Academic Writing Task 1:-

The charts below show the percentage of men and women in different weight groups in England between 1993 and 2002.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


Sample Answer:-

The two charts divide the population in England into four different weight categories and show the proportion of men and women in each category over a 9-year period.

In 1993, a little less than half the male population in England (47%) was within the healthy weight range, but the percentage dropped to 40% in 1998 and continued to decline slightly to about 38% in 2002. By comparison, the percentage of men who were overweight had an opposite trend, rising in two stages from 42% in 1993 to 45% in 1998 and finally 46% in 2002. During the same time, there was a modest increase in the obesity rate in the male population from 10% to 15%, while the proportion of dangerously obese men remained low at about 2%.

Compared with the weight development in the male population, that of female had a quite similar trend over the same period. Women who had healthy weight and who were overweight constituted the vast majority of the female population, while the remaining 15% to 20% were considered obese or dangerously obese.

It seems that the whole population in England was becoming increasingly over weight, and the obesity rate was constantly higher in the female population than in the male population.

General Writing Task 1:-

You will go to London soon to stay there tor one year. Write a letter to an agency to get information about accommodation. in your letter you should say:

  • why you are going to London
  • what kind of accommodation you want
  • When you will arrive

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in the hope that I may obtain information about accommodation in London.

I am going to study at London University for my Masters degree next month and will therefore stay in the city tor one year. Since my wife will come with me, the accommodation that London University has offered me might not be suited.

We are seeking accommodation that is just a short bus ride away from London University or even within walking distance, and is situated in areas where there is a relatively good supply of living goods. Besides, our ideal apartment might include a bed, wardrobe, study desk and lamp, dining table, and telephone. In particular, we need a kitchen which is fully equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven, cook top, kettle, toaster, and cooking and dining utensils.

I will arrive in London at the end of this month, so I would be much obliged to you if you could recommend several accommodations I am looking for.

Your prompt and favourable attention to my inquiry would be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Richy hae

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Some people think computers and the Internet are important in children’s study, but others think students can learn more effectively in schools and with teachers. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

The ways in which children today study, both at home and at school, are radically different from any previous generation, and the increased availability and relatively low price of modern technology have been instrumental in this change. However, I feel that while modern technologies, such as computers and the Internet, are important in assisting a child’s learning, this learning should be guided and directed by the experience of teachers.

There is no denying the fact that computers and the Internet are popularly used in the field of education; they can present knowledge in a vivid and novel way. The computer and the Internet can also enable students in enhancing their general understanding of how to solve difficulties in study as well as giving them vital skills in readiness for later life. However, the problems are: the information that the computer can show has to be pre-programmed and needs constant updating, for example Encyclopaedia’s on DVD-ROM; and contrary to popular belief, the Internet may not be a reliable source for knowledge, since there is often conflicting information available when taken from different sources.

A traditional and long-established practice is for children to study and gain know ledge at school, learning skills in various ways taught by traditional methods. A school is a place where students gather to be educated and learn from each other as well as formal educators. At school, students’ development is orchestrated stage by stage, step by step by experienced teachers, and their acquisition of knowledge is guided and backed up in a systematic way.

I do not believe that it will help students to learn effectively and in a long-term manner to overemphasising the use of computers and the Internet. Rather, I feel that modern technologies can complement more traditional teaching and learning methods, without being used as a replacement for these traditions.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

PART 1 Intro Part

May I know your full name?
My name is Gurmeet Singh.

How may I address you?
You could call me by my first name Gurmeet.

May I see your ID?
Here is my passport.

Where do you come from?
I am from Dharmkot, which is in Northern part of Punjab.

Do you prefer public transportation or private transportation?
Well, I prefer public transport more instead of private transport because buses are really frequent in my area and it is quite pocket friendly for me.

Is it convenient to take bus?
Of course, it is quite convenient to take bus from my home town as transportation system of my village is quite good. So, people do not need to wait for longer hours.

Why people like to use private vehicles?
Well, people like to use their own vehicles because everyone wants to show their status in the front of society. However, they feel more comfortable in this as compare to public transport.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe a small business you want to have in the future
You should say:

  • What it would be
  • What you need to prepare for it
  • Where you would have this business
  • And explain why you would like to do this business


I’ve always been interested in different kinds of handcrafted jewelry, such as macrame, beading, and other kinds of knotting and stitching with cord or wire. So I’m thinking I’d like to go into business selling and making that kind of jewelry.

It wouldn’t even have to be a big production, just a few people making and selling bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories. Maybe if we become popular and more people start buying our products we could even open a small shop and take special orders. We could also have classes, where we teach people how to make their own jewelry. I was thinking that my cousin could help me since she is quite good with her hands; I think she has some friends who are good at macrame so they could help also. We could put an ad in the newspaper or on the Internet and sell our wares that way. During holidays we’d travel around China and sell our jewelry at famous parks and places that tourists frequent. We’d each just make the things that we’re best at so that we get a bunch of quality products in as short an amount of time as possible.

The main reason I’d start a business like this is because it’s something that I enjoy doing, and I don’t think I could work at a job that I don’t like.

PART – 3 Discussion

Do many people know about this company?
Yes, in my hometown many people know about this company. But as my friend tells me that they have business in all parts of India and abroad, so I guess many people know about this company even outside my hometown.

What do you think can be considered as emerging industries?
Well I guess, emerging industries are those industries which are based on new products or new ideas which are in the early stages of their development. These industries are also called sunrise industries. These industries are mostly related to information technology, wellness, hospitality and knowledge.

Is market research important for export business?
Yes, market research is very important for export business. If a person does not do any research then the whole thing can go waste and the person can end up suffering huge losses.

In business, do companies need to be competitive?
Yes, in business companies need to be competitive. If they are not competitive, they will die. If their products do not match up with similar products of other industries, then they will not have any sale and ultimately will not be able to survive.

Should companies promote competition and why?
Yes, companies should promote competition, because if they will not do so then they will not match their rival companies and will ultimately not be able to thrive.

What should be the government role in how small businesses are run?
The government should promote small businesses, because today many multinational companies are coming up, and if small businesses are not promoted and supported by the governments then they will ultimately disappear.

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