Why vocabulary is important: – Vocabulary is an indispensable part of writing and speaking which makes your topic interesting and effective. If you use strong vocabulary mean uncommon words, it will definitely impress your reader as a repetition of words make your task boring and lead to a decrease in your score. Therefore, having strong vocabulary (more descriptive words) assist your reader to envision what you described as well as keep your reader interested in what you have to say.

So why it is important For IELTS:-As vocabulary covers 25% of marks for IELTS writing and speaking test. Not only writing and speaking tests, but also plays key role in reading and listening. To get high score, especially in writing and speaking sections, students should be confident about their vocabulary. There can be multifarious ways to imbibe a flexible use of a wide range of vocabulary in English language skill. But, you must practice the way that is comfortable.

How it can be learnt?

Plenty of words are used in our daily life to make understand other people and to convey our message and thoughts. So, it is easy for sometimes and sometime difficult for us to convey our message due to the lack of knowledge of right word for a particular situation, it calls lack of vocabulary.  So, this similar condition happens in IELTS exam.

If your vocabulary is weak, you tend to use the similar word and start repeating words which lead to getting poor band score as this limitation of knowledge on words synonyms fails to impress the examiner, therefore, there is a pertinent need to expand your vocabulary list to perform better in writing and speaking sector of IELTS exam.

There is a certain skill involved in choosing the most appropriate synonyms. It is important to consider the connotation of the word because some synonyms can inject a different meaning.

For instance, “Many” it is a very common word and used in almost every writing task as well as speaking interviews, So, replace it by using synonyms for this.

Many:- a couple of innumerable plenty of abundant couples, a multitude of multifarious , multiple, majority of, myriad, astronomical, ample, certain.

Note: – These are used for different amounts.

1. Certain: – refers amount

– a couple of, numerous, many

2. Countless: – means uncountable

 – endless, myriad, abundant, innumerable

3. Different: – refers variety

 – diversity, various, multifarious, several, diverse.

4. Frequent: – refers amount of time

– Common, repeated, constant, incessant.

Hence,initially learn appropriate meaning and proper use of your vocabulary words. Inaccuracy in word selection will lead to poor band scores. Here, we use represent more useful uncommon synonym for common words, which can be added in almost every topic.

Peruse the list of synonyms below:-

Good: – gracious, splendid, outstanding, superb, magnificent, virtue

For quality: – superior, satisfactory, adequate

Morally: – virtuous, ethical

Beautiful: – stunning, attractive, pretty

Important: – imperative, significant, vital, indispensable


Old: – antiquated, ancient, obsolete

Rich: – affluent, wealthy, well-off

Valid: – authorized, legitimate

Bad: – adverse, vicious, unsatisfactory, wicked, detrimental effects on our health

Increase: – grow, rise, escalate, soar, surge, climb, swell, expand, augment, hike, amplify, mushroom.

Noun: – growth, enlargement, increment, augmentation

Example: – The budget was augmented by various donations.

Increase (verb): – grow, rise, escalate, surge, climb, swell, expand, augment, hike, amplify, numerous.

Noun: – growth, enlargement, increment, augmentation

Ex: – level of pollution is rising day to day.

Children can expand their knowledge by reading useful books.

(Noun) Growth in population, no doubt is contributing to like the unemployment rate.

Decrease: – decline, fall off, plummet, diminish, dwindle, lessen, curtail, minimize

Ex: –   pollution level has been decreasing gradually.

Govt. should take stringent steps to mitigate the menace of global warming.

As a noun: – a decrease in pollution level will help to improve atmosphere.

More other useful synonyms: –

Reduce: – alleviate, mitigate, minimize, lesser

Problem: – issue, obstacle, menace, difficulty, hurdle, hindrance

Stop: – deter, curb

Benefit: – advantage, merit, blessing, pros, boon, profit

Disadvantage: – drawback, snag, blemish, short comings,

Advantageous: – superior, beneficial, fruitful


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