Are you finding the problem in preparing the ideas to speak hardly for 2 minutes? If yes then here is the solution to tackle your obstacle and to get higher band scores. HOW TO PREPARE CUE CARD IN ONE MINUTE?

In this part as you know that you are provided with cue topic where you have to deliver your ideas related to the given topic as a short presentation to the examiner. In order to prepare a short talk you’ll be provided with 1 minute, that is very necessary to be utilised by the candidate effectively, because your 1 minute will decide your level of speaking for 2 minutes as the focus of this section is to organise your ideas into a cohesive presentation within the time limit. Therefore, it’s not necessary that the student has to cover all the bullet points in serial orders.
Thus, the first thing to do is to make yourself clear about the ideas you need to talk about. Secondly try to make notes efficiently with different methods such as spider diagram, flow chart and bullet points. However, in the opinion of experts the best way to have the utilisation of your time is the FLOW CHART.


Here’s one of the sample: 

Describe a long car journey you went on.

You should say:      ·        

where you went      ·         

how long it took      ·         

whom you took the journey with      ·          

Explain why you took the journey on a car.

Firstly, make an effective general line to introduce the topic then start with the process…Gone are the days of tongs and bull carts, when people used these means of transportation to cover long distances. But due to the advent in transportation masses now lead very opulent lifestyle.  Thus, shattering a light on one situation where I

  1. (Remember) 6 weeks ago,
  2. (Planned with family) going to Jaipur,
  3. Enjoy company
  4. As far as reason is concerned) has an exploring kind family
  5. Love spending time
  6. Tour of exploring jaipur and various tourist spots (remember this journey)
  7. (Because) experiencing the driver seat (1st time)
  8. (Secondly) realized on that day
  9. Life is a journey and one who goes with faith, consistent approach and
  10. Learning attitude, he becomes certainly the champion of life,
  11. Ending (according to your wish)
  • This is the simplest method which can be made very easily if you make the habit of doing the imagination.
  • Taking an example-like you have watched any movie months ago and after couple of days I have asked you to recall that movie and give me its storyline then you will start imagining the picture of the film and that picture start arising in front of your eyes, i.e. you’re doing the imagination.
  • Similarly, as we know that all the cue topics are based upon our life experience, anyhow we have experienced that situation or we have to experience it but we are aware of it in anyway. Thus, in the same manner you have to start doing the imagination and feel that situation at that moment is happening with you (try relating it with you). Therefore, create that picture in front of eyes and note down your ideas in well organised manner with the help of flow chart.

The main emphasis that a candidate has to give on his/her speaking is the following:

Representation: The way of your speaking,

The way of expressing your ideas and explaining them to the examiner and making him/her get involved in your ideas and also by letting them to do the imagination themselves and,

The expressions (facial expressions instead of any other body gestures),

  • Organisation and linking of the ideas

          Organise well in sequence and to link them with connectors,

  • Pronunciation and fluency

         To maintain well flow or I can say constant flow, try adding the fillers (sounds– hum, aa, umm..; phrases– let me think, that’s an interesting question…; words– like, beside, well….)

  • Lexical resources 

          vocabulary, idioms and phrases,

  • Grammar range and accuracy

           mixture of simple, complex and conditional structures.

Focusing upon all above points would lead you to have desired band scores.

20th February, IELTS Daily Task

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