Is Body Language Impact Your IELTS Speaking Score?

Is Body Language Impact Your IELTS Speaking Score?

Is Body Language Impact Your IELTS Speaking Score?
Is Body Language Impact Your IELTS Speaking Score?

Is Body Language Impact Your IELTS Speaking Score?

Thank you for being here. Today, we’re going to discuss about the impact of body language on your IELTS Speaking Score.

I appreciate your willingness to give your time to think about body language in IELTS Speaking test and will do my best to make it worth your while. So, with that said, let’s begin^^ 🙂

Many test-takers think that body language has an impact on scores in the IELTS speaking test and try to change it.

First of all, let me tell you what is Body Language?

It is a non- verbal mode of communication in which your body movements, tone, and pitch of your voice and your face expression are involved while the conversation with others. It is a frequently asked question that whether good body language help to increase the score in the IELTS listening test. Well, it does not influence your score in any way the thing that can matter is your attitude in the test.  

It is seen that some people who don’t speak with a lot of body language try to do it as per the misperception as a result they get more focused on their gestures and start taking pauses or fumbling in their speech and lose their marks. So, you should speak naturally as this will not only make you comfortable but also confident.

Another thing is said that the test taker should make an eye contact with the examiner is also not necessary. Looking in the eyes is just a polite form of gesture but if you feel comfortable in looking at something else you can go for it also. Some people feel more confident at making eye contact as they can see the face expressions of the person sitting in front and if they feel that he or she wants something more or something different they can switch accordingly.

^^Let’s have a look on some tips for IELTS Speaking Test^^

**~~ Instead of this there are some ways to bump up your Speaking Score ~~**

Smile consistently:  Smile is a curve that can make everything straight. It also makes you look confident.

Sitting Style: The way you sit tells how much confident you are. So, you should sit in a confident posture with your back straight you can put your arms on the table this will make you bit bend by this you can show your interest. Moreover, when you show your hands to someone the person at front feel that you are trust worthy. Your exposed hands will also do some movement which will make you feel more confident and also sound natural.

Don’t sit with your legs wide open- Sit normally but don’t open your legs wide open as it does not look decent.

Suppress Restless Habits:  Everyone feels nervousness but you should manage and should not shake your legs or hand and knuckle cracker as it shows your nervousness.

These body languages tips will help in boosting your confidence level. At last I will say you should always carry a smile on your face.

To you I’m saying the most honest and from the bottom of my heart “Thank you

Thank you for taking some time to read this article! I am grateful to you for being here.

Wish you all the very best!!

Be confident. It sounds too simple, right? But self-confidence just might be your key to beating the IELTS. Enjoy! We hope you like our service. For more check our website for more ideas.



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