How can deal with nervousness in IELTS Speaking?

How can deal with nervousness in IELTS Speaking?

How can deal with nervousness in IELTS Speaking?
nervousness in IELTS Speaking

How can deal with nervousness in IELTS Speaking?

For many candidates, the speaking test is a big troublemaker, score-ruined monster. Yes, you have got it right. It is something that candidates do not want to face but it can’t be avoided. If you are one of those candidates who fear this test, then it is time that you learn how you can deal with it. You shall not run away from it.

Some students are very nervous about the Speaking exam. So nervousness that they cannot really perform as well as they should. Taking an exam can be stressful but there are some things students can do to give themselves the best chance to do well.

First of all, be prepared. Students should practice as much as they can. Record them talking about many different topics. Practice IELTS interviews with a friend. Your speaking does not have to be perfect in the exam; you just need to show you are able to talk about things in some details.

Secondly, on the day of exam, arrive in plenty of time. If you arrive just one time or a little late you will go into the exam more nervous them ever.

Take something to read in English with you or some English music to listen to so you can be thinking in English before the exam starts.

Since the instructions ask you to close your eyes, you should read through them first before trying the exercise or have a friend or family member read them to you:

1.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax.

2. Imagine yourself walking up to the room for the speaking test.

3. Notice what colors the walls are and how you feel. It’s your important day to take the IELTS and the speaking examiner is waiting for you.

4. Feel in your body how calm and confident you are. Visualize yourself standing up straight with a confident look in your eyes.

5. Imagine examiner asking you for your name and you reply in confident, fluent English.

6. See yourself being asked questions and one by one answering them exactly as you’ve practiced.

7. The examiner asks you a difficult question that you can’t understand. Instead of reacting with panic, you calmly ask him to repeat the question. You understand the second time and continue on.

8. The examiner then announces that the test has finished. You smile, get out of your seat, and walk outside. You know that you’ve done your best.

The important part is that you keep it feeling as real as possible and that you imagine yourself confident and performing well.

Like nearly everything with the IELTS, the key to this technique is practice. Do it before you go to sleep for even a few minutes every day and you’ll perform much better on test day.

However, even with all the visualization practice, test day will still be stressful and there may be times where you need to relax immediately. That’s where our next technique comes into play.

Picture yourself doing well in the test: –

– During the exam itself, stay relaxed. Remember to breathe deeply as this will help you stay calm and stop you from talking to too quickly. If you are not happy with an answer, do not worry about it. You cannot go back in time but you can make sure you give the best answer possible in the rest of the test.

– The examiner wants to give you credit for what you say so if you realize you misunderstand a question and talked about something else; it is not the end of the world. Jus refocus and keep going.

– Stay positive and you will be fine. If you remember these simple tips you will do well in speaking test.


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