IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

1. Writing Task 2 – teaching methodology in the modern classroom

2. Writing Task 2 – Impact of the advertisements on people

3. Writing Task 2 – whether rich countries should help the poor or administration

4. Writing Task 2 – how consumers influenced by advertisements

5. Writing Task 2 – environmental issue – should be managed by individual person or country

6. Writing Task 2 – is it important for everyone to learn English?

7. Writing Task 2 – should universities only offer practical degree courses

8. Writing Task 2 – causes and solutions to children’s sufferings and obesity.

9. Writing Task 2 – opinion on the early or late retirement are of the workers.

10. Writing Task 2 – How humans damage the environment and its solutions.

11. Writing Task 2 – points to consider before moving to new nation.

12. Writing Task 2 – view on whether to save language or not.

13. Writing Task 2 Рfriends are more important than family in today’s world others oppose it

14. Writing Task 2 – whether directors should get much salary increases than ordinary workers

15. Writing Task 2 – Computers replace jobs due to advancement of technology.

16. Writing Task 2 – Whether tax should be paid to G.F.S or not?

17. Writing Task 2 – sports contribute to peace building internationally. Do you agree or disagree?

18. Writing task 2 – Lifetime Imprisonment is better than death penalty

19. Writing Task 2 – Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten.

20. Writing Task 2 –Who, makes a better parent, a mother or a father?

21. Writing Task 2 – Government investment in music and theatre, is a waste of money.

22. Writing Task 2 – Who should choose career for students.

23. Writing Task 2 – famous people are being hounded by press.

24. Writing Task 2 – Work experience sessions instead of attending schools.

25. Writing Task 2 – Should government ban the sale of bottled water?

26. Writing Task 2 – Should government knock down the museums due to internet?

27. Writing Task 2 – Public libraries are necessary or not?

28. Writing Task 2 – Developing countries should repay the foreign debts or not?

29. Writing Task 2 – Discuss why people travel these days more and it’s benefits.

30. Writing Task 2 – People wearing same clothes following same culture.

31. Writing Task 2 – Advertisements aimed at children should be allowed or not?

32. Writing Task 2 – Discuss on whether people should save money or spent.

33. Writing Task 2 – Importance of technology solutions and other values.

34. Writing Task 2 – Should rich countries employ labour from poor countries?

35. Writing Task 2 – Views on whether money is more important or job satisfaction?

36. Writing Task 2 – Shopping is a leisure activity or should we shop out of necessity?

37. Writing Task 2 – Arguments for and against the maintenance of zoos.

38. Writing Task 2 – Experience is being priced more by employers than university degrees.

39. Writing Task 2 – Should government build new buildings using traditional styles?

40. Writing Task 2 –Wealth of nation depends on citizens. Do you agree?

41. Writing Task 2 – Tobacco and alcohol are drugs that cause addiction. This should be legal or illegal?

42. Writing Task 2 – One day world’s oil and gas reserves will run out.

43. Writing Task 2 – Today’s society provides various ways to lose weight. What is your viewpoint?

44. Writing Task 2 – How companies keep their employees motivated and satisfied in globalistion?

45. Writing Task 2 – In some country’s children have strict rules while in other country’s they are allowed to do everything.

46. Writing Task 2 – Children do not respect their parents as they did in past.

47. Writing Task 2 – Eating meat or fish is not only better for health but also benefits the world as whole.

48. Writing task 2 – In your opinion, what is most important characteristics that a people should have?

49. Writing Task 2 – To eliminate the problem of careless driving, we should teach the safe driving skills to children at school.

50. Writing Task 2 – Provocative adverts have no place in a civilized society. Discuss.

51. Writing Task 2 – Staying in one place or moving in search of another, Which do you prefer?

52. Writing Task 2 – People are less active and fit nowadays than in past.

53. Writing Task 2 – Download copyright music and books made easier with modern technology.

54. Writing Task 2 – Scientists agree that people are damaging their health by eating too much junk food.

55. Writing Task 2 – Best way to travel in cities is car or bicycle?

56. Writing Task 2 – Effective way to reduce the pollution is to tax the companies which cause it.

57. Writing Task 2 – Why do many adults stop doing physical exercise?

58. Writing Task 2 – What problems may caused with different ideas and attitudes with parents.

59. Writing Task 2 – How is your generation different from your parent’s?

60. Writing Task 2 – Some people say it is good idea to wear a uniform at work.

61. Writing Task 2 – Ragging is much debated today that it should be banned in educational institutions.

62. Writing Task 2 – Methods used in advertising is unethical and unacceptable in today’s society.

63. Writing Task 2 – Important things in life are mostly free or can’t be bought.

64. Writing Task 2 – Should government censor the Internet for the welfare of students and citizens?

65. Writing Task 2 – People should not spend time thinking about the past.

66. Writing Task 2 – How important the balance between the work and other aspects of one’s life.

67. Writing Task 2 – Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books.

68. Writing Task 2 – Group’s or organisations are an important part of some people’s lives.

69. Writing Task 2 – The big cities are constantly growing. Why is this happening?

70. Writing Task 2 – Discuss the possible causes of illiteracy and its effect on society.

71. Writing Task 2 – Contemporary technologies are making a single globe tradition. Do you agree?

72. Writing Task 2 – Children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults and copying it.

73. Writing Task 2 – Is women solely responsible for bringing up children.

74. Writing Task 2 – Smokers can cause themselves serious health problems.

75. Writing Task 2 – Teachers are not as important as they used to be because of choice.

76. Writing Task 2 – What do you think is the most important invention from past 100 years.

77. Writing Task 2 – Work training is more important than giving a board-based education.

78. Writing Task 2 – The only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement.

79. Writing Task 2 – Most of writers of fiction do not earn money to live from their writing.

80. Writing Task 2 – What are the affects of performing tasks such as banking, shopping and business transactions.

81. Writing Task 2 – How important homework for children?

82. Writing Task 2 – Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal than other profession.

83. Writing Task 2 – Increase in population is unsustainable and will lead to global crisis or beneficial for growth of world’s economy?

84. Writing Task 2 – Today everyone has a right to access to Internet and that governments should provide this access for free.

85. Writing Task 2 – What do you think is reasonable amount of paid vacation time for employees to have?

86. Writing Task 2 – Today’s school teach their students how to survive financially.

87. Writing Task 2 – Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

88. Writing Task 2 – Parents are the best teachers. Support your answer.

89. Writing Task 2 – Should animals be used in testing new drugs and procedure?

90. Writing Task 2 – How to tackle the problem of pollution in cities?

91. Writing Task 2 – Using a computer every day have more negative than positive effects on children?

92. Writing Task 2 – Multinational companies and their products are becoming important. This is damaging quality of life.

93. Writing Task 2 – What are the important qualities of a good leader?

94. Writing Task 2 – The older you get the more difficult life becomes. Discuss.

95. Writing Task 2 – What are causes and and effects does have on the city dwellers from high levels of migration.

96. Writing Task 2 – Traditional ideas are not helpful for young generations to prepare for modern life.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics
IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics
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