IELTS General Writing Task 1

IELTS General Writing Task 1

1. GT Task 1 – You have recently found a job vacancy in the local newspaper.

2. GT Task 1 – Your friend has just won a sizeable amount of money in the lottery.

3. GT Task 1 – recently travelled on a train which arrived late causing to miss an appointment.

4. GT Task 1 – local authority is planning to build a shopping mall in the centre of your town.

5. GT Task 1 – Your friend is taking an exam and had asked you to help him.

6. GT Task 1 – You have lost an item of value on a train.

7. GT Task 1 – You have a problem with a neighbor.

8. GT 1 – Write a letter to the accommodation officer regarding the problems you are facing.

9. GT Task 1 – Apologize to a friend for changing date of visit to him

10. GT Task 1 – Letter to a friend on sale of a television.

11. GT Task 1 – saw an advertisement for skiing course in Canada but you have problems.

12. GT Task 1 – giving views and suggestions on policy of poison the pigeon.

13. GT Task 1 – Letter to landlord to ask for the return of your deposit

14. GT Task 1 – Letter from a friend for making business trip to your town

15. GT Task 1 – Letter describing the problems caused by loud music

16. GT Task 1 – You have decided to leave your current job and look for a new one.

17. GT Task 1 – borrowed a book from library, but could not return it by the due date.

18. GT Task 1 – letter to invite a famous person to give a speech at a meeting

19. GT Task 1 – A friend has agreed to look after your house and pet

20. GT Task 1 – Letter to Bank Manager regarding the cheque return from bank.

21. GT Task 1 – Advertisement for volunteers work.

22. GT Task 1 – Vacancy at Museum.

23. GT Task 1 – borrowed something that was damaged

24. GT Task 1 – Letter to a manager about the problems relating to computer.

25. GT Task 1 – Regarding the package that will be delivered at your door.

26. GT Task 1 – Letter to a manager about the opening of a new office in another town.

27. GT Task 1 – Choosing the right subject for the university education.

28. GT Task 1 – Letter of complaint about service against the staff member.

29. GT Task 1 – Changing the course you are doing at the college.

30. GT Task 1 – Letter to a bank for losting a credit card and request for new one.

31. GT Task 1 – Need some time off to complete a qualification.

32. GT Task 1 – you bought a pair of shoes but its soles come apart.

33. GT Task 1 – Asking your pen pals to wait at the airport and how to identify.

34. GT Task 1 – Describe a training course you want to do that will be helpful in the job.

35. GT Task 1 – Complaints about the reception area where visitors arrive.

36. GT Task 1 – Report to a company about your small accident by company’s car.

37. GT Task 1 – You just enrolled but due to family problem you need to go back.

38. GT Task 1 – Letter to local councilor explaining problem occurred outside house.

39. GT Task 1 – Unable to accept the invitation to cinema by your friend.

40. GT Task 1 – Letter to local council for rubbish collection services where you live.

41. GT Task 1 – Letter to your friend for nice birthday gift.

42. GT Task 1 – Organizing a group of visit to a historical exhibition in a small town.

43. GT Task 1 – Bought a piece of equipment for kitchen but did not work. Write a letter to the shop manager.

44. GT Task 1 – Received a letter from a bank stating your account is overdrawn that you will charged directly from your account.

45. GT Task 1 – Letter to the information Officer for the information about the Tertiary Preparation Certificate.

46. GT Task 1 – Letter to the bank manager complaining for not receiving new cheque book.

47. GT Task 1 – Letter to Registrar, complaining about the bad services received from hospital Emergency Department.

48. GT Task 1 – You were looked after by another person in an accident. Write a thanks letter.

49. GT Task 1 – Letter to a shop ask if they have the things you want.

50. GT Task 1 – Friend of your has had some problems as a result of some unusual weather.

51. GT Task 1 – Letter to a shop manager, ask for refund or exchange on the item.

52. GT Task 1 – Letter to railway authorities for revised timetable.

54. GT Task 1 – Letter to a supermarket manager for the complain of your minor accident.

55. GT Task 1 – Letter to Training Organizer for more information about the training programme to the UK.

56. GT Task 1 – Letter to a friend describing when and where do you want to meet again.

57. GT Task 1 – You bought a new mobile and after few days, it has stopped working. Write a complain letter to company.

58. GT Task 1 – Apology letter to a friend for not going to theater.

59. GT Task 1 – Letter to a friend, describing a file you have left and ask him/her to return.

60. GT Task 1 – Letter to get information about the diploma course in learning French.

61. GT Task 1 – Complain letter to the authorities for the negligence of the shopping complex.

62. GT Task 1 – Promotion letter to the employer.

63. GT Task 1 – Letter to an electronic company requesting information about their latest model of digital camera.

64. GT Task 1 – Trip to the Black Mountains in West Wales for a group of students.

65. GT Task 1 – A person will be awarded in the local community.

66. GT Task 1 – The historical building in your place is in bad condition. Write to the local government.

67. GT Task 1 – You recently traveled on train which arrived very late and you faced problems.

68. GT Task 1 – Office where you work does not have a proper car parking.

69. GT Task 1 – Write a letter to restaurant to thank them for good food services and atmosphere.

70. GT Task 1 – Recommendation of product to a friend, who is planning to start an import export business.

71. GT Task 1 – member of sports team had met with an accident and wasn’t able to play.

72. GT Task 1 – Letter to a librarian, you can’t return the books to library due to some reason.

73. GT Task 1 – You are organising an event for the company you work for.

74. GT Task 1 – Invitation to a person for celebratory event.

75. GT Task 1 – You notice garbage in your house.

76. GT Task 1 – Recommendation letter from you for the job that he/she is applying for.

77. GT Task 1 – Returned from holiday and were not satisfied with the trip.

78. GT Task 1 – Thanks to a friend to send you the photos of holidays.

79. GT Task 1 – Sold a product by act of falsifying and realized it later.

80. GT Task 1 – You want to discontinue membership.

81. GT Task 1 – Congratulating TV Company for the quality of programme.

82. GT Task 1 – You are visiting another town next month.

83. GT Task 1 – Left your mobile phone in the restaurant.

84. GT Task 1 – Your friend wants to be a partner in his new start-up business.

85. GT Task 1 – Apology letter to neighbour.

86. GT Task 1 – You need to withdraw two courses from college due to heavy study load.

87. GT Task 1 – Facing the problem of hot water in private accommodation.

88.GT Task 1 – You cannot go to a company where you got an offer.

89. GT Task 1 – A friend asked to you for babysit on Saturday and wants to know charges.

90. GT Task 1 – You have met your friend after a long time, express how you feel about this visit.

91. GT Task 1 – Write a letter to newspaper for the recommendation of Restaurant.

92. GT Task 1 – A friend of yours told you for the second-hand furniture shop.

93. GT Task 1 – Thank your friend for the card given, for the fast recovery of your leg broken.

94. GT Task 1 – You have a spare room which you would like to rent out to a student.

95. GT Task 1 – A friend of yours agreed to look after your house and pet.

96. GT Task 1 – Third instalment of sanctioned load has not been released by the bank.

general writing task 1
General Writing Task 1
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