Best Daily IELTS Writing Task, 4th June

Daily IELTS Writing Task, 4th June

Academic writing Task 1:-

The tables below show the consumption and production of potatoes in different regions of the world in 2006. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Consumption of potatoes (kg per person)

South and Central America23.6
North America57.9

Production of potatoes (in million tonnes)

South and Central America15.6
North America24.7

Sample Answer:-

The given tables compare the yield of potatoes in million tonnes with the consumption in kg per person in 2006 in five regions of the world, which are South and Central America, Africa, North America, Europe and Asia, in 2006. It is clear that expect for the Americas, the production of potatoes outstripped the consumption in all other areas.

The production of potatoes was the highest in Europe and Asia at around 130 million tonnes each. The production in all other regions was between 15 and 25 million tonnes. However, as far as the consumption is concerned, the Europeans seemed to be the most fond of potatoes, eating about 96 kg per person. North America took the second place in the consumption at just below 60 kg per person. People of South and Central America and Asia ate around 25 kg per person, but the Africans were the least fond of potatoes, consuming approximately 14 kg per person in 2006.

Overall, in North America, the production was less than half the consumption whereas in Asia the production was six times more than the consumption.

General Writing Task 1:-

You are going to work in different country. Your family members want to go with you. Write a letter to your employer if your family members can get job in the same country.

Sample Answer:-

Dear Sir or madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to work as a branch manager in your company named Sebiz square and for this I have to relocate to Canada. I seek permission from your, side as I want my family also to move along me.

At present, I am working as branch manager in one of your company’s chain, nevertheless, due to financial issue; I was unable to manage my budget. After receiving offer from your side, I felt glad, however, it is hard for me to leave my family over here and move abroad. As, there are certain responsibilities which are carried out y me and I think it will be difficult for my wife to manage personal and professional life simultaneously. Therefore, I would be grateful to you if you could give job to my wife as well. She has five years of experience in Career Zone as branch manager. In this way, I will be able to give proper attention to my family and she will also get a chance to work for such a reputed company.

Looking forward to get a positive reply from your side.

Yours sincerely,

Name ………………….

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Everybody should be allowed admission to university study programs regardless o f their level o f academic ability.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer:-

I agree that everybody, no matter what his or her level of academic ability, should be admitted to university programs. In the first place, everyone has the right to an education and no one can take this away. Also, people are generally attracted to educational programs that fit their interests and abilities. Finally, there are different university programs designed to fit different kinds of students.

Everybody has the right to an education, and this includes education beyond high school. Some people choose to go to a university while others choose some other form of training. No matter what form of education a person chooses, no one else has the right to make that choice for him or her.

People tend to choose educational programs that fit their interests and abilities. They do not need someone else to tell them what they can and cannot do. If a person is interested in studying law, for example, it is probably because he or she feels it is something he or she likes and will do well at. Also, when students are interested in their program of study, they are motivated to work hard, even when some of the assignments are difficult for them.

There are all different kinds of university programs. There are programs that suit different interests, goals, and abilities. Because of this, there is no reason to deny a university education to anyone. There is something for everyone who wants it at the university level.

Everyone has the right to an education, including a university education if that is what he or she chooses. It should not be denied to anyone.




What is your full name?
Hello, I am Rajiv Bhatia.

Can I see you ID?
With pleasure, this is my passport.

Where are you from?
I’m from Bangalore.

Do you work or study?
I am a student.

What subject(s) are you studying?
I am doing B.A degree in choreography/dance.

Why did you choose to study that subject?
I find it so amazing that hoe beautiful one can express emotions through dance and I’m inclined to learn more about this form of art.

Was that an easy choose to make?
Not really as my parents were not really happy. They wanted me to take some course which could help me earn livelihood later in my career. They believed that such a degree concentration would leave me jobless in the future so there was some opposition but somehow I convinced them. I will have to prove my worth post my studies.

Do you like your subject? (Why? / Why not? )
Yes, it’s very challenging; as one has to choose the right kind of music that would accompany the dance, complex movements to entertain the audience, assist with costume design, lightening and other artistic aspect of a show.

When did you start to learn English?
I started learning English when I was in school. After leaving school, I took up my tertiary education in English, and even now, I keep updating myself on the latest developments in written and spoken English by reading books and by visiting English teaching websites.

Did you want any change in your school information?
My school uniform was a white half-sleeved shirt, a pair of navy blue trousers, and white canvas shoes. It was comfortable for all students, and I was also satisfied with it.

Should uniforms be made compulsory in schools?
Uniforms must be made compulsory in schools. It makes students feel united and equal. This feeling of unity and equality is a very important factor in learning good values according to me, as it gives a sense of equality in students’ minds. It also helps them in interacting with each other in a better, more efficient manner.

According to you, which is better, school life or college life? Why?
Well, both have their own peculiarities, pros, and cons. But to me, college life felt much better, because at college we come out of the innocent world of school and enter the more practical, real world. College is where we learn the basics of conducting ourselves in our social, professional, and practical lives.


Describe a shop near your house

You should say
– Where it is located
– What facilities are available there
– What you like about the shop
– What is the staff there like?

Sample Answer:-

The shop I would like to describe here is gift shop in my area. It is located on the ground floor of a high-rise shopping complex that receives lots of visitors each day. Even though the shop is not very big, the way they have arranged their display, with a multitude of articles is appreciable. They sell all types of greeting cards, artificial flowers, chocolates, and various gift articles like showpieces, perfumes, imitation jewellery, photo frames, wrist watches, and toys. One thing I like about the shop is that many new items appear there, first before they become available in other outlets. It is an old shop, and I have bought many things from thereto gift to my friends and relatives. This shop is air-conditioned. The staff members of the shop are cooperative, friendly, and well informed about the selection patterns of people of different age groups. What’s more, they also offer free gift packing and free home delivery services. They also accept credit cards. The owner of the shop MR. Haresh Shah is a friendly man who maintains good relations with all his regular customers. He also accepts suggestions from customers with a smile, and tries to implement them whenever possible. I have seen many gift shops open up and shut down in months, in my area, but this shop has been able to do better business consistently with the passing of time. I think the credit for this goes to the owner, who is constantly engaged in giving a better product mix to his customers.


What types of shops are found in your area?
All types of shops can be found in my area. There are shops selling garments, gift articles, groceries, commodities, electronics, food, and even sweets, where I live. One can also find outlets of international food chains like McDonalds, alongside small, privately owned shops, in my area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having local shops in your area?
Local shops offer innumerable benefits to the people of my area. They sell products of varieties and categories at competitive prices, so people in my area can select from a huge array of goods in stores, and buy what they like at affordable rates. In this way, local shops offer people a lot of convenience when shopping. On the other hand, some local shop owners who sell niche products often don’t have competitions, if there are only local shops all around. They are then known to charge higher prices compared to their counterparts in other areas. This can prove a little disadvantageous at times.

What do you generally shop, for your home?
I generally don’t go out to buy things for my home, but occasionally I buy groceries, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

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Best Daily IELTS Writing Task, 4th June

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