how to get 7 in ielts writing

how to get 7 in ielts writing
how to get 7 in ielts writing

how to get 7 in ielts writing

Why IELTS Writing keeps people stuck in IELTS

English writing plays an important role in passing a tough exam called IELTS. This test is basically composed of 4 levels and writing is one of the most crucial levels among them. People often find it hard to pass the writing level as compared to speaking and listening. Therefore, if you are also going through the same problems then worry not.

I suppose that it’s only natural to feel exhausted and at your wits’ end when you keep writing the exam but fail to break through the barrier. I empathize with you, dear test-taker, I truly do. However, it isn’t correct to assume that just because I didn’t receive my scores, there must be some foul play at work. How can I say this so confidently?

There are reasons for this:

• We all learn to speak and listen first

• Then we learn to read

• Then we learn to write

• It takes longer – be prepared for this.

There’s hardly any room for errors at Band 7 and above – so

• It needs to be very well written (around the level of a native speaker undergraduate)

• The style needs to be spot on

• Your vocabulary needs to be very wide

• You also need a wide range of different sentence structures

• You need excellent grammar, flawless spelling and great punctuation

• You need robust cohesion between sentences and between paragraphs

• You need to provide a strong answer to the question with good evidence and support for your arguments and good examples to illustrate

• You need to be able to tackle any task – there is no choice

• You need to be able to plan, write and check – all in 60 minutes

The reason most students get stuck in IELTS Writing is because

• They are not able to do all of these things equally well

• They often focus on the question, the ideas etc and NOT the language

• They write tons of tasks without getting any of them checked

• This means that they don’t know what is stopping them from getting band 7

• So they don’t know how to fix their writing

To fix this

• get someone to take a look at your writing

• don’t use the listening and reading scores as a guide for writing band – they are not the same – a band 7 in reading won’t guarantee the same band in writing

• work on things like grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation as well as writing your tasks

• be realistic about how long it will take – don’t jump back into the exam after a couple of weeks it may take much longer

Tips to Crack IELTS Writing

British English or American English – I must inform you all that both the UK and the US English is acceptable when it comes to IELTS writing test. But remember to follow one basic rule. You need to maintain the flow. Do not mingle both the writing styles in your paper. It leaves a negative impression resulting in the degradation of your score. 

Use linkers – Do you know that making use of linkers enhances your writing style? Though, Although, and, but, still, despite, to add to it, notably, and in spite of are a few examples of the same. Try making use of these linkers to make it interesting to read. Avoid repetition of the linker throughout the body of the article. Use variations for producing a better essay.

Use synonyms – Making use of synonyms highlights your expertise in the language. Repetition of the same word, again and again, makes it a monotonous paper to read. Your aim should be to showcase your proficiency in the language to the examiners, and your knowledge of synonyms makes it an engaging document to read.

Include different words – True! You should make use of different kinds of words in your paper to score well. It is a proof that your dictionary consists of several types of words.

Stick to word count – We often waste our time to write more than required. You may not be able to finish off your paper in the course of writing more than needed. Write to the point and do not to exceed the word count. Also, do not write less than the required word count. If it’s 150 words, please hail around 150-160 words. That would be great!

Relevancy – Relevancy is the key to success. I advise you to be relevant to the given topic. If you are asked to write about your village, it is better to focus on the features, pros, and cons of the place rather than describing the third person existing in that area. It highlights your understanding of the language. Don’t make it irrelevant.

Accuracy – It relates to accuracy in grammar and spellings. Please keep a check in both of these aspects.

Write short sentences – When we write shorter sentences, we tend to make fewer mistakes. Thus, it is again a ladder to reach your goal.

Split into paragraphs – It is one of the fruitful tips that may help you to score the desired band. Write about the highlights of the topic in the first section. Then you may discuss the other points in the next ones. It is encouraged to address a specific point on each paragraph and dedicate the last one to the solution for the problem.

Make use of simple language – If you are not good at writing, make it a simple paper to read so that you adhere to the parameters of accuracy. Use simple words and language to avoid mistakes.

The tips mentioned above are reliable ones and can help you achieve your targetted band in this specific IELTS module.


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