Best IELTS Writing Tasks & Speaking Topics, 24th April

Best IELTS Writing Tasks & Speaking Topics, 24th April

Academic Writing Task 1 :-

The pie chart shows why agricultural land in America has become less productive. The table shows how these causes affected the three regions in the Americas.
Summarise the information reporting the important features and make comparisons where relevant.

Best IELTS Writing Tasks & Speaking Topics, 24th April
Best IELTS Writing Tasks & Speaking Topics, 24th April

Sample Answer:-

The pie chart shows the causes of land degradation (deforestation, over-cultivation, over-grazing and other causes) in North, Central and South America, while the bar chart shows the percentage of land degraded in America by cause and region and the total percentage of land degraded.

The pie chart shows that over-grazing makes up 35% of land degradation while deforestation and overgrazing are responsible for 32% and 27% of land degradation, respectively. Other causes of land degradation make up 8% of the total degradation.

Central America has by far the highest level of land degradation at 13.8%,which is caused by deforestation (6.2%), over-cultivation (4.9%) and over grazing (2.3%). Approximately 13% of land in South America is degraded and is caused by deforestation (6.3%) with smaller contributions from over-grazing (4.4%) and over-cultivation (2.3%). North America has by far the lowest level of land degradation at 5.8%, which is mainly due to over-cultivation (3.7%) and overgrazing (1.8%). Deforestation made up only 0.3% of land degradation in North America.

General Writing Task 1:-

You are applying for membership at a local sports club. Write to the club. In your letter

  • Explain why you would like to join
  • Describe how you heard / know about the place
  • Describe some of the sports or activities you would be interested in

Sample Answer:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regards enrolling in your sports facilities, as I am keen to improve my level of fitness and have always enjoyed football and swimming, two of the options you have available.
A friend of mine joined about 6 weeks back, and he has been very positive in his feedback of your club and has recommend it to myself and a number of friends.

I understand that there are amateur football competitions that run in the evenings, and I would be very keen to join a team as it has been one of my passions for many years. As I mentioned, I enjoy swimming, but am also interested in finding out more about your indoor climbing wall.
As far as I understand, this is the highest of its kind in the area, and I would be very keen to try it even though I have never done anything like that before.

I would be grateful if you could let me know about membership options or arrange a time for me to come and see you.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Hughes

Best IELTS Writing Tasks & Speaking Topics, 24th April

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT)

People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example: new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.). Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?
You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Model Answer:-

People mainly get enrolled in a college or university to achieve the necessary education and degree they require to get a job or to build a career. Having a good career is one of the main reasons people spend their time in colleges or universities but there are other reasons as well. The current society and educational structure is far different than it had been a century back when a self-educated person could gain a good career and parents could arrange private tutors to ensure their children’s education. But in today’s world colleges and universities are the authority to declare a person to have necessary education to be ready for the job sector and without the certification from colleges and universities it is almost impossible for someone to claim a good job.

People are going to colleges and universities because this is the most common way of getting education and they have no alternatives like the people of past century had. Most people are learning in colleges and universities and getting themselves ready for the future. The sole purpose of a college or university is to ensure the proper theoretical and moral education to build the ideal citizens the country needs and this is system which is unquestionably accepted by the society and people. People who do not have plan to use their certificate to get a job either because they have other career plans or may be blessed with inherited fortune. They go to these educational institutes to learn the values, ideas, knowledge and education they require to be good human. In fact education is a border line between a savage and a good man and this is another reason the society has adopted the idea of education for all and the colleges and universities are the places to get this education in the current age.

Some people go to universities to get further education to enhance their horizon or to improve their job position & salary. Others go to the colleges and universities to let the world know that they are educated. Funny this may seems, but many people simply consider the higher education as the status they require to get higher position in the society. Colleges and Universities nowadays offer specialized courses like technical courses or creative courses and many people attend those courses simply because of their pure interests on these subjects or to gain the knowledge they need.

In my opinion, getting education, learning new things, experiencing diverse cultures and customs, getting prepared for the future career, improving job position, subject matter interests and social status are the main reasons for people to attend colleges and universities.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

What is your full name?
My name is Natasha Gambtoo.

Can I see your ID?
Here it is!

Where are you from?
I was born in Pune, but I live in Bengaluru these days.

Do you study or work?
I’m doing Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering. I am in the last semester, and about to graduate sooner.

What did you study?
This degree includes a host of interesting courses, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer systems and Physics. These are common courses and there are other courses of concentration, too. They are Kinematics, Mechanical systems, System design tools, Unified robotics, Embedded systems, and Microprocessor systems.

Do you like that subject?
Certainly, I love these courses for a variety of reasons.

Why do you like it?
First of all, I feel that I’m studying a degree which will be in great demand in coming years. On top of it, I believe that I would be able to help the mankind, the way they think and the way they work. Second, I’ve learnt how to design robots and robotic mechanism that have the ability to perform various interesting tasks. I get excited to learn that the day is not far away that one day like computers robots will be a regular part of our life. Robots will be replacing humans in many ways and in many jobs. Yes, it gives me a pleasure that I would be a part to design a machine that would be something different, maybe nobody might have done in terms of its features and usage in our day-to-day life.

Why did you choose this particular subject?
When I was a kid at school, I always wanted to make a mark in something. It was a dream to do something special for others. I remember I watched a movie called ‘I Robot’ with my family. The concept of that movie was about robots doing out job interested me, and I talked to my father about this. Thankfully, my father – after consulting and researching for the same – went on guiding me time after time, and this is how I decided to choose this program.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a dream you have had

You should say:
– When you had this dream
– What you saw in the dream
– What you did or said in the dream
– And explain why you had a dream like that

Model Answer:

I’d like to talk about the nightmare I had the other night.

On the way to a mountain in the dead of winter, I dropped behind the group I was traveling with and got lost. To make matters worse, it began to rain heavily. The wind blew hard, and the blasted forest groaned as if in pain. And so overcast was the sky that night came several hours earlier than usual. Cold and frightened, I was trembling all over. All I could do was shout for help, but no help was forthcoming. The night became darker, the wind blew harder, and the rain poured down more heavily. I ate my last piece of food, a tiny piece of cake. Totally despaired, I was waiting not for miracle but for death. Suddenly, a thunderclap woke me up. A rainstorm was indeed raging outside, but I was grateful to find that I only had a nightmare.

I still couldn’t figure out why I would have that dream, and I certainly wouldn’t want it to come true.

PART – 3 Discussion

How long can you remember your dream when you wake up?
Well, when it comes to nightmares, I usually wake up in the middle of the night in a state of terror for a few minutes, then fall back asleep, forgetting the dream. On the other hand, if I have a vivid (detailed) dream that leaves an impression on me, I could quite possibly remember it for a long time, even a lifetime (entire life).

Do you like hearing about others’ dream?
Yes I do. I find it quite interesting. As I have a lot of weird dreams myself, I enjoy listening to those of others. By hearing about their dreams, I feel that I can gain a greater insight (deep understanding) into their subconscious. On a lighter note, it’s simply just humorous!

Do you think dream will affect life?
Definitely not. I do not believe that dreams mean anything significant. I think that they are simply a manifestation (showing) of our subconscious worries, thoughts, fears, desires, etc. For example, if I’m worried about my job, I may have a nightmare about it. All in all, they aren’t a sign of what’s to come in the future.

Do you often have dreams at night?
Always. I am a heavy dreamer. I have had many vivid, impressionable (unforgettable) dreams in my lifetime that I will never forget. I would say I have these kind of dreams a few times a week, sometimes even every night depending on how busy my mind is at that particular moment in time.

Have you had a bad dream before?
Countless times! I would say I have a disturbing nightmare a few times a month ever since I was a child. I was even notorious (famous) for going into my parents’ room during the night to ask to sleep with them after a bad dream. I’ve found that I especially tend to have nightmares after hearing a disturbing story or watching a gory (bloody) or violent, TV show, or movie close to bedtime. Moreover, I tend to have an overactive mind and imagination, which I believe could be a factor as well.

What was the strangest dream you have had?
It’s hard to choose just one! But let me see. Well, once when I was anxious about to go away to college and furthermore what kind of random roommate I would have, I dreamt that when I got to college, a giant human-sized tarantula was my roommate! Although I dreamt this 8 years ago now, it still feels like yesterday (doesn’t feel like a long time ago)!

What do you usually dream about?
I would say I mostly dream about my subconscious thoughts and worries. For example, I often feel anxious about my job, so I dream up crazy scenarios, such as going into a board meeting (a work meeting) completely naked. Moreover, I tend to dream about my partner often. Since I’m a bit of the jealous type, I often dream that he will have an affair (to be unfaithful to your partner).

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Best IELTS Writing Tasks & Speaking Topics, 24th April

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