How to Come Up with Good Ideas in IELTS Writing Task 2

How to Come Up with Good Ideas in IELTS Writing Task 2

How to Come Up with Good Ideas in IELTS Writing Task 2
How to Come Up with Good Ideas in IELTS Writing Task 2

How to Come Up with Good Ideas in IELTS Writing Task 2

Thank you for being here for reading this post. Today we are going to discuss about “How to come Up with Good Ideas in IELTS Writing Task 2?” I appreciate you to give your precious time for reading this post.

Selection of ideas plays a vital role in the IELTS Writing Task 2. Once you have a look on the statement for essay your mind drives lots of ideas and thoughts regarding the given subject. You cannot write all of them as the time is short so you should select some most impressive and unique ones from them but the thing to remember is don’t waste much time for selection as you can run out of time.


Most of the students start writing as soon as they get the question sheet and run out of matter after some sentences. This is the wrong approach; you should take some time to analyze the given question (think about it) then generate some ideas and plan your answer accordingly. This method will save your time as at the time you will start you will be clear about the topic and what to write as some times in the middle of the essay you come to know that you have misunderstood the question.

It is seen that some test takers take a long time to plan their essay and still fail to get high scores. Here are some steps that can make your planning effective.

1. Personal ideas relevant to the question – Try to write your own personal ideas as this will not only give you more matter to write but also the uniqueness that an examiner want to see.

In this regard, many aspirants say that they can’t get the idea for the question, the solution for this is you should first simplify the language and then relate the question with yourself, your friends or with the surroundings you will definitely get many ideas to write upon.

2. Simple main ideas – Your main ideas should simple and be followed by supporting point and a personal example relating to the idea. I believe that first call is god’s call so after reading the question whatever the idea comes in your mind I think that will be the most suitable one which you can explain it thoroughly in the give 40 minutes. You should not take any complicated idea which is hard to explain and you get short of matter.

3. Focus on your essay structure – Now after choosing the main idea for the essay work on supporting idea choose some of them as they will help to explain your view. The thing to remember here is all your point should be related with each other for this you can draw a map in your mind or can write it on a paper. You can change or shuffle this outline whenever you want. The main thing is your essay should be well structured and the ideas should be connected with each other.

4. Practice- If you think that two or three days before the exam I will do the above said exercise and achieve my desired bands than sorry to say you cannot make it until your luck is too good. Everyone is not lucky enough so you should do lot of practice to enhance your writing skills.

So, keep practicing as practice is the key to score good bands.



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