How to write Body Paragraph in IELTS Writing

How to write Body Paragraph in IELTS Writing

How to write Body Paragraph in IELTS Writing
How to write Body Paragraph in IELTS Writing

How to write Body Paragraph in IELTS Writing

What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that represents arguments or viewpoints of the author. However, the definition of it is unclear. Essays have conventionally been sub-classified as formal and Informal. Formal essays are categorized for serious purpose, dignity, logical organization and length, which means the pattern of writing it should be much more effective. In IELTS Writing, this kind of pattern is followed, but most of the students are not aware about it. So, after writing the introduction effectively, for starting their Body Paragraphs, utter confusion is faced by them. This situation often becomes worse for them when they see various kinds of videos or content on the internet or books for getting answers of their questions.

Some of the most common questions are:

1. How to start Body Paragraph?

2. What to do in Body Paragraph and how to develop it logically?

3.How to make connectivity?

4. What kind of things should not be used?

5. How to give examples?

Hence, answers of these questions will be given in this article.

1. How to start Body Paragraph in an impressive manner?

Giving a start to anything like writing task 2, is a hard nut to crack and most of the time is wasted by students on it, despite knowing that it is limited. To curb this hindrance, they frequently start their Body Paragraph by writing common words like “To begin with”, “To start with” and the list goes on. Without any qualms, it is not wrong to start like this, but the variety in sentence formation cannot be added like this. Thus, it is suggested to start with the “Gerund” form. If any of the paragraphs of writing task 2 is started with Gerund, it would be fruitful. Now, the question arises “What is a gerund?”

Gerund is a verb which functions as a noun, when it is used at the place of subject. With “ing”

He is Smoking: – here “Smoking” acts as a verb. Nevertheless “Smoking” is injurious to health.

Here, smoke with “ing” is working as a subject at the place of noun that is gerund.

Now, how to begin BP, with gerund so, rather than writing

“To begin with”: – beginning with

“To start with”: – “Starting with”, can be used instead of these common phrases

Even ( commencing with the first and foremost advantage/merit) can be given preference

2. Then, after giving a good beginning, to the paragraph, another barrier rises which is what to do in a Body paragraph. So, the answer to this question lies in the question statement only. Suppose, “Advantages and disadvantages” essay is given to the candidates. Therefore, before writing, they need to know what is asked like in this “advantages and disadvantages” essay proper attention should be given as it is asked in a plural form which means at least two merits and demerits should be considered by students and the most common mistake done by candidates is illogical development of the essay. Again, what is this illogical development? is not known to everyone.

This simply means is, not to write down so many ideas together without giving explanation and development of the first given idea for organizing BP accurately. After writing the main idea, proper clarification should be given.

For instance: – If the advantage of a particular topic is given, before moving/shifting to the next advantage, proper clarification of that first advantage like (How/Why) is useful/advantageous in the form of explanation should be given. Having elucidated that first idea (advantage), the result of that thing must be written. This proper elaboration of ideas with the relevant results is known as a logical development. The same pattern should be followed for giving the second advantage or main idea.

Important note: – Planning should be done by students for making it logically developed.

Like: –Main idea

How/Why: – Support

Result: – Development

Starting of a Body paragraph: – Starting of BP2 totally depends on the question types. If you need to go the opposite side of the first paragraph rather than writing “on the other hand”, “on the opposite side”. On the paradoxical side can be used that is good in vocab.

After writing that same pattern of logical development should be used in order to make BP2 pertinent. Give example to reflect your idea in an appropriate manner.

3. Connectivity in both tasks plays a corner stone. However, most of the students do not know the exact usage of it. If they know, they are not aware where to use it. So, here it is a brief description of the connectors.

Additional connectors: – Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Moreover, Furthermore, Lastly, Finally.

Causes (How/Why) (These connectors can be used for explanation): – As, Since, For, Because, Because of, Due to, Owing to.

Result (for development): – Thus, Therefore, Hence, Nevertheless, Although.

Illustrating: – To illustrate, To exemplify, To cite an illustration, like, such as.

4.What kind of things should be used in task 2.

Variety in sentences: – Usage of the same tense for making sentences will act as a barrier. Hence, usage of several tenses by using their active and passive form is advised. This will be really fructify for them to score well.

The usage of complex and compound sentences

It is clearly visible that the majority of candidates who are preparing for IELTS especially (GT). Their requirement is higher and they face a lot of issues in writing as they do not understand what is needed for getting 7 or more than that in writing. So, the answer is complexity. The more complex structure should be used by candidates like


Even though…………………….., ………………………….


Wh-family words (When, Why, Where, Who, What, Whose, Whom)

 Informal words should be avoided

Contractions and abbreviations must not be used as they are informal.

Don’t, can’t, and other contractions along with short form ought to be avoided in essay

Use of (very) and (so)

Usage of personal/possessive pronoun


These pronouns should not be used until it is asked .

5.When the question statement contains a line give examples from your personal experience. Candidates are allowed to use these pronouns for references, otherwise ignore them to use because topic should be written on social basis not personal. Additionally, illustrations on the basis of topic with logical proof in the form of research or survey ,would be better to add in Body paragraphs.

Ergo, following all these things clearly in an efficient manner will open the door to crack IELTS writing exam.


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