Academic Writing Task 1:-

The graphs below show the age structure of a European country from 1901 to 1981 and a prediction tor 2021. summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


Sample Answer:-

The graphs compare the population make-up of one European country every forty years from 1901 to 1981, and the estimated number in 2021.

There was a huge increase in the number of people in this country from 38,225,000 in 1901 to 67,180,000 eighty years later, and this upward trend is expected to last through to the year 2021, when the population is estimated at 87,658,000, more than double the 1901 figure.

In 1901 and 1941, the age structure in this country was completely the same, with an overwhelming majority of its population (9596) below 65, 4% between 65 and 85, and only 10 over 85 years old.

However, the year 1981 saw a sharp increase in the percentage of the elderly. Altogether, they made up 17% of the total population, whereas the projection for the year 2021 shows that they will continue to grow but less dramatically to 2196 of the total population 15% for 65-85-year-olds and 6% for over-85-year-olds).

In summary, changes are taking place not only in the number of people but also in the ages of the people who make up the population in this European country, indicating it is advancing into an aging society.

General Writing Task 1:-

Your friend from an English-speaking country will come to your city for a holiday. Write a letter to your friend, in your LETTER you should

  • invite him to stay with you
  • introduce some places to visit
  • give him some advice

Sample Answer:-

Dear Tom,

I am so glad to know that you will be coming to Da Nang for a visit. Four years after graduation, we will finally have the chance to meet again! How have you been all these years? Still single, I guess?

You mentioned that you would like me to help you find a hotel. Actually, you can stay with us because we have a spare room and you know my wife and my son are both looking forward to meeting you!

As to the places worth visiting, I think Hoi An Ancient Town is a must for all visitors to Da Nang. In Hoi An, you will have a chance of seeing one of the most prosperous trading ports of Vietnam in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. For the next days of your journey, I suggest you visit the Marble Mountains with arrays of wonderful caves and pagodas. In addition, the 400-year-old Non Nuoc Arts Village, where you can buy marble handicrafts as souvenirs, certainly deserves your time of visiting.

Finally, a kind reminder as the weather in Da Nang is getting colder, you had better bring more clothes with you. Don’t forget your camera either.

Let me know your flight number so that I can pick you up at the airport.

Best wishes,


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people prefer to stay in the same type of work all their life, and others prefer to change their jobs from time to time. Discuss both sides and state your own opinion,

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

To hold on the work or to change it to another one is a choice of decision we might encounter once or twice in our lives, and for some people this could be a positive thing, while for others it could be a disaster. However, the final aim for every job hopper is to find an ideal job on which they can depend for their livelihood and from which they can draw satisfaction.

Working in the same type of work for one’s career lifespan has its positive underpinnings; a stable job with a steady income offers one a sense of security, especially in today’s highly competitive society, as well as the feeling of ‘togetherness’ that comes from working with the same colleagues for many years. However, on the negative side, doing the same work in the same company with the same people in the same environment may well breed a kind of lethargy, a lack of motivation or job satisfaction; it may be difficult to generate fresh zeal or energy towards work after so much time.

If one were to move frequently from one job or job area to another, it is possible to learn and gather diverse experiences from different companies and different jobs. The new working environments could turn out to be a great opportunity to show one’s talent and abilities and to gain confidence in oneself. However, new colleagues may take time to bond, and to get to know them well may prove difficult. It could also take longer to establish a rapport with the manager.

To find a job one loves is a pursuit in career life. We may change jobs. Once a work that satisfies is at hand, I think that is also the time we start to stay in the same position. Any company needs its employees to devote their effort and heart for the job, as this is for the good of achieving a win-win benefit for the company and employee.


IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your full name?
My name is Manpreet.

May I see your proof or identification?
Yes, sure. Here you are!

Where do you come from?
I have lived my entire life in Mumbai until now.

What is your hometown famous for?
Mumbai is famous for a few reasons. It’s one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India and there are lots of international companies there. It’s a very popular tourist place in India. It’s also considered the commercial capital of India.

Are you working or studying at the moment?
I’m studying and working both. I am studying journalism and working as an assistant editor with the renowned Newspaper, ‘The Hindu’.

Do you enjoy your job?
Yes, very much. It is intriguing and a fast paced job. You have got to work around the Clock and try to break the news as it happens. That’s our first priority and that’s why we are always on edge. We get to meet several people and sometimes need to go to different places. Beyond doubt, I love this job and I feel that I do justice to my aspiration.

Is it difficult to get such a job in your country?
I don’t think so, as long as one wants to work for any press. However, it is hard if you aim at working with the Renowned Press. They have limited openings, especially in the editorial section. People generally don’t leave such prestigious jobs because they are only a few newspapers which are at the national level.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe an interesting song you like
You should say:

  • What it is
  • Which country the song comes from
  • What story the song tells
  • And explain why you think it is interesting

Band 9.0 Sample Answer

I love listening to music, so I like a multitude of songs. However, one of my favorite songs that I want to talk about today is “Hall of Fame” by The Script and This song was written for the 2012 Olympic Games.

When it came out, it quickly became a hit on every single music chart throughout the world, not just because of its catchy melody, but also for its meaningful lyrics. The song talks about how each of us can be a champion or anything we want to be as long as we dedicate our time and efforts to doing what we are passionate about. The song is played at big athletic events to pump up the crowd, but you can easily relate to the song at other times as well, especially when you are about to give up.

I think this song has such a powerful message that whenever I was tired or had decided to quit, it would lift me up right away. It made me think about why I had started in the first place and that I needed to finish the job that I was currently doing.

PART – 3 Discussion

What kind of music is popular in your country?
In my country, there are many different types of music that people like to listen to. Pop music is always fashionable and so is folk music. People have many different tastes and there are always concerts for classical, rock, pop and folk. Traditional music is still much loved for weddings and baptism celebrations, as well as village festivals in the summer months. 

What do old people like to listen to?
They like to hear music from when they were younger, traditional music and sometimes classical. I don’t think they like to listen to pop songs or anything heavy, maybe they listen to the radio but something that is more relaxing. For instance, my grandma like to listen to a radio station that has a mixed programme of stories, interviews, plays and classical music. 

Do you play any musical instruments?
Yes, I play the piano and I started to learn when I was about 6 years old. I had lessons every Saturday in my house from a great teacher called Mr. Haris. I loved learning and developing my skills. I like to play classical music and at Christmas love paying traditional Christmas carols. I think that it is important for children to learn how to play an instrument if they like it of course. It can help them to develop creative skills and give them much enjoyment.   

What might be the best age to start learning to play a musical instrument?
In my view starting to learn when you are young is the best option. Children’s minds are so impressionable when they are young, they retain information and soak it up like a sponge. They can develop their musical skills and see if they have a talent for it. if you start learning later in life, it will probably be more difficult to find the time, to have lessons and to practice. 

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