Important IELTS Reading Practice Test, 23rd March

Important IELTS Reading Practice Test, 23rd March

IELTS Reading Practice Test – 2, Passage – 3

Read the text below and answer Questions 28-40.

British Study Centres

English Language School

English for life

Language courses at British Study Centres are planned and delivered to equip students with the language skills they need to achieve their future dreams. This is achieved through ongoing structured dialogue between the student and teacher involving the use of tutorials, needs analysis questionnaires and so on.

School Locations

Study English in four of the UK’s most exciting cities: London, Oxford, Brighton and Business English programmes.

History of British Study Centres

British Study Centres was founded in the 1930s by Joseph Cleaver, grandfather of current Chairman and Chief Executive, Simon Cleaver.

The state-of-the-art Oxford language school is fitted with the very best in language learning facilities, offering students a unique modern learning experience. To this day the Company remains a family firm privately owned and managed by Simon and his family.

In the early days the Company concentrated on correspondence courses and quickly established offices and examination centres across the entire (then) British Empire and beyond and in the process became the UK’s largest group of correspondence college.

In the 1970s, the Company, now run by Joseph’s sons, James and Thomas, began to focus on face to face tuition with the establishment of vocational colleges in London, Oxford and Brighton.

In the 1990s the Company established its first English language school in Oxford in 1996 followed by Brighton in 2002 and London in 2004. Since then all of these schools have expanded to cope with increasing demand.

In 2008 the Company moved into the young learners market with the acquisition of ICH (International College Holidays) that specialized in vacation courses for 10-15 years olds. They now run these courses in 5 institutes including the University of Brighton.

In 2010 the fourth school for adults opened in the south coast town of Bournemouth. In the same year they opened a specialist Teacher Training Facility in Oxford.

In 2012 live online lessons were launched with teachers using the latest video conferencing technology.

In recent years the Company has been honoured to win a number of awards associated with the language school industry, including twice winner of Sunday Travel Magazine’s covered ‘Star’ English Language School Europe award in 2010 and 2012, and winner of Study Travel Magazine’s ‘Star’ Junior Courses for under 18s in 2012.

Study English in Oxford BSC, a City Made for Students!

40,000 students and 39 unique university colleges give Oxford a very special ‘student’ atmosphere – an ideal place to learn English! It has a deserved worldwide reputation for the quality of education. Oxford University is the oldest English speaking university in the world, dating back to 1249. It is consistently ranked in the top three in the world.

Oxford is located in the heart of England and benefits from excellent road and rail links to London (50 minutes) and the rest of the UK. The city sits on the banks of the Thames and boasts a variety of world-famous museums, galleries and libraries. Besides the traditional, there are hundreds of modern restaurants, pubs, clubs and riverside cafes to enjoy.

Key Facts for Oxford BSC  
No. of students (peak season) 325
No. of students (low season) 175
Average age 25
Minimum age 16
Average class size 11 (max 14)

Questions 28-34

Complete the table below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMVER from the passage for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 28-34 on your answer sheet.

Year Events in British Study Centres
1930s First established by current owner’s grandfather 28………………..
1970s Three 29…………..were opened as the new face of the company.
1990s The first English language school was opened in Oxford.
30………………… Six years after the first school another was opened in Brighton.
31………………… The third school was then opened in 32………………….
2008 The University of Brighton is now one of 33………………… where vacation courses are held for youngsters.
2010 Another school was opened.
2012 34…………………….made it possible to have lessons online.

Questions 35-40

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the reading passage?

In boxes 35-40 on your answer sheet, write

YES – if the statement reflects the claims of the writer

NO – if the statement contradicts the claims of the writer

NOT GIVEN – if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

35. There is not much interaction between the student and teacher.

36. James Cleaver is Simon Cleaver’s father.

37. Oxford University is the oldest university in the world.

38. There are a few banks by the Thames.

39. They never teach students older than 25.

40. They never have more than 14 students in the class.

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Important IELTS Reading Practice Test, 23rd March
Important IELTS Reading Practice Test, 23rd March


28. Joseph Clever

29. Vocational colleges

30. 2002

31. 2004

32. London

33.  5 institutes

34. Video conferencing technology

35. No

36. No

37. Not Given

39. No

40. Yes

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