improved a lot in the last decade.


Describe a 3 – day holiday you enjoyed
– Where you went
– When you went
– With whom you went
– What preparations you did

Sample Answer:- ( 7 Band)

I would like to talk about my visit to Mount Abu. Last January, I went to this hill station with my family. Before I begin, I must say that my current occupation is quite demanding. It doesn’t allow me to have more holidays. I had to prepare before one month to organize the schedule of my work. After that I required with different travel agents who offer package deals for families to Mount Abu. I selected the most suitable package with all facilities and we left for the place. We reached Mount Abu in about 5 hours. We then checked in at our hotel, rested for a while and then left for the market. The market is very near the famous ‘Nakhi Lake’. We enjoyed boating at the lake and some shopping of traditional garments and winter wear. We also took some photographs of each other with my camera but he most amusing experience was the atmosphere. The sky was clear and the breeze was cool throughout the day. We took our lunch at a good restaurant at the market only. We returned to our hotel in the evening.

Next day we went out for sightseeing. We saw popular places near the city like the peak “Guru Sikhar”, Bhramakumari’s centre, gardens, the famous Delwada Temples and sunset point. The atmosphere was stunningly pleasant and energizing throughout the day. We then came back and on the third day we took some rest, roamed around people and bought some traditional items from local vendors. After that we started out journey back hone with a determination to visit the place again.
It was a refreshing trip that filled me with zeal, enthusiasm and energy when I returned back to my home. Even today, whenever I see photographs of that trip, I experience the refreshing feeling that I had at that time.

PART – 3 Follow Ups/Discussion

What type of activities do people enjoy on holidays?
It depends a lot on the type of destination they visit. If they go to a seashore, they like sunbathing, swimming, boating, beach volleyball and so on. If they visit a hill station, they go to various peaks and sunset points, skiing, paragliding etc. In short, people like to do something different and exciting when they are out on holidays.

Should we plan our holidays in advance?
Is it advisable that we plan holidays in advance so that we may not face hardships of booking, searching for accommodation and food. Usually, we go on holidays to relax and to experience something new. But if we waste our time at such places searching for lodging and boarding facilities, we cannot get relaxation. Rather, it becomes a mechanical experience for us. I have realized that planned holidays are enjoyed better if we go to distinct places because our advance planning of the holidays makes us stress free and relaxation.

Should we prepare a budget before going on holidays?
It is an important aspect of holidays planning. We ought to plan out budget for all events and places. This financial planning enhances our enjoyment. In addition, it also helps us in spending money on required things only because we often feel tempted to buy many trivial things when we are on holidays.

Do you go on holidays on your own or do you hire services of a travel agent? Why?
It depends on the destination I want to visit. If I know the place, the hotels and average rates of accommodation. I don’t hire a travel agent. But if I am planning to visit any distinct place for the first time, I prefer hiring the services of a travel agent.

What are the services provided by a good travel agent?
A good travel agent always offers value for money services. He should provide flexible and economical packages. The hotels offered by him must be safe, well maintained and near the downtown areas. Moreover, travel agents provide a tour manager who can also work as a guide when required.

Are tourist guides necessary during holidays?
Tour guides are necessary only at the places which have historical, religious or archaeological importance. They can explain to us the history linked with the place and also important locations of the places that we should visit.

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BEST IELTS Writing Task 2, 3rd June

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