Why Should Students Read Newspaper to improve IELTS score?

Why Should Students Read Newspaper to improve IELTS score?

Why Should Students Read Newspaper to improve IELTS score?
Why Should Students Read Newspaper to improve IELTS score?

Why Should Students Read Newspaper to improve IELTS score?

A newspaper is often regarded as one of the best practice tools for any language course, besides being the carrier of all sorts of news. IELTS is a test of measuring the proficiency level of the English language. Students and candidates need some kind of an effective tool that can help them prepare for; four language skills, namely listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Candidates of the IELTS test and all can use any English newspaper to do different kinds of practices are practically proves and extremely fruitful to develop language skills as well as to build up confidence in English.

– Choosing the right kind of English newspaper: – it’s imperative that candidate choose the correct newspaper at first. It’s because without choosing the right newspaper they may run into oblivion and find no use of it. Candidates can just randomly pick up any English newspaper or tabloid, for native English users should choose an English newspaper from native country. The reason behind saying so is that reader needs to feel comfortable in this sort of practice and a newspaper from own country can give this feeling.


(1)  Listening (2) Reading (3) Writing (4) Speaking


This is how candidates should practice listening from an English newspaper.

1. Look for an English language expert who can spare some time.

2. Request him/her to read out loud the article.

3. Listen to him/her attentively whiles he/she reading the selected topic.

4. Take notes on the way he/she reads a newspaper and carefully follow how he/she pronounces different types of words and sentences.

5. Then, in free time, practice just likes them.

6. If they cannot give much time, request them to record their reading of an article; then listen to the recording and learn from it.


This is how candidates should practice reading from an English newspaper.

1. Select the article. Try to target IELTS based topics, for example, environment, pollution, energy resources, food safety, deforestation, child psychology, human brain function, whatever that feel candidate can understand easily.

2. Start reading slowly first. Do not rush if reading speed is not very fast.

3. Target the meaning but do not target it too hard. If do not understand a word do not stop, try to read a whole paragraph and gather the overall meaning. Do not be scared if see the use of difficult grammar patterns.

4. Give importance to correct pronunciation, information and spelling. These are very important for getting better score in IELTS.

5. Use a notebook to write any new word, its meaning, synonyms, antonyms etc.

6. Make a routine to read 500 – 1000 words every day.

7. Slowly increase speed. Use timer to understand how fast in readings. In the beginning read 100 words in 6 -10 minutes. After 15 days candidates may observe a rapid difference. It can be 200 – 300 words in 6 -10 minutes.

8. Though not a great idea, candidate can read out loud in front of an English expert sometimes. He/she can correct if there is any mistake.


Candidate should practice writing from an English newspaper in this way:-

 1. First try to write a summary of 500 words report or article. Steadily go forward and try to write summary of 1000 words, then 2000 word. Step forward and challenge own self slowly.

2. When practicing Task 2, use newly found ideas and knowledge on various subjects to write different points in an essay.

4. Learn some new sentence structures and other grammar in essay writing.

5. Show writing to an English expert who can correct mistakes.


Candidate ought to do speaking practice from an English newspaper in this way:

1. Make a group or team of English speakers of proficient level. He/she is to work mainly as a moderator. He/she can be friend, cousin, trainer, teacher anyone who would like to help.

2) Allow to everyone at least 1 -2 minutes delivering a short speech on the subject matter.

3) Arrange a discussion session on selected topic/article which can decide together.

4) Request the moderator to correct mistakes.

5) Take notes when others speak for gathering more ideas and picking up new words.

To sum up, these are the steps by step ways which candidate can start practicing from some collected articles and reports. This will surely improve skills in English and most importantly in IELTS.

Remember to challenge own self towards difficulty. Improvement depends on practice and hard work always pays off.


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