IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 27th June

IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 27th June


The charts below show the number of French adults whose parents spoke a French regional language to them when they were children and the number who speak a French language to their own children.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 27th June
IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task; 27th June
IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 27th June
IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task; 27th June


The charts show that the number of people who speak a regional language to their children is a great deal lower than the number of people whose parents spoke a language to them. For example, over 600,000 people had parents who spoke Alsatian to them habitually and over 200,000 had parents who spoke it occasionally, but only 400,000 speak it to their children now.

The fall is even greater in the case of Occitan. Over 600,000 people had parents who spoke this language to them habitually and over 1 million who spoke it to them occasionally, but the number of those people who speak the language to their own children is just over 200,000.

In the case of Breton, over 200,000 people had parents who spoke it to them habitually and almost 400,000 had parents who spoke it occasionally, but now under 100,000 people speak it to their own children. There has not been much decrease in the numbers for Creole and Corsican. But these were not as high as the others before. The overall picture presented by the charts is that people are not passing on regional languages to their children as much as they used to.


An Australian friend is coming to visit you, and it will be his/her birthday during the visit.

Write a letter to your friend.

In your letter;

– say how you feel about the visit

– suggest what you could do on his/her birthday

– Try to find out what your friend thinks of your idea.


Dear Shane,

I ‘, ready looking forward to your visit here next month, and I hope you’ll have a great time meeting my friends and family. There are lots of interesting places I can show you in the area, and there are plenty of places we can go in the evenings to have fun.

I’ve just realized that it’ll be your birthday you’re over here, won’t it? I’ve been thinking about what we could do that day. I think it would be a great idea if we went to the Adventure World theme park, which isn’t far from where I live. I haven’t been there myself, but friends tell me it’s a fantastic place for a day out. It’s got some really exciting rides, apparently, including one called The Shake-up, which everyone talks about when they’ve been there.

Let me know what you think. I know you like a bit of excitement, and it would be easy for us to get there. Do you fancy it? If so, I can start organizing the trip. It it’s not the sort of thing that appeals to you, I’ll think of something else. If you have a better suggestion, let me know and I’ll try to organize that.




In some societies, stress is now regarded as a major problem, and it is thought that people suffer from more stress than they did in the past.

However, others feel that the amount of stress people have today is exaggerated. They say that previous generations were under more pressure, but the idea of suffering from stress did not exist.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.


These days, stress is a big subject. In all sorts of jobs, people get ill because of it and have time off work. The business world is full of pressure ad many people are worried all the time that they might lose their jobs if they don’t work harder and harder. Lots of people work very long hours and are given very difficult targets to meet.

Their employees expect a lot and sometimes they cannot cope. Young people suffer from stress too – for example, when they have to take exams that will have a big effect on their future. And in general, life is more stressful for a lot of people than it used to be because everything is faster than it used to be. People are always in a hurry to do everything and the pace of life has increased.

But if life really more stressful than it used to be? In the past, people don’t have the comforts that they have now. They had to do a lot more things for themselves. They didn’t have all the equipment that people take for granted now, like heating and fridges and microwave ovens and washing machines and telephones and cars. Life was harder for most people. Working conditions for an enormous number of people were much worse than they are today, when a lot of the difficult manual work is done by machines.

The impression I have from talking to older people is that they simply accepted that life was hard and they didn’t complain of suffering from stress. They simply got on with their lives. These days there are all sorts of ‘experts’ talking about how much stress people have – people didn’t talk about this in the past.

In my opinion, people today have different pressures from the ones they had in the past, but this does not mean that they have more pressures. In the past, people had harder lives in many ways. It has become fashionable to talk about stress, but it’s not a new thing – the difference is that nowadays people complain to become ill because of it, whereas in the past they didn’t.



What is your full name?

My name is Kulbir Kumar.

How may I address you?

You may address me by my first name Kulbir.

May I see your ID?

Sure, here you go.

Do you like to perform outdoor activities often?

Yes, I like to perform outdoor activities often. I enjoy being out in the open, and one with nature. Outdoor activities allow me to rejuvenate myself in the fresh air, after a long day at work in a closed office.

Do you prefer indoor activities or outdoor activities?

This depends on the season and the weather. Where I come from, t stays very hot for most part of the year. So, except for the winters, I prefer doing indoor activities. In winters, however, I love to step out and indulge in outdoor sports and activities.

What are the options for outdoor activities in your city?

There are many options for outdoor activities in my city. People can go for walks and jogs, they can perform Yoga in open gardens, and they can play outdoor sports such as tennis, football, cricket, basketball and volleyball. People can even opt to go for some bird watching just outside the city, and there are many good picnic spots nearby, too.

Is there a specific are limit for certain outdoor activities?

In my opinion, there is no age limit for any outdoor activity. I have seen many old people who are very fit and active, and many young people who are lethargic and unhealthy. I have seen very old people take part in strenuous outdoor activities such as long hikes and treks, and even mountain climbing, with as much gusto as youngsters. So, be it any activity, if one has a fit body and an enthusiastic mind, age is no limit.

Are you fond of bags?

Yes I am fond of bags. I like to buy a new backpack or laptop case every now and then. There are many options available in the market these days, which prompt me to keep changing the bag that I use. Bags are just a utility item to me, but also a style statement. I think a good bag can add to the personality of the one carrying it.

Have you ever purchased a handbag for anyone?

Yes, I remember purchasing a beautiful brown leather handbag for my mother when I was only 12 years old. I had saved up my pocket money for a few months leading up to her birthday, and found a bag that would suit her style and taste. The bag had many sections inside and a few handy side pockets as well. It was very hardy, too, and lasted a good few years.

Are children’s bags different from adult’s bags?

Yes, children bags are quite different from the bags that adults use. Children prefer bags which are more colourful and striking. They often go for multi coloured bags, or bags depicting their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters. These days it is easy to find school bags and hand bags for children, with any cartoon character of their choice. The quality of children’s bags has also improved a lot in the last decade.


Tell me about an important sports arena in your home town.

You should say

– What this sports arena is called

– Where it is located

– What sports facilitate it has

– What makes this sports arena important?

Sample Answer:-

Today I would like to talk about a relatively new sports arena that has been developed in my hometown. In a well-known area known as Kankaria, famous for the Kankaria Lake and Kankaria Zoo, a new sports complex has come up just a while ago, called ‘The Arena’. Its location makes it quite easy to find and also easily accessible to citizens. This sports arena has many facilities and state of the art sports equipment for players and enthusiasts.

It has badminton courts, a basketball court, card room, fitness studios, fitness centre, infinity pool, squash centre, multi-sports pitch, a six shooting range, a room for medics, four tennis courts, a volleyball court, a football field, and many table tennis tables too. The arena even offers good food in its café. There is ample seating for audiences to enjoy national and state level sports tournaments and all the first of its kind sports area are built according to international standards.

It is the first of its kind sports arena in the entire nation, and what makes it even more important is that the international kabbadi world cup was hosted there recently. It drew a lot of people, and everyone who visited only had good things to say about the complex. Crowd flow, emergency situation management, and safety and security features have all been implemented with a lot of care and painstaking attention to detail.

In fact the sports complex is multi-storeyed, so it can host multiple events at the same time, too. I have yet to visit this arena, but I plan to do so very soon.


Does your hometown have many sports arena?

My hometown has a handful of sports arenas; not too many. However, so far these have proven to be good enough to accommodate sports persons and encourage new talent to try their hands at different sports. In future, my hometown could become more sports friendly and new sports arenas might have to be built to facilitate the growing sports culture.

How does access to sports help a society?

Access to sports helps a society in many ways. It encourages people to try their hands at physical activities in their leisure time. It motivates children to play games and get physical exercise from a young age, thereby cultivating healthy lifestyle habits and patterns. Further, it can facilitate the feeling of team-play and utility among members of the society. When a society is pro sports, youth tend to find creative ways to channel pent up energy, and thus become less likely to fall into traps of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Can certain indoor activities be classified as sports?

Yes, some indoor activities can be rightly classified as sports. If an activity involves a fair amount of use of strategy, and is sufficiently competitive, it can be called a sport. Games such as chess, snooker, pool, squash, and gymnastics are already categorized as sports, internationally. On the other hand, playing video games and arcade games need not be classified as sports because they are often passive in nature, and work on the principles of simulation, as opposed to active involved game play.

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IMPORTANT IELTS Daily Task, 27th June

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