What is the role of a TRAINER for acquiring Band Score?

What is the role of a TRAINER for acquiring Band Score?

role of a TRAINER for acquiring Band Score

What is the role of a TRAINER for acquiring Band Score?

It is an undeniable fact that teachers play a paramount role in shaping the child’s future. In every aspect of life, person requires the one who can guide and show the right path. The teacher is the one who not only educates the child but also act as beacon of hope and inspiration.

A person requires tutor from an early age till his last breath. At home, parents become first teachers then in school, teacher plays the role to make the child a better person same is in IELTS. A person can only get score with the proper assistance of IELTS tutor.

In each module of IELTS, READING, WRITING, LISTENING, SPEAKING. A tutor is the one who guides the candidate how to perform in particular module, with the right as well proper guidance, a candidate can crack desire score.

If the student faces problem in Academics then the teacher is one who can explain with patience and assist to the student to attain higher scores by giving right tips and tricks from their own experience, how to perform in particular question or module, the same is in IELTS.

A student will not perform well, until he/she get the experienced tutor.

There are several duties of IELTS trainer in every module.

– In speaking, TRAINER is the one who is connected to every student in class and persuade them to speak freely whether right or wrong to boost candidate’s confidence, which in turn , good band score.

– In listening, tutor guides how to perform a particular part or set of questions and share various tips and techniques to perform and how to increase the listening power and concentration.

– In reading, facilitator is the one who makes the reading easy and interesting by explaining as well analyzing, otherwise it is regarded as the most arduous module by the test takers. Moreover, how to complete task within time limit.

– In writing, trainer is the one who teaches how to plan various tasks, time management and how to add variations in sentences and words to make it more impressive to attain the desired scores.

Apart from studies, teacher provides moral support and push them to do better, which plays an imperative role to acquire good band score, as most of the teenagers rely on their tutor for support in crisis, most parents simply do not have enough time and knowledge to share with their kids. Many teenagers suffer depression and psychological breakdown during their adolescent years and teachers play a pivotal role during this time. Therefore, it is quite evident that teachers need to be the pillar of strength for students during this tough times.

Things teachers do the help students succeed

– Teachers cultivate an academic environment in the classroom by setting high, but not impossible, expectations for their students and push students to achieve those standards.

– Teachers vary their instructions, variations in teaching methods provide a great opportunity to learn. Every student has different strengths and weakness. Instead of just focusing on one method that only appeals to a single learning style. Students will be more successful if they are most based, as variations in learning allow the candidate to get rid of monotonous learning.

– It has been observed that weak students are unable to understand lesson appropriately  because he/she has failed to grasp the previous lesson. Then teachers give their prime focus to that particular student so that the child should not be left behind.

– Moreover, scolding and Harsh punishment may discourage the weak child. He may get scared of sharing problems. Therefore, teachers find the vulnerable student strength and utter encouraging words for him/her. Confidence is the key word. It makes the candidate feel his worth and importance.

Although academics play a crucial role in child’s life. It is also important that they grow up into mature and responsible adults. TEACHERS play a huge role in this regard and that’s why in addition to showing knowledge, they inspire and motivate their students to be a better version of themselves to attain their desired scores.


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