How to Write Writing Task 2

How to Write Writing Task 2


It is easy to write an effective introduction in an essay. Before writing it, you should underline the key words in the question and understand the type of question. The pattern of introduction varies with the type of question.

A. The first sentence is to introduce the topic:

You can write the first sentence by giving background information of the topic. (E.g. The emergence of multicultural societies has positive impacts, as the world is realizing the relevance of co-existence of diverse cultures.)

– Or you can start by generally that the issue is a topic of importance. (E.g. The importance of women empowerment cannot be overemphasized, as it is required to improve the quality of life and to reduce the exploitation of women in society.)

– You can also start by stating that this is a topic of discussion, because people have different views on it. (similar phrases: A moot issue. It is bone of contention etc.)

Or you can start by defining the key word in the question, if it is a bit ambiguous. (E.g. Brain Drain, the movement of professionals from developing nations to developed ones seeking greener pastures, has gathered momentum, with the progress of globalization).

– Yet another way is to compare the approach of the past generation to the issue with that of the present (e.g. Euthanasia was considered….but today it is viewed as…..)

How to Write Writing Task 2
How to Write Writing Task 2

B. How to write the second sentence of the introduction

Here you can write that some people have a different view on this topic:

(E.g. Although the advocates of globalization argue that the advent of MNCs will do only good to developing nations, there are people who believe that MNCs will pose a threat to the economic stability of developing nations in the long run.)

(E.g. Even though there are people who believe that the introduction of the Internet in schools would be good idea, some believe that it would disturb the focus of school education.)

Or you can state that today the approach of people towards this issue has changed from that of the past.

C. How to write a Thesis statement. (Third Sentence)

In a thesis statement you state your view on the topic clearly and how you are going to approach the topic. Although thesis statement is generally written as one sentence, you can write it as two sentences. A thesis sentence indicates the direction of your argument. It is supported in the following body paragraph.

E.g. This essay will examine some arguments for and against the obligation of rich nations extending loans to developing nations. (Thesis)

E.g. As the Internet offers tremendous opportunities for business ventures, firms can brand their products by (1) designing websites, (2) advertising globally and (3) broadening their clientele across nations using information technology. (Thesis)

If you can develop the three ideas mentioned above into three body paragraphs, your essay will be well organized.

(ensure that you have rephrased the question in the introduction. You should use connectives to improve the cohesion of sentences)


(It is mandatory that you include a topic sentence in every paragraph)

 A body paragraph should contain a topic sentence, an example to support the topic sentence and explanation or supporting details. It must be noted that many test takers lose marks in writing because they do not know how to organize a paragraph. Just as an essay has a thesis sentence, everybody paragraph shouldhave a topic sentence. (e.g. From an academic point of view, it is better for tertiary students to have easy unlimited access to the Internet to gather information. The next one or two sentences should be in support of this topic sentence and after that an example should be given to substantiate your idea in the paragraph.)

A topic sentence generally comes at the beginning of the paragraph. It is a sentence that indicates which idea you are going to discuss in the paragraph. You have to ensure that the entire paragraph has only one idea ad it is the focus of the paragraph.

If it begins with one topic, it should not end with another or wander off discussing different ideas. It is quite natural for you to have many ideas. But an effective paragraph should have only one focus and you should substantiate it with an example and support it with explanation. A topic sentence should have some connection with thesis sentence.


Conclusion is actually the restating of your main ideas already mentioned in the above paragraphs. In short, a conclusion contains paraphrased summaries of your body paragraphs and the opinion you have mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs. Never add a new idea in the conclusion, since the conclusion is not meant for that. Bear in mind that as it is the last part of the essay, the reader may remember it well.

If it is a discuss type question, you may state your opinion in the conclusion, if you have not already written it in the introduction. It would be a good idea to make a prediction on the impact of the issue mentioned in the topic. You must do all of these in just three sentence!

You should ask the following questions to yourself:

1. Is there a phrase to show that it is the conclusion. (Use phrases such as ‘To conclude….’)

2. Have you summarized the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs?

3. Is the question (e.g. ‘To what extent do you agree’) is answered well?


In order to be successful in achieving your goal, you have to set a goal and focus on it. Hypocrisy is nothing but speaking something and doing something else. In other words, hypocrisy exists when your deeds are different from your words.

In many developing nations corruption is rampant. Moreover, they lack priority concept. Terrorism is devastating. Furthermore, it generates enmity which again leads to violence.

Demographic studies lead nations to establish priorities. Similarly, census throws light into the needs of people.

In selecting employees, one has to identify the performance of them. Another important factor in the selection of staff is their attitude towards work.

In addressing the issue of pollution, individuals as well as the state have a role to play. Cars not only pollute the environment, but also increase the death toll on roads. Coupled with corruption, many politicians tend to act without a vision.

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How to Write Writing Task 2

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