Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking Interview, 9th April

IELTS Writing Task & Speaking Interview, 9th April

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The flowchart below shows the process involved in completing the work experience requirement for university students. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

IELTS Writing Task & Speaking Interview, 9th April
IELTS Writing Task & Speaking Interview, 9th April

Model answer:

Gaining work experience prior to graduation helps university students to succeed in getting their first job. For this reason, some universities insist that all students must complete a Work Experience Requirement. Completing the following six stages results in the requirements’ fulfillment.

The process begins with the Application stage. A student reviews an approved list of workplaces and submits applications to places where he would like to work. Next is the Approval stage. When a student receives an acceptance letter, he gives it to the professor for approval. The third stage, Schedule, requires a student to arrange his work schedule. The student should work at least 10 hours/week over 20 weeks. Reports are next. The student must complete a Weekly Report Form and turn it in to the professor every Friday.

The fifth stage, Evaluation, takes place during the final work week. A student participates in an evaluation meeting with his work supervisor, who submits an Evaluation Form. The last stage requires that a student submit a Final Report before the last week of spring semester.

By following these stages and subsequently submitting the final report, the student receives credit from the university.

General Writing Task 1:-

Your friend searching for job and you have required a employee in your company. Write a letter to your friend
– Describe details of the job.
– Why it is suitable for him?
– How to apply for job?

Sample Answer –

Dear Kiran,

Hello, how are you? I have a great news for you, in my company, there is one vacancy available, and I am also searching for employee.
What about the post of senior system administrator? Actually, I have a need of employee who worked as a senior in my company. The timing of working is 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and I’ll give you salary package same that I gave to the previous employee.

Well, I know, you will be best person for this post because I was looking for the experienced person who handle all duties properly. There is no doubt that you have 3 years experience as a system administrator, and I believe, you will do well.

You don’t need to give any interview we are best friends, so don’t need to be too formal. You just come in office with a curriculum vita to complete requirement of the management team.

Hope you will accept my offer.

See you soon.


Writing Task 2 (AC+GT):-

Training for work is far more important than giving a broad-based education. How far do you agree to this view?

Sample Answer:-

Acquiring the ever-expanding human knowledge in a broad-based education is* becoming near to impossible. The kind of education available in many parts of the world is* often inadequate for the workplace. Therefore, this essay is of the view that instead of giving more broad-based education, equipping people with the skills to excel in a career is* a better idea.

The primary aspect is that people spend their effort, money and time to acquire degrees and end up in jobs in which these qualifications are of little or no use. For example, in many developing countries, people work as office clerks and bus conductors after taking degrees. The need of the day is specialization as the work culture has changed a lot.

Another grave aspect is that, in today’s world of rat race, people need language and computer skills to succeed in jobs. For instance, sometimes, many multinational companies have troubles in recruiting people from the developing world because many job applications have no good English language skills. Writing a convincing letter or filling out a form is* beyond the capacity of many graduates and postgraduate.

Yet again, technology introduces rapid changes in the work atmosphere. As an example, with the advent of computer based work environment, old typists and clerks unwilling to change are becoming redundant (= dismissed from job). Journalists are forced to learn editing on computer and draughtsmen (= a person who is skilled at drawing) have to learn Autocad.

Overall, as the work culture is being changed, job oriented education is better than studying general topics. When technology is the backbone of today’s job atmosphere, it is better to be techno-savvy and to be good at one’s field of work.

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

What is your full name?
My name is Sharuti Khan.

Can I see your ID?
Oh sure! Here it is.

Where are you from?
I am from Kolkata.

Do you work or study?
I am a student, I have already completed MBBS and now I am in the last year of Master’s degree.

What are the disadvantages of using computer?
Many, I would say! These days computers are seen as a more of a distraction than help. People waste your time by sitting in front of their computer screens all day long just to play Candy Crush Saga and other meaningless games. I think it has become an amusement device because there are too many and productive activities available and you can spend your whole day long chatting, online games or just random net surfing. Moreover, prolonged sitting is never healthy for the body.

Do you use the computers everyday?
Yes, almost every day for study purpose. I’ve got a laptop and I use the internet on it regularly.

Do you think that internet is misused by many people nowadays? Why?
Of course, I do believe. It’s because many youngsters and even children use it a lot everyday. They knowingly or unknowingly surf indecent or pornographic websites on the Internet and often form bad habits. They are also crazy about the social media and by using Facebook and such other things; this sometimes come into contact with very bad people who live in their studies or careers. Even criminals and terrorists commit lots of crimes using the internet.

Do you Aspire to learn something different in the future?
Yes, not something. But, in fact, many things such as cooking, swimming, dancing and so on.

Do you like watching the sky?
Yes, i do, especially at night when it is full of starts. And, ‘yes’, I like watching it alone on my terrace.

Why do you do it?
I feel good to be alone during that time, watching beautiful, shinning stars. During that time, I like thinking about my career in the future. I also cherish those wonderful moments of my childhood which was full of fun and innocent pranks.

PART – 2 Cue card

Talk about an old person that you know well.
Please say:
– Who the person is
– Whether you like the person or not
– Time you spend with this person

Sample Answer:-

I would like to talk about one of my acquaintances. Sometimes this gentleman jogs with me. His name is Bharat, and he’s 71. I’ve known him for the past 7 years or so. Used to be physical trainer with Saint Xavier’s school in my city.

I believe this gentleman has all traits to be a truly good person. He’s passionate about sports, workouts and playing badminton specifically. I on him because at this stage most people struggle with the health issues or keep harping on (= keep talking about) their mistakes or interesting stories. While he shares his fitness knowledge with us all the time, and he is the person who always stands behind you cheering and backing you while you jog or run.

We meet every morning. After our workouts, we all aliens so tend to gossip for a while sometimes. Not only his profound knowledge about the fitness but he has a good sense of humour, too. Some of his anecdotes (= a short amusing story) are such that be created boisterous (= energetic and cheerful) laughter. Hi gels up everyone quickly and I guess he has also on knack of knowing the person quickly. When he participates in any discussion, no matter whether it’s connected to the modern era or his time, he is good at balancing the talk. This makes a great person; he welcomes changes unlike other old fogies (= a very old-fashionable or conservative person). Hence he has earned the reputation of being congenial and best in the morning group.

PART – 3 Discussion

Is there an old person that you are impressed by?
Yes, I am impressed by one of the joggers who (m) I see in morning. He’s 71 years old, and recently he has won the National Level Senior’s Badminton Competition. I am really impressed by this gentleman’s commitment towards sports and fitness. He’s live, energetic and agile (= active, fit) all the time. Sometimes I question myself whether I would be such when I reach the that age. Apart from fitness traits, he is very gentle and full of information about various aspects of life. I love to listen to his stories because it seems that he never exaggerates (= overstate, hyperbolize).

Why do old people like to interact with children?
Children always love those who care for them. Obviously, elderly people based on their life experience behave with them gently and lovingly. It’s also send that they are as young as children, and they tend to share fun with children and they have a lot many things to share with them, such as fun stories, mythological stories, and life learning stories with children. Children find themselves relaxed with them always, and that’s why they also enjoy their company with them.

Why do old people interact with teenage groups?
Maybe they see their youth in demand I think that they love to guide them. At times, children Go astray (= become lost or misled) in their life, and elderly people feel pained to see that. Therefore, they try to warn or bring them back to the right track. They have see more life than teenagers, and they know the importance that how one misstep in life would cost them heavily. Apparently, they want them not to make those mistakes which they made in their career. The best way to prepare them well for the future is to interact with them more often.

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Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking Interview, 9th April
Best IELTS Writing Task & Speaking Interview, 9th April

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