Ways to Extend Your IELTS Speaking Part 2 Answers

Ways to Extend Your IELTS Speaking Part 2 Answers

Ways to Extend Your IELTS Speaking Part 2
Ways to Extend Your IELTS Speaking Part 2 Answers

Ways to Extend Your IELTS Speaking Part 2 Answers

It is normally seen that the student goes out of ideas and is not able to speak for 2 minutes while answering Part 2 in the IELTS speaking test this is because they adhere to the bullet points asked in the cue card. Speaking for two minutes is not a herculean task. Today we will talk about the Ways to elaborate in IELTS Speaking part 2.

Learn bag full of adjectives and get good using relative clauses 

The main weapon used to expand the answer in part 2 is adjectives. As this section demand lots of details and to fulfill this demand one need variety of adjectives and skill to insert them with relevant clauses.  

Understand the different topics and how you describe them

Basically, there are four topics in part 2 i.e. objects, events, people, and places and you have to describe them so you need to understand the given one and describe it. Please be sure to cover all the bullet point given in the cue card or you will lose you marks.

Tell a story that is personal to you about the person, place, object or event

Try to be realistic and share your personal experiences or stories as this has lots of advantages. Firstly, you will be full of ideas and there will be no deficiency of words as you have experienced it in your life. Secondly, you don’t have to arrange the matter as you will say exactly as it happened with you and if you exaggerate some details that are also good. Thirdly and most important your expression and body language will say about your confidence and you will not sound stereotype.

Practice makes the man perfect

As it is said Practice makes a man perfect so one should practice a lot before giving the exam. You should practice with a stopwatch and try to speak for 2 minutes this will not only enhance your confidence level but also give you the idea when the given time ends.

Besides, there are several other factors which influence your IELTS grade like your speaking fluency, pronunciation. You should use a mixture of complex and simple sentences with good vocabulary and linking words. All these things will tell the examiner about you English speaking skills and definitely will have a positive impact on your scores.  

Tips to enhance your speaking band score:

This test is to judge the speaking skill of the candidate and there are some tips which can help you to score good grades in it.

Express yourself:

The most important thing to get a good band score in speaking IELTS exam is to be expressive.

You need to speak a lot in this exam no matters how shy or less talkative you are in your real life but you have to be Expressive and talkative in this exam to score good marks. Examiner can judge your English skills only if you will answer the questions and if you remain silent as per your nature your marks will be deducted.

Overcome the fear of exam:

Exam phobia is the most common factor that impacts the scores as many student are afraid of exams and get nervous and panic at the time of exam as a result they are out of ideas, matter and even they don’t get suitable words to answer. Some are afraid of talking to the strangers and get confused while sitting in front of the examiner. One should overcome his afraid of exam or talking to the stranger. Be confident and talk to the examiner normally as you do with your class teacher.

Be confident:

Confident is the key to success in the speaking tests. Many of the test takers feel down or depressed before the exam and feel pressure on their minds. You should not be stressed for the exam as this can reduce your scores. As the IELTS exam is not a tough exam as it is normally considered and you can score good marks in it but if unfortunately, you don’t get the desired score you can give the exam again.

Be well dressed:

The dress also plays a vital role in this exam as it is said the first impression is the last impression examiner can also judge you from your outfit. Moreover, good clothes enhance your confidence level and you seem to be in good spirits.


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