Best Daily IELTS Speaking Topic, 5th June

Daily IELTS Speaking Topic, 5th June


The diagram below explains the process of recycling plastic bottles for new uses.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Daily IELTS Speaking Topic, 5th June


The diagram given clearly depicts the various stages in recycling of plastic bottles and then its usage in new forms. The plastic bottles are collected in the recycling centre and are then segregated from other types of materials like glass and metal. Then the bottles are categorised according to specific colours. Later on, almost 7,000 plastic bottles are tied into each separate bundle and then these bales are pressed. These bales are then carried to reclaimer, where they are broken with the help of bale breaker. After breaking, the plastics are formed into small pieces like flakes. Flakes are then washed, rinsed and finally dried. These flakes are then melted and passed through extruder. Thus the pellets are formed.

The pellets thus produced are then sold out to the producers, which they use to make various products like fibres for carpets and clothing, non food containers and other products.

To summarise the whole process is divided into two major parts one in the recycling center and the other in reclaimer. In recycling center plastic bottles are sorted and bales are made, while in reclaimer the plastic bottles are crushed and flakes are used to make pellets.

General Writing Task 1:-

Your next-door neighbor likes to listen to music late at night. Because o f the loud music, you often lose sleep.

Write a letter to your neighbor. In your letter

• describe the situation
• explain the problems it is causing you
• offer at least one solution

Sample Answer:-

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I have enjoyed living next door to you for the past year and getting to know you as a neighbor. In the interest of maintaining a good neighborly relationship, I would like to bring a small problem to your attention.

I generally go to bed by ten o’clock in the evening. Recently, I have noticed that you enjoy listening to music at night, often as late as midnight or later. You may not be aware that the volume is high enough for me to hear the music in my bedroom.

Often, I have trouble falling asleep because of the music. This is a problem for me since I have to get up at 5:30 A .M. in order to get to work on time.

I wonder if you would consider listening to the music at a lower volume. Or, you might enjoy your music in another room of your house that is farther away from my bedroom window. That way you could still play your music, and I could sleep better.

Please come over to my house anytime and we can discuss this matter more, if you would like.

Your neighbor,

Mark Jones

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

The use o f cell phones (mobile phones) has grown rapidly in the past few years. People use them for both business and personal reasons. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the widespread use of cell phones (mobile phones)? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

The use of cell phones has spread rapidly over the past decade or more. They are used for both business and personal reasons. Cell phones have many advantages because they have made communication much easier. However, they also have disadvantages in both professional and personal situations.

Cell phones make business communication much more convenient. Office workers, for example, are no longer tied to their desks. They can make and receive business calls from any place they happen to be. They do not have to worry about losing a client or missing out on a deal because they were not in the office at the right time.

Cell phones also facilitate communication among family members. Parents no longer have to worry about where their children are because they can always reach them by cell phone. Spouses can call each other frequently throughout the day. Cell phones make it easy to keep in touch with relatives who are traveling or who live far away.

Even though cell phones make life easier in many ways, they also have some disadvantages. For one, they can make it difficult to leave work at the office. People often receive business calls on their cell phones when they are out with friends or relaxing at home. Cell phones can give parents a false sense of security. Many parents feel that their child is safe because he or she carries a cell phone, but there are many dangerous situations in which a cell phone cannot offer protection. Another disadvantage for families is that the monthly cell phone bill can be a large expense in the household budget.

As with everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to cell phones. These days they are so commonly used that it seems people are more attentive to the advantages.



May I know your full name?
My full name is Rajpreet Kaur Bhullar.

How may I address you?
You could call me by my first name Rajpreet.

May I see your ID?
Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?
I hail from Amritsar which us in North-West of Punjab.

How much time have you spent by the ocean?
When I was a child, I spent a great deal of time by the ocean. My family usually went to the ocean every summer. We spent two weeks there. Usually, my parents rented a small house for us right near the beach. We spent most of our time on the beach, swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand. Some of my best childhood memories are of those days we spent our vacations by the ocean. These days, unfortunately, I don’t have much time to go to the ocean. I go when I can, but it’s not very often.

Why do people like being near the ocean?
One reason people like the ocean is that it’s very beautiful, no matter what the weather. When the day is calm, the ocean looks beautiful sparkling in the sun. When there’s a storm, the waves and color of the ocean are dramatic. I think people also like being near the ocean because there are so many fun things to do. You can swim, fish, ride in a boat, or just relax in the sun.

What do you like about the ocean?
The thing I like most about the ocean is swimming. I love the feel of salt water, and I like the fun and the challenge of swimming in the ocean waves. It’s so much better than swimming in a pool. The water in a pool is unnatural because it has chlorine, and the water is completely calm. It’s very boring. The ocean, on the other hand, is natural and exciting. It’s the best place to swim.

Would you like to live near the ocean?
Even though I love the ocean, I don’t think I would like to live near it. For one thing, towns near the ocean are usually crowded with tourists on vacation. Tourists at the beach are always in a relaxed, party mood. I think that’s fun sometimes, but I wouldn’t like to live around it all the time. Also, in towns near the ocean there often isn’t much to do besides go to the beach. I love the beach, but I prefer living in a city where there’s a wide variety of things to do and many more opportunities for jobs and studies and things like that.

Do you prefer to spend your leisure time indoors or outdoors?
I definitely prefer to spend my leisure time outdoors. I work all week in an office, so when the weekend comes, I want to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the sun and fresh air. It feels good to be outdoors, and there are a lot of outdoor activities that I enjoy doing.

Is there anything you don’t like about being outdoors?
I suppose sometimes it can be uncomfortable to be outdoors. I don’t like it when the weather is bad. I don’t like getting wet from the rain or too hot when the temperature is high. I don’t like to be outdoors when it’s mosquito season. That’s a very uncomfortable time! But usually these things aren’t much of a problem. Usually I feel very happy outdoors.

What are some activities you do outdoors?
I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. I like walking, which is good because I live in a city and that’s a great way to be outdoors in a city. There are so many places to walk. I also like to go to the park with my friends. Sometimes, we bring food and have a picnic, and sometimes we just hang out and relax. Another thing I like doing outdoors is playing tennis. I play several times a week when the weather is nice.

What do you enjoy about these activities?
The first thing I like about these activities is that they’re outdoors. That’s why I do them. Another thing I like is that they’re relaxing. I can leave my worries behind at the office or at home and take a relaxing walk, or enjoy the nice weather in the park or a good tennis game. Also, they’re a good way to spend time with my friends. We enjoy walking together or being in the park together. I think we enjoy each other’s company more when we’re in a pleasant outdoor place rather than being in some crowded, noisy indoor place like a shopping mall.


Describe a situation you waited for something.
Describe an incident where you were waiting for someone or something.

You should say
– When and where you waited
– What you waited for
– Who you were with
– What did you do while you were waiting?

Sample Answer:-

This is an incident that took place a few years ago, when I was slated to travel from my hometown, Ahmedabad, to New Delhi for work. I had booked my flight tickets well in advance, and reached the airport on time, as I usually do. But, when I reached the check in desk to hand over my luggage, the attendant there informed me that my flight had been delayed by three hours. I felt a little irritated, but such things happen often, and so I simply brushed it off. I decided to spend my extra hour browsing through the shops inside the airport premises. The only glitch was, the attendant at the desk had refused to check in my luggage then, because of the delay. He had politely told me to return to desk after a while to hand over my bags. So, there I was, all by myself at the Ahmedabad airport, lugging my bags around as I looked for an empty seat to settle down. I wanted to visit the book store, check out the food stalls, and even felt like checking out the tie store and perfume shop at the other end from where I was. However, with all my luggage it was bound to be very inconvenient, so I continued to look for an empty seat. I noticed the, that people in general were quite ill mannered. Most of them had used up the vacant seats for keeping their bags, and in spite of requesting them to vacate those seats, they refused to budge. Finally, after a while a polite man who had been observing my plight waved to me from the distance and pointed out an empty seat next to him that I had overlooked! I took the seat, thanking him, and then we introduced ourselves to each other. He was more or less my age, and was also travelling for work on the same flight as mine. For a while we spoke to each other about work and other random things, but soon we both go hungry. However, it was necessary that one of us remain seated right there, to watch out for our seats, lest someone else decide to occupy them. So, my new acquaintance went and bought us both sandwiches and coffee. We sleepily sipped our coffees, checking our watches every few minutes. The wait was becoming unbearable as boredom fatigue took over. Just then, to my surprise, loud music started playing in the airport! As the popular movie song blared in the background, shaking us out of our stupor, some people got up from their seats and started dancing in perfectly synchronized steps. This group must have had about twenty people of varying ages, both men and women. It was a flash mob! As they continued dancing adeptly, other onlookers joined them and danced to their own beats. Before we knew it, half an hour had passed, and people kept dancing as songs changed. It was like having a small party with strangers, in an unexpected place. By the time I boarded my flight, I was grinning from ear to ear, and almost thankful for the delay.


Do you think patience in important?
Yes, I think patience is very important. Patience is a virtue we must all cultivate, because it helps us overcome even the toughest of situations with grace and dignity. Impatience does not accelerate processes in life. It only creates agitation and frustration, which lead to wrong decisions. Instead, if we can remain patient while waiting for the tablets to turn in our favour, we may learn some important lessons along the journey of life, without sacrificing our health or taking bad decisions.

Why is it difficult for children to be patient?
Childhood is that stage of life where a human grows rapidly, both physically and mentally. They have much to learn, and a lot of curiosity to learn it all quickly; to absorb the world around them in every way possible. To add to this, children also have a lot of energy. This extra energies and explore their surroundings. So, it is very difficult for children to be patient.

How to teach children patience?
Patience can be taught to children by relaying stories and anecdotes that highlight the benefit of patience as a virtue, to them. When this is done on a regular basis, followed up by showing them real life incidents where impatience and haste have led to mishaps, the importance of being patient can be taught to children. Children also learn from seeing adults that they trust. So, displaying patience at an individual level can also encourage.

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Best Daily IELTS Speaking Topic, 5th June

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