Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking, 16 May

Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking, 16 May

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The diagram below shows how to recycle organic waste to produce garden fertiliser (compost).
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking, 16 May
Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking, 16 May

Sample Answer:-

This series of five diagrams shows how three kinds of organic wastes (newspapers, grass, and waste food) are turned into a chemical mixture or fertiliser to be used for garden plants.

A plastic container two cubic metres in volume – stores these wastes. On its four walls are three tiers of vents for air coming in and going out.
Waste food lies at the bottom of the container and piles up to 15cm in height. On its top is grass, which is also 15cm in thickness. Then shredded newspapers are spread over.

Nitrogen is poured in. Water is needed only when it is hot in weather. With the cover tightly closed on the container, the decomposition process of these organic wastes is starting under the effect of heat and vapour begins emitting out, too. The biogas rises continuously from the pile of the wastes and releases out.

After six months of fermentation, all the wastes are finally converted into fertiliser. This illustrates a chain of chemical reactions that can transform what are the wastes to something useful, even valuable.

General Writing Task 1:-

You heard that a sports centre would be closed. Write a letter to the manager

In your letter, you Should:

  • tell how you heard about the news
  • say what your opinion is about this
  • explain how it impacts on your life

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir,

I was shocked beyond description when I learned from ICS news that Pepsi Arena would be closed next month. Therefore, I am writing to express my thoughts.

Personally, I strongly oppose this plan which is absolutely inconceivable and disappointing. I have also talked with other neighbours who share the same opinion as me.

Having been located in our community for almost ten years, Pepsi Arena is the most significant symbol and glory of our region, and also acts as the place for doing physical training as well as other recreational events for the local residents. Besides, it is the home field of our football team and always holds games on weekends, which has brought numerous splendid moments to the locals. As a result, the unthinkable consequences of closing it are huge. The residents would no longer have place for exercise; young people would no longer have place for entertainment; our community would no longer have any games.

I hope that you will reconsider your plan seriously and make a win-win decision.

Your prompt and favourable attention to my opinion would be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Angeline Wkct

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people point out that there will be less international travel in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Sample Answer:-

It is said that there would be less cross-country travel in the near future possibly due to the reason that the turmoil happens on sectors of the planet, and thus the visa policy is about to become much stricter. Plus, constant rising fuel price gives rise to an unaffordable travel budget. Though the trend can be a little true, I still hope it would not happen.

Cutting down non-essential travelling flights can definitely save the planet immeasurable barrels of crude oil, which shows human’s care and love for the nature. Environmentally friendly mind-sets are no doubt very welcome in today’s world which is characterised by all kinds of crisis – including the energy one. Additionally, safety problems caused by travel-related crime are never concerned if international travel is no longer the choice for a holiday plan.

The above scenario seems quite pleasant. However, for that, a lot of fun is sacrificed. Watching Travel Log’ on travel channel can hardly offer people something special about where the history happened, or the real thrilling taste on tongue from the local dishes. How can viewing planimetric scenes on the mass media compete with standing on Catherine the Great’s doorstep at St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace or walking all along the Great Wall in China? People learn the beauty of the world by experiencing them, don’t they? What is more, reducing international travel would adversely influence regions and countries where tourism is the backbone industry. This revenue decrease could have led to another inning of economic crisis in countries like Malaysia or Thailand, and inevitably, economy would be hindered on a global basis in today’s globalised world.

All in all, cross-boundary travel is a fairly important part of human life as well as a crucial contributor to the world’s economy. We had better not spoil the ship for a half-penny-worth of tar.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Karanveer.

Can I see your ID?
Sure, here it is.

How often do you take the bus?
I take the bus every day. I go to school/college by bus.

When was the last time you took a taxi?
The last time I took a taxi was about two months ago. I went to Delhi to visit my relatives. I hired a cab from the railway station to their home.

What are the advantages of taking a taxi? Compare with buses?
The advantages of taxi are that you don’t have to wait for the bus you can start at any time a taxi takes you from one destination to other whereas the bus will drop you at the bus stop.

Is it convenient to take the bus/taxi in your city?
The bus service in my city is very good and frequent. The taxi service is also very good, but I normally take the bus as it is much cheaper.

Do you like to collect things made by hands?
Yes, I like to collect things made by hand. I have a huge collection of handmade bags.

Did you ever take handicraft lessons at school?
There was a craft period in my school. I learnt embroidery, smocking and I also made many pen stands from ice-cream sticks.

Are handicrafts popular in India?
Yes, handicrafts are very popular in India. The puppets of Rajasthan, the hand knotted carpets of Kashmir, the ceramic pottery of Jaipur and the tie and die of Rajasthan are just a few examples.

Do you think children should learn more about handicrafts?
Yes, I think children should learn more about handicrafts they would become more creative and who knows one day they may start earning from this art, handicrafts also keep us connected to our roots.

Do you think handicrafts are meaningful activities?
Yes, handicrafts are meaning activities. They bring out the hidden talent of people also through handicrafts we can stay connected to our roots an get knowledge about a culture.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a time you needed to use imagination

You should say:

  • What the situation was
  • Why you needed to use imagination
  • What the difficulties were
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer:-

We all use imagination in our day-to-day lives. Imagination is a wonderful thing. When we read a book or hear a story, we imagine the characters. We also imagine the situation in our minds. In happy times we imagine good things. In sad times, all negative thoughts come in our minds.

Here I would like to talk about a situation when I used my imagination. Once I took part in a painting competition, which was organised by a local NGO, the J.C. club. We had to use our imagination to draw and paint a picture on the theme of – Drug addiction. At first I went blank and couldn’t think of what to draw. Then I remember a movie I had watched recently about the drug addiction issue. I remember from the movie that if we take addicting drugs, our bodies become lifeless and our lives become meaningless. I used my imagination and drew two skeletons – one smoking a cigarette and the other injecting itself with a drug. I wanted to convey the message that narcotic drugs can turn us into skeletons and our end is near. I was overjoyed when my name was called out as the first prize winner. All my friends and teachers who were there congratulated me. Our principal announced my name in the morning assembly the next day and everyone clapped for me. I was on cloud nine.

PART – 3 Follow Up Questions

Why do most children have a wild imagination?
Most children have a wild imagination because they hear stories, which their parents or grandparents read out to them. They also read storybooks. This stimulates their imagination centre of the brain. They are not yet aware of the realities of life. So, their imagination runs wild.

What kinds of books can boost people’s imagination?
All sorts of books can boost people’s imagination. When we read books we imagine the character in our mind. So, all types of books force us to imagine the scenario or the characters. This is the main difference between reading a book and watching TV. Reading is an active activity, where as watching TV is passive activity.

Do you like to watch movies about the future?
Yes, I do. Watching such movies is fun. Someone has used his imagination to envisage the future. It also makes us think what can happen in the future. Just as yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality, who knows, today’s fiction may become tomorrow’s reality.

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Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking, 16 May

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