How to speed up in IELTS reading

How to speed up in IELTS reading

How to speed up in IELTS reading

How to speed up in IELTS reading

IELTS reading exam has three parts with 40 questions to answer but many students find it difficult to complete the exam in given 60 minutes. Today we will discuss some tips about how to speed up in the reading tests.

No one should get worried that “I cannot complete the exam in time” as there are several to accompany you. This is one of the common issues for IELTS aspirants as you get 90 seconds to answer each question. Usually, students get panic, as a result, they leave the questions unanswered or they don’t get time to recheck the answers for spelling mistakes, and sometimes they even choose the answers with guesswork as a result they lose their marks. However, this problem can be solved with practice, proper training, and different approaches to the questions.


Everyone has different methods to approach the answer like some students prefer to read the questions first then the paragraph. If you want to do the same you should read the questions carefully and underline the keywords (Underlining will make easier to identify the word you have chosen from the line or sentence and you will save your time) and then search for the same words or their synonyms in the paragraph definitely you will get your answer.


Some persons work in the opposite way as they find easy to read the text first and then the questions of a part. In this method when they take a rapid look on the paragraph to get an idea from where to find the answer. Even for this, method remain the same that is to underline the key words that you feel can be important for answers, and when you start reading the questions and find anything related to the text just go back and check to find answer.   


Skimming and Scanning are the essential tools in the Reading exam as they can bring you out from any difficult situation. You should first skim the valuable information from the given text and then scan the material you need. 


Many of the students just read the first sentence of each paragraph as the believe that first sentence act as a heading for the paragraph and gives the idea of what information will the text give to them. This technique can save some time but sometimes it doesn’t works and one can get deprived of valuable information in the passage.


It is normally seen that students don’t want to leave the question which they don’t find but sometimes you don’t have any option left as you might waste a lot of time on a single question. We suggest that you should devote 1 minute to every question if you fail to find the answer in this time simply move on to another one and mark that question with a special character so that you remember to return back on it. You will get time to rethink on the same at the end of the exam or at the end of the passage.

Sometimes you don’t get the answer when you vigorously search for it and when you get calm you find it right in front of you. So, this 1 minute strategy really works as you can complete your task in 40 minutes and can get 20 minutes to recheck and find the missed answers.

Today we discussed some tips about how to speed up in the reading tests.


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