DAILY BEST IELTS Writing Task, 25 May

DAILY BEST IELTS Writing Task, 25 May

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The given graphs represent the pocket money of students and their spending habits. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

DAILY BEST IELTS Writing Task, 25 May
DAILY BEST IELTS Writing Task, 25 May

Sample Answer:-

The bar graph shows that pocket money received by students varies between $50 and $170. The greatest number of students (i.e. 16 students) received between 570 and $90, though there are a fair number of students that received pocket money between $50 and $110. The number of students that received an amount ranging between $130 and $170 is pretty small.

The pie chart depicts the spending habits of students; rather it shows where the pocket money went. The greatest amount (i.e. 30%) was spent on books and a little less (i.e. 25%) was spent on eatables, whereas 20% each was spent on video games and gifts. There was not much expenditure on chocolates (5%).

Overall, it can be observed from both the graphs that the majority of students received less than $100
as pocket money. The fact that they are able to buy books as well as gifts from this amount indicates that they have enough and to spare. In any case, spending on books should be a welcome sign.

General Writing Task 1:-

You are going from India to Australia and your luggage got lost at the Melbourne Airport. Write to the airport authorities to help you in this matter. In the letter, give

  • your flight and luggage details
  • your contact address
  • any other information that you think will be valuable

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir,

Mike smith, was one of the passengers who took a flight from New Delhi in India to Melbourne in Australia on 10th March. When I landed at Melbourne Airport on 11th March, my luggage did not come out after the flight. I reported the matter to Ms. Rose at the luggage claim office but I have not received any information from her till date.

My luggage consisted of a suitcase and a handbag. The suitcase was a blue Samsonite, of size 50 x 70 cm. There was a sticker on which my initials MS were also written. The handbag was black in colour and of Nike make. The suitcase contained my original documents that have to be submitted before the classes start in the University at Melbourne. The handbag contained some cash and my address book with addresses of all my local friends and relatives. I have not carried mobile phone with me from India.

I would really appreciate if you look into the matter at the earliest, as the absence of my luggage is causing a lot of problems and inconvenience.

My light number, luggage claim number and address arc written below.

Flight No.: NH 208
Luggage Claim No: 7444
Address: 48 CL Melbourne 575461
Yours faithfully
Mike Smith

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

After birth what will play a major role in one’s personality and development: Nature or Nurture? Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

Man is a product of the genetic make-up that he is born with, as well as, the environment and the education that he is exposed to. Nature and Nurture both have strong influences on human development. Nature is genetic but nurture is the external forces on factors that exert influence on life.

I strongly feel that nurture is more important in what a child will grow up to. There is the Folklore about the wolf boy who was born to human parents , but was carried away into the jungle by the wolves ,which then raised him as one in their family. Slowly he grew up to be a wild two-legged animal. His personality and behavior were completely transformed. This is what nurturing does, transform the whole individual. Likewise, many times we have seen children born into families with criminal background and later adopted into genteel families have later turned out to have very pleasant personality. This happens because of the strong family influences and because of good nurturing.

This is not to discount the influence of nature. Nature plays its role right from the time the mother conceives. Nature is in the form of inherited traits which exist right from birth. sometimes fraternal twins raised apart have remarkable similarities in looks and behaviour, this is possible only because of Nature.

Nature is responsible for producing healthy babies but nurture helps to produce happy babies behaviour is, to a great deal, influenced by nurture or environmental factors.

It is very difficult to know whether certain traits are predisposed in one’s DNA or they are the influence or experience of life. Though one cannot be sure which ones are more important, inherited traits or the ones picked up in life, the balance appears to be tilted slightly in favour of the latter.



What is your full name?
Hi. My name is Navneet kaur.

What shall I call you?
Please call me by my first name, which is Navneet.

Where are you from?
I am from New Delhi in India.

Can I see your identification please?
Yes. Here are you.

Are you very interested in fashion and clothes?
Yes, I am very interested in fashion and clothes. I like to know what the latest trend is. However, I may not necessarily follow it.

Do you kind(s) of clothes are expensive in your country?
Yes, I think I have a lot of nice clothes. I do most of the shopping for myself and I like all the clothes I have.

What kind(s) of clothes do you usually wear?
I usually like to wear comfortable clothes, in my favourite colors.

Would you say clothes are expensive in your country?
India has people from all strata of society and everyone has a different earning and buying capacity. So, there are clothes available that are not too costly and then there are the very expensive designer clothes that are also available.

Do you like to wear fashionable clothes?
Yes, sometimes. However, I do understand that not all types of clothes suit everyone. So, I wear clothes that suit me.

Is there anything that you used to wear in past that you don’t wear now?
As a child, I used a lot of dresses, which I don’t wear now. I do wear western formal clothes, but not dresses.

How often do you go for shopping for clothes?
I so shopping for clothes when I need something. I am not a shopaholic and I don’t buy clothes, but not dresses.

Do you like shopping for clothes?
No, I don’t really like shopping for clothes these days. There are too many choices and it becomes very difficult to choose the right clothes.

How often do you buy clothes online?
I buy clothes online very rarely, only when for some reason I am not able to go to an actual store .


Describe a place where you relaxed

  • You should say
  • Where it is
  • What you usually do there;
  • How often you go there;
  • And explain why it is a relaxing place

Sample Answer:-

Relaxation is important in everyone’s life. Everyone has different ways of relaxation. Elderly people go to religious places and parks to relax. Young people have a lot of pent up energy, so they go to gyms and discos to sweat out that energy, and relax. I usually go to a gurdwara to relax. I went that last Sunday and spent the whole afternoon there. I go there; I do circumambulation of the holy book inside the main hall, and pay obeisance to the almighty. There is a well-maintained fishpond in the gurdwara, which has many species of fish. I just sit on the steps of the pond and listen to the holy chants going on all the time there. It gives me great relaxation and peace of mind. Last Sunday, I took some bread from home and feed the fish. There are two catfish among the many other, which seem to be talking to me. I know that the tempo of life has slowed down a bit. It is so relaxing to watch the movements of the fish in the water. This activity takes away all the physical and mental tiredness away from my body. I feel very light-hearted after that. Even though there is always a great rush in this temple, yet one can find peace and quiet over there. Sometimes, I offer voluntary services in the community kitchen over there. Free food is offered to one and all in the community kitchen and this service is round the clock. So, this is the place I went to relax.


Where do Indian people like to go on weekends?
Indian people like to go to cinemas, shopping malls, and restaurants on weekends. Sometimes they go to their relatives’ homes.

What do old people do to relax?
Old people go to religious places. They go to parks and sit on the benches and talk with others of their age.

What is the importance of relaxation?
Relaxation is very important. It recharges one’s batteries. After relaxing people can work better and students can study better.

What are the ways people relax themselves?
People relax in different ways. Some go t parks, some go to religious places, and some just sit at home and listen to music or watch TV. Young people have a lot of pent up energy, so they go to gyms and discos to sweat out that energy, and relax.

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DAILY BEST IELTS Writing Task, 25 May

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