IELTS Reading Sentence Completion Tips

IELTS Reading Sentence Completion Tips

Sentence Completion Questions Strategies

This task requires you to complete sentences using words or numbers from the text. The instructions will give you the number of words you should use in your answer. This information in the text is in the same order as the questions. Numbers can be written in words or figures. A hyphenate word counts as 1 word (for example, non-equivalent, semi-annual, well-known).

The Questions

There are two types of sentence completion questions in the reading exam.

Type 1: With a selection of possible answers.

Type 2: Without a choice of possible answers.

Type 1: These questions require you to complete the end of a sentence.

The questions appear in the same order as the information in the text.

Type 2:  questions are similar to the short answer questions in that they will always tell you to write your answers in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. So you can answer with one word, two words or three words but not more. They will also tell you to use words from the reading passage.

As with Short Answer Questions:

Also note that the answers should not require a hyphenated word (e.g. non-smoker) or a contraction (e.g. they’ve). Also, if the answer requires a number, you can write it as a numeral (e.g. 6) or a word (e.g. six) or a combination (e.g. 6 million).

IELTS Reading Sentence Completion Tips
IELTS Reading Sentence Completion Tips

Step by Step Sentence Completion Strategies:-

Step 1:- Read the questions carefully. Often, you are instructed to use the words from the reading text only. Note also that here you may write only three words or fewer, as specific.

Step 2:- Preview the sentences to get a hang of what you need.

Step 3:- Preview the text to form an idea of what you need.

Step 4:- Now, look at the first sentence. Decide what key ideas/information you will need to complete the first blank.

Step 5:- Scan the text for the appropriate paragraph or section.

Step 6:- Read the specific information more carefully and decide on the best word or words to fill the blank.

Step 7:- Note that the words must make the sentence grammatically correct.

Step 8:- Now, read the next sentence and do the same. Note, however, the text for the blank to complete the second sentence will come after the text needed to fill the previous sentence.

Step 9:- If you find it difficult to fill the first blank, go to the next and then the next. Perhaps that will make it easier for you to fill the first blank later.

Techniques for Sentence Completion Questions:-

– The first and foremost thing is to check the number of words required to complete the sentence.

– Read the instructions carefully.

– Think about the grammatical form as well as the vocabulary that should follow immediately from the stem.

– Go back to the first sentence and decide what information you need to complete it.

– Find the place where the information should be in the text and read it carefully.

– Look out for synonyms and parallel expressions because the questions are not likely to use the same words as those in the text.

– Make sure your sentences make sense both logically and grammatically.

– Make sure that your answer doesn’t exceed the word limit.

– Read the incomplete sentence twice before answering.

– Find where the answer is located in the given text before answering. In simple words, first, decide where than what.

– Check the word types properly and choose the one that perfectly fits in the space.

– Last but not least, check your spelling.

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IELTS Reading Sentence Completion Tips

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