How to do Multiple Choice Question – Best IELTS Reading Tips

How to do Multiple Choice Question – IELTS Reading Tips

An Overview:-

The Questions

There are three types of multiple choice questions in the IELTS reading exam.

Type 1: Where there is one possible answer.

Type 2:  Where there are multiple answers for only one mark.

Type 3: Where there are multiple answers and one mark for each.

For these questions you may be given the start of a sentence which you have to complete with one out of four choices. Or you may be presented with a question and asked to find two, three or four items in a list of answers.

You could be asked to identify facts or opinions in the texts.

Multiple choice questions can test both your global understanding of the text or ask you for specific information. This means you will have to make the decision yourself whether to skim or scan the text.

Techniques for IELTS Reading MCQs

Short & Fast Tips

– Read the instructions carefully. Check whether it demands you to select one, two or more correct answers from the given alternatives.

– Read and understand the questions properly. You can read the given text to find the correct answer

– Skim the text so as to obtain the central idea

– Underline the keywords while reading the text so that you can find the answers easily

– Locate the part of the text with either the keywords or their synonyms, read it carefully, understand it in context and then decide if it fits as the answer to the question asked

– If you locate keywords in more than one part of the text, read them properly and understand the difference in their meaning. Then, you can choose the best suitable answer.

– Make sure that you crosscheck the question, re-read the text where you found the answer and then finalize which option is correct

– Eliminating wrong options is also one of the ways to find the correct answer

– If you are running out of time or are unable to find the right answer, make a guess. You will not lose marks if the answer is wrong. So, it is better to write something than nothing.

How to do Multiple Choice Question - IELTS Reading Tips
How to do Multiple Choice Question – IELTS Reading Tips

1. Rechecking must be done:-

Don’t forget to recheck the answer you have got. Check with the contextual idea not just the technical synonyms. That’s the way you will get to know whether it fits the question or not.

2. Don’t forget to check all the contexts of keywords:-

Imagine if you get the same key words in many places, no need to panic, go and check all the contexts of keywords found. It is simple, recheck everything.

3. Try to rephrase all the sentences:-

Few conditions state that some sentences seem to sense the same meaning. In such a case, you have to rephrase all the sentences in your own words to acquire the correct context of the question. Such things are generally traps made by the IELTS examiners.

4. Elimination technique should be followed:-

Elimination is again an interesting technique in IELTS MCQ section. Observe and understand the question carefully, and then try to eliminate the irrelevant alternatives.

This is also called isolation technique (isolating the correct alternative). Now your question is left with fewer alternatives and you can find the right answer with ease. But remember that this cannot be applied often.

5. Answer the questions you know first:-

If you’re having difficulty answering a question, move on and come back to tackle it once you’ve answered all the questions you know. Sometimes answer easier question first can offer you insight into answering more challenging questions.

6. In case of IELTS MCQs, try to predict as it is an instinctive technique:-

Actually you do it by yourself.  But whatever the reasons might be, you are dragged in to the passage. But it is better to guess the answer before reading the text. This will make your chances of hitting the answer easy. It’s just to find the alternative relevant to your guess.

7. Traps and Distracters-be aware of these!

Because IELTS is a purely a language proficiency test, examiners include many kinds of traps while testing abilities of an IELTS test taker.

Therefore be aware of the IELTS test format, tips, and techniques and prepare a perfect strategy.

8. Answer it in your mind first:-

After reading a question, answer it in your mind before reviewing the answer options. This will help prevent you from talking yourself out of the correct answer.

9. Try to answer all the questions:-

Think you are running out of time; never leave an IELTS question unanswered. If and only if you have no time, then guess the answers. Remember that there is a 25% chance for a guess to become correct.

Now let’s discuss a suggested simple strategy;

IELTS MCQ strategies comprise a set of simple techniques and being alert all the test time. This will make you crack the toughest exercise with great ease.

10. Make an educated guess:-

If it will not count against your score, make an educated guess for any question you’re unsure about. (Note: On some standardized tests incorrect answers are penalized. For example, a correct answer may be worth 2 points, an unanswered question 0 points, and an incorrect answer -1 points. On these tests, you can still make an educated guess, but only when you’re able to eliminate at least one or two incorrect answers.

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How to do Multiple Choice Question - Best IELTS Reading Tips

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