The graph below shows the proportion of the population aged 65 and over between 1940 and 2040 in three different countries.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.



The graph below shows the increase in the ageing population in Japan, Sweden and the U.S.A. It indicates that the percentage of elderly people in all three countries is expected to increase to almost 25% of the respective populations by the year 2040.

In 1940 the proportion of people aged 65 or more stood at only 5% in Japan, approximately 7% in Sweden and 9% in the US. However, while the figures for the Western countries grew to about 15° o in around 199C, the figure for Japan dipped to only 25% for much of this period, before rising to almost 5% again at the present time.

In spite of some fluctuation in the expected percentages, the proportion of older people will probably continue to increase, the next two decades in the three countries. A more dramatic rise in predicted between 2030 and 2040 in Japan, by which time it is thought that the proportion of elderly people will be similar in the three countries.


You have just moved into a new home and are planning to hold a party. You are worried that the noise may disturb your neighbor.

Write a letter to your neighbor. In your letter

Introduce yourself

Describe your plans for the party

Invite your neighbor to come

Sample Answer:-

Dear neighbor,

I am your new neighbor; I moved in Last week with my son, I am working as a nurse in the nearby hospital. I am planning to hold a party, I will invite all my friends and relatives, my son also will invite his friends I would like to invite you too, I will be happy to see you.

At the party I will provide all kind of drinks, different Type of food, I will prepare intercontinental dishes as well as some Arabic food, in addition I will also get some Indian and Chinese food, I will order them from the restaurant, so we will have planty of food and drinks, we will also listen to some music and I will introduced you to all of my friends, also whoever likes to dance they can. I hope everyone will enjoy the Party and have fun including you.

If you decided not to come for any reason, please inform me, and I want to be sure that the noise will not disturb you.

Look forward to see you, as this party gives both of us the opportunity to be good friends.

Yours faithfully,

Mahir Singh


Today, the quality of life in large cities is decreasing. Discuss the causes and solutions.

Sample Answer:-

The global phenomenon of urbanization from the beginning of industrialization to the present day has brought opportunity and prosperity, albeit at a cost in the quality of life. With an increasing city population, the complexity of the challenges also increases, the causes and solutions for this are outlined below.

The causes for the decrease in the quality of life are paradoxically the prosperity endowed on such metropolitan centres. Their growth is    largely due to the increase of opportunities on offer, which in turn increases their attractiveness; essentially they are trapped in a positive self enforcing cycle. However, this eventually leads to a decrease in the quality of life as the city can experience overcrowding, exorbitant property prices and increased vulnerability to terrorist attacks. For example the density of London makes it a more efficient place to attack, when compared to a smaller city such as Bradford. Therefore, due to continuous growth and prosperity, urban citizens, especially the less well off, often experience a lower standard of living.

Considering the solutions, greater investment in public transport would ease traffic congestion, as would bike lanes. In theory this would reduce air pollution and possibly improve the well-being of the population if they did adopt a more active lifestyle and cycle to work. To counter violent terrorist attacks, cities could embark on CCTV installations, so as to closely monitor for threats. For example, it is said, the CCTV in London has foiled many potential attacks, and therefore greatly increased the security of its citizens.

To conclude, a wealthy city attracts large population inflows, which then cause pressure on existing infrastructure and security. Various solutions exist to mitigate such drawbacks; nevertheless an indefinite solution has yet to be found.



May I know your full name?

My full name is Bramah Singh.

How may I address you?

You may address me as Bramah.

May I see your ID?

Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?

I am from Pharwara.

What is the importance of gifts?

Gifts are gestures of love. They strengthen bonds of friendship. Gifts make the recipient feel special.

Is there any pressure on us to buy presents?

As such, there is no pressure on us to buy presents. But sometimes when we receive costly presents, then there is a pressure to reciprocate in the same way. Then it may cause pressure. I believe that gifts should be just gestures of love. Very costly gifts should not be given.

Nowadays, we belong to a consumerist society. There are so many choices of gifts. This may seem good to some, but I often get confused when it comes to selecting a gift.

How often do you buy others gifts?

I buy gifts very often. I buy gifts for my friends and siblings, but I don’t buy expensive gifts. I am not earning yet. So, my budget is restricted to my pocket money only.

Do you like to send expensive gifts?

No, I don’t buy expensive gifts. I am not earning yet. So, my budget is restricted to my pocket money only.

What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?

All sorts of gifts are popular in my country. People buy gifts according to their choice and pocket and also according to the liking, interests and age of the recipient.

Why do people send gifts?

Gifts are tokens of love. They give happiness to the giver and receiver both.


Describe a person who once moved to live with you

When and where this person moved in

How you know this person

How you got along with this person

And how you feel about living with this person

Sample Answer:-

Here I would like to talk about the situation, when my cousin Sonia, moved in to live with us for 4 years. Sonia is my paternal aunt’s daughter. Her mother is my father’s youngest sister, and she lived in Baroda, Gujarat. Sonia is four years elder to me, and after her plus two exams she got admission in computer engineering in Lovely Professional University, which is in my hometown. So it was taken for granted that she would be staying with us. Sonia is tall and beautiful. She has curly hair and a very fair complexion. She’s not only good-looking but also very good at heart. She shared my room with me and we developed a very good bond with each other. I really liked her company a lot. I learned a lot from her. She is very creative person. She has excellent culinary skills. Apart from routine cooking she’s very good at baking. When she used to go home during holidays, I used to miss her a lot. Many times she helped me in studies also. She stayed with us as part of family, and never once did we feel that she was an outsider. She completed her eighth semester last month, and she got her campus placement in a reputed Multinational company in her College time only.


Do you like to live with people about your age or older than you?

I like to live with both types of people. When I am with people of my age then I can share all my feelings with them, and if I am with people older than me then I learn a lot from them.

What would you do if your neighbors noisy all the time?

If my neighbors are noisy all the time, then first I would like to talk out my problem with them. If they do not listen, then I would have to go to the authorities.

What are the advantages of living with old people?

There are many advantages of living with old people. We can learn from them. They can guide us about our culture and traditions. They can take care of grandchildren when both parents are working. They act as security for the houses.

Should young adults live on their own?

I think young adults should not live on their own. It is very easy in today’s world for young people to go astray. Although the young adults today are very well-informed, they are immature and naïve find can easily be duped.

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