Now as the IELTS exam has resumed after the COVID 19 lockdown many of you might be appearing for the exam in the coming days so it’s the time to discuss one common mistake that is the main cause of reducing the scores in the exam.

As you know the Listening test consists of 4 parts. At the starting of each part you will be given some instructions and some time to take a glance at the questions. Then the recording will be played and you will need to listen and write your answers in the Listening booklet and you will be given 10 minutes at the end to write your answers on Answer sheet.

This is the portion where you need to pay attention as many of the candidates start copying their answers in the Answer sheet as soon as the part ends. This is wrong as this time is to have a look at the fourth coming part so that you can get prepared for it and mark the keywords and understand the questions.

Commonly committed mistakes in the IELTS listening test: 

1. Always write your answers on the question booklet as you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answers on the answer sheet at the end of the listening exam. You will get distracted and miss any word if you start writing straight on the answer sheet. In listening to test concentration at the highest level is compulsory to raise your score.

2. Another mistake conducted by the students is they don’t read the instructions as they think that it’s a wastage of time but it should be read carefully as the carelessness at this point can reduce your marks. For example, if in the instructions it is said “No more than one word” and you give answer in two or three words you will score nothing for the answer.

3. Sometimes you may be asked to tick or encircle the right answers or sometimes there are two answers for one mark. In this situation also you can omit if you haven’t read the instruction carefully as you can encircle only one answer and you will lose score.

4. Beside some spelling mistakes, if you misspell the name of city or country or address your scores will be decreased .These type of questions general comes in awareness category, like: You have heard the name of an American city in the audio clip and you are well aware of the name but while penning down you misspell it, you would lose marks.

5. You will be penalised if you write incomplete answers.

6. Make Cross checking your answers a habit as it can reduce the chances of mistakes.

7. Audio is played only once so one should do a lot of practise as it is bit difficult to listen audio, read questions and write answers side by side and practice can make it perfect. 

8. Some students make a blunder as they utilise the time given between the parts to copy the answers on answer sheet instead of reading the upcoming questions. If you read the question you will be prepared for them and it will be easier to answer them.

9. Sometime student skip an answer or find it confusing you should not get panic and try to cope up with another one as if you will not remain calm you can skip some other questions and its worth to leave one instead of others.

10. Some candidates leave the questions unanswered as there is no negative marking in the IELTS exam so try to attempt each and every question.


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