How to Bump Up Reading Score?

How to Bump Up Reading Score?

How to Bump Up Reading Score
How to Bump Up Reading Score

How to Bump Up Reading Score?

Thank you for being here for reading this post. If you’re wondering how to improve your IELTS Reading score, then you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll take a look at how to get a good score in IELTS Reading. I appreciate you to give your precious time for reading this post.

Reading in IELTS needs full focus. We need to develop some skills to complete the given task in given time. So, there are some tips and skills you can use to improve your skill.

**~~ Here are some tips for getting an 8 or higher in reading~~**

Be quick in finding your answers: This module has a stringent time limit. It will challenge your ability to complete task in time. You must develop your speed reading skill to locate the information.

Finding key words: Every question will have key words which will help you to locate the information. Some key words are figures, names with capital letters and places. You must have to spot these key words and use them correctly.

Acquire knowledge about each type of question: There are different types of questions in reading test. Such as True/False, sentence completion, match the headings, match the ending, flow chart and summary completion. Develop some skills to tackle these types of questions. Moreover, get use to with the question types so that you can solve them in short duration.

Never leave your questions unanswered: In IELTS, there is no negative marking. So, never leave your questions unanswered. You can go with guess work if you are running out of time. Your luck can save you and who knows your guess work can be correct.

Don’t stick to one question: If you are not getting the correct location for your answer, it is better to leave the question for the time and move ahead. Because, every question carries equal marks so, it is totally wastage of time to spend more time on one answer. You can spend only one and half a minute on each question. Come back to the unanswered question after some time, and try to find the location with calm and fresh mind.

Enhance your vocabulary: You need to learn vocabulary to get good score. Learning vocabulary is not just about learning the meaning of a word, it is about learning when you can and can’t use a word. You can write down some vocabulary words which are new to you. And read them again, whenever you find them in reading text.

Go with sequence: Always follow the pattern. Don’t start from in between or last. Because, moving further with questions, level of difficulty increase. As a result, you will be confused and may feel irritated. Consequently, wasting your time.

Don’t try to understand the full passage: Don’t get in trap of examiner. In reading there are a lot of words which don’t have any relation with your answers. So, your task is to just locate the information. For example: Sentence completion type of question access your ability to locate specific given information to you. However, there are only two types of questions which require depth understanding of the whole passage. (i) Match headings, (2) Choosing a title. Otherwise, all questions are based on locating information.

Practice! Practice and Practice: Even though you acquire knowledge and skills to tackle the question yet if you are not practicing regularly you won’t improve. Never skip your practice. Practice will take you closer to your GOAL only.

So, keep practicing.

From the bottom of my heart, “Thanks”

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