Reading books is good habit, it is a good exercise for brain and also good source of enhancing the knowledge but the question is here what is IELTS READING?

‘IELTS’ reading is just a method to check the knowledge of words of English language it is just made for the students who want to migrate in other countries for study purpose. Is he/she able to understand the words, sentences and passages of English language.

Candidates always solve questions of reading module with the help of strategies but it is not sure the strategies will work 100%. So, what we can do to solve questions? How I have some solutions such as:-

  • Question Demand:- question demand means try to understand the demand of the question like, what is the question, asking you? What is missing in the question and candidates have need to fill it. Read the question carefully and also be aware for the ‘commas’ and liking words. Because sometimes a single comma change the meaning of sentence, additionally it also takes place of contradictory words for example :-
  • A woman without her man is nothing.
  • A woman: without her, man is nothing.

So, now, there are two sentences but with different meaning, how a comma change the meaning of whole sentence and this also happens with candidates but they can’t understand. So, candidates must keep this thing in their mind.

  • Way of Reading:- it means how candidates read? Do they read by word? Such as, I like Punjab, It is land of martyrs thus, if candidates read like this, it means they are slow reader paragraph. But English should be read from sentence to sentence like I love Punjab, it is land of martyrs. It candidates are using this way of reading they can understand the meaning of sentence more accurately than their previous one’s.

  • Do Reading as often as possible:- as everybody knows that “ Practice makes person perfect” but I think, “Perfect practice can make person perfect”. It means, whenever candidates start reading l, they should choose that reading which is just above from their benefit of this, they will learn something new, and how to do something difficult. Their level will definitely grow up. Moreover, whenever candidates are free, they should reading, by practicing, they will learn something new.

  • Dedication:- How much candidates are dedicated to give proper time to read with full of concentration. In IELTS reading, candidates have need to focus on keep it is advised to mobile side, sit in peaceful environment, tgey should relax their mind, do not talk to anyone and they just focus on their motive. They should ask some questions to themselves Why do they choose IELTS, what is the value of band scores in their life. They should say they have no interest in reading module and it is difficult. These things are just in their mind. Reading could become interesting, in fact it should be fascinating fir them because, they learn many of things from reading as, it is always depended on real facts, real researches, history. So, they get chance to enhance their knowledge.

  • Give conclusion:- When candidates look at the title of the reading they should ask a question to themselves, what they’ know about this? After completing their reading then again ask one another question. Now, what they know and also what is the exact motive of that reading. How many words they learn? This is the best way to make their treading interesting.

  • To Repeat it again:- IELTS ‘reading’ is not a difficult task. The bad things about this are just in candidates’ mind. They should try to understand tge demand of the questions, improve way of reading, do perfect practice, give proper dedication at last always make a conclusion. Finally, I hope these TIPS will prove helpful for all IELTS candidates to improve their reading skills.
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  1. The grammatical mistakes in this write up are intentional I presume, like the use of “it” in place of “if”. Well, good points was raised and I appreciate getting the teaching from you as I prepare for my second attempt in IELTS.

  2. Really these are fruitful and marvellous tips I’m also afriad nd feeble in reading nd sometimes I’m also said that IELTS reading is hard but to crack but, after reading this page my mentailty towards IELTS is extremely changed now icontend that through develop the habit of reading myraid books makes the person’s mind sharp inthat way, they easily find out the answers in IELTS reading

  3. It’s really great… whatever you have written actually the fact of individual…Apart from that it is reality explained rather than common advices…I would suggest keep Posting…you are doing great job guys…god bless you

  4. Certainly , it is good idea .i have mosgly difficulty in reading .i test myself numerous time and i correct 26 or 27 approximately .so it is fruitful for me.i want 8 band .you are doing great job.God bless you

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