IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 23rd June

IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 23rd June


The table below shows the worldwide market share of the mobile phone market for manufacturers in the year 2005 and 2006.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 23rd June
IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 23rd June

Sample Answer:-

The table gives information on the market share of mobile phone manufacturers for two consecutive years, 2005 and 2006.

In both years, Nokia was clearly the market leader, selling 32.5% of all mobile phones in 2005, and slightly more (35%) in 2006. This is a greater market share than its closet competitors, Motorola and Samsung, added together.

Motorola increased its market share from 17.7% in 2005 to 21.1% in 2006. In contrast, Samsung saw its share of the market decline slightly from 12.7% to 11.8%.

The other companies listed each had a much smaller share of the market. Sony Ercisson’s share increased from 6.3% in 2005 to 7.4% in 2006. Whereas L.G., decreased slightly from 6.7% to 6.3%. BenQ Mobile’s share more than halved from 2005 to 2006: from 4.9% of the market to only 2.4%.

Other mobile phone manufacturers accounted for 19.25 of the market in 2005 – more than all the companies mentioned except Nokia. However,, in 2006 the other companies only made 16.2% of mobile phone sales – less than both Nokia and Motorola.


Write a letter to complain about a situation in which some adolescents let their dogs run wildly causing dangers.

Sample Answer:-


While passing through Princess Street yesterday in the evening, I happened to witness a situation where a mortally serious accident would have happened. As a conscientious citizen I think it is my duty to inform you of it for some remedial action.

Princess Street, as you are well aware, is a residential area. Traffic there is usually meager. Yesterday evening I was there to meet a friend. All along the street I could find children of all ages running about and playing, mothers and elderly people strolling. All looked quite peaceful. All of a sudden, some adolescents let their dogs loose, chasing them, laughing and shouting. Some pedestrians were driven to the middle of the road in the confusion. A car was passing by and, had the driver not applied the brake in time, it would have knocked a woman down.

As a law enforcement officer, would you depute at least a couple of constables to the area to ensure such incidents do not recur?

Yours faithfully,




In many countries today, the eating habits and lifestyle children are different from those of previous generations. Some people say this has had a negative effect on their health. To what extent do you agree or disagree to this opinion?

Sample Answer:-

From being confined to eating locally cultivated and seasonal food materials, people have moved to completely different food habits, thanks to globalization. With multinational companies offering ready made food, mankind is increasingly becoming vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. This essay agrees to the argument that eating habits have negative effects on the health of children.

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that nature has bestowed plenty of food products to eat depending on geography, climate and vegetation. But in pursuit of everything new and different, people go for unhealthy food habits, giving priority to taste and not to nutrition. It must be borne in mind that the lifestyle diseases threatening humanity today were relatively unknown in the past.

In sharp contrast to this, today’s children eat plenty of convenience foods manufactures by multinational food manufacturing companies whose priority is profit and not the health of consumers. These companies unceasingly bombard us with aggressive advertisements.

Working parents, who hardly get enough time to cook, conveniently decide to ‘eat out’ or to have fast food, and thus of salt, sugar and fat in addition to preservation’s, colours and taste markers, which the human body does not need and sometimes react to. It is the people who are to be blamed as they do not exercise a sense of health or ill health.

Briefly, children become victims of ill effects of unhealthy food habits. While sacrificing the sacred traditions for the sake of convenience, one should bear in mind that leading life in total disregard to nature is* inviting trouble in the long run.



What is your full name?
My name is Rakesh Kundra.

Can I see your ID?
Certainly, here is my passport.

Where are you from?
I’m from Ahmadabad.

Do you work or study?
I am an industrial chemist.

Do you enjoy your work? Why?
Initially, I did enjoy but with time I am losing interest.

Why did you choose a career as an industrial chemist?
I was always amazed when I learnt how first human came in contact with chemistry by then, the mysterious sparks produced when man stuck two stones together. And then, man realized that how these sparks could be transferred to wood to create a wondrous flame. The earliest chemical reaction was Fire – a mystical force to the prehistoric man. This entire chain of incidents pulled me towards this field.

Will you continue with this in the future?
I’m not sure about it because I don’t enjoy this field anymore for some reason. I started with the tremendous zeal but in the midway I feel I’m losing the traction for this line of interest. Let’s see what the future unfolds for me.

What was your favorite activity when you were a child?
As a child, we had plenty of outdoor activities because internet and computers were not that popular then. Most of the time, we spent time going to parks or visiting the zoo or playing around with friends. My favorite activity was playing cricket with my friends.

What do you think children prefer: outdoor or indoor activities? Why?
I think they like both, don’t they? But it all depends on a child. These days most of the kids are glued to the computer or the phone screen playing games on the internet or video games. There are kids who have parents keeping a check on the internet usage so they do get time for outdoor activities.

How have kids’ activities changed since you were a child?
Earlier kids had more time for their hobby classes or sports but these days with the kind of competition they are facing at the academic front which is so stressful that they barely get any time for any other extra activities.

What is politeness in your opinion?
Polite behavior helps to build relationships with people, and it is a way of respecting.

When you were a child who taught you to be polite?
Actually nobody really taught us, this came to me pretty naturally as I grew up seeing my parents being polite and giving respect to others.

Why is it important to be polite to people?
Well, as someone said you exactly get what you give so if you want respect you need to give it first. It represents the culture and etiquette’s of your family and roots. Some people are very rough in their behavior and they get nothing by being aggressive.

Do you think people have become more or less polite in your country compared to when you were a child?
Yes, these days one get to see very little of politeness in my country. It all depends on your upbringing, the kind of values and morals that are passed on to you from your elders. It’s certainly a matter of concern when kids are not polite and rough in their behavior. Such a negative behavior harms them at a later stage of life.


Speak about a time you bought clothes for yourself

You should say
– When and from where you bought them
– Why you bought them
– Describe the clothes
– How do you feel when you wear those clothes?

Sample Answer:-

It was in January 2020, when I wanted to buy a suit for myself, to wear at my brother-in-law’s reception function. His marriage was lined up for the coming January. I wanted to buy a designer suit because the occasion was important to me. I started searching for the suit at various outlets of my city, but I couldn’t find the type of design and fabric that I was looking for. I visited some reputed tailors of my area, and some well-known shops, too, but everything I found there was usual and common. In the meantime, I met an old friend of mine who suggested a shop named ‘Male Design’.

I visited that shop, and I was impressed by their window display. I felt like I would find what I was looking for, in that shop. I went there with my wife. We tried many varieties of designer outfits, but, eventually, I liked one black suit. It was a three-piece suit with trendy buttons on the jacket. I liked the style of the suit as it could be worn either as a three-piece suit, or as a casual blazer.

The fabric was wrinkle free, smooth and attractive. I tried that suit and immediately selected it. It has attractive metal buttons on the cuff, and a Chinese collar. I bought the suit instantly. I received many compliments when I wore the suit at my brother-in-law’s reception. I still wear it on appropriate occasions, and I feel comfortable and happy when I wear it.


What is the difference between the garment buying habits of men and women?
I have found that men are not always selective and precise when they buy clothes for themselves, except when they want to buy clothes for a particular occasion. Women, on the other hand, are often choosy in their garment buying process, and have predetermined requirements when they enter a shop.

What is the difference between branded and ordinary clothes?
Branded clothes are sold in big shopping malls, and in well-known shops of the city. They also give guarantees of fabric quality and colour fastness. What’s more, we always get a bill of purchase when buying branded clothes; on the other hand, ordinary clothes are sold in small shops, open markets, or even by vendors. They don’t give any assurances for colour fastness and fabric quality.

What is the difference between the attitudes of youngsters and old people in buying clothes?
Youngsters lay more emphasis on style design, colour, and fashion. They often buy trendy clothes that are in keeping with the latest styles. They are always ready to pay more just for style. However, old people give more weight to the comfort of an outfit, and its appropriateness, based on their family status and their occupation.

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IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 23rd June

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