What to wear for IELTS Speaking Exam?

What to wear for IELTS Speaking Exam?

What to wear for IELTS Speaking Exam?
What to wear for IELTS Speaking Exam?

What to wear for IELTS Speaking Exam?

On test day, What to wear for IELTS Speaking Exam? it’s important to project an image that says you’re intelligent, that you take the exam seriously, and that you’re relaxed. You want to be comfortable while sitting through the Writing and Reading sections of the test, but you also want to show your best self to the Speaking section examiner.

Our clothes affect how we feel, and how we conduct our behaviour.  Other people can sense if we appear confident and comfortable.  Not only that, they might even reflect what they see in us.

The first thing that is noticed about us is our clothes. You can make a good impression by putting on the right outfit. For example, people who are going to a job interview usually wear something classy that makes them look more professional and serious.

Another thing that we should take into consideration is the feeling. When you are wearing comfortable clothes, and you know that you look confident in them, then you will also FEEL confident! This is one of the most important things to remember when choosing clothes to wear to the IELTS speaking exam.

You also need to wear something that will be not only comfortable but which will make you relaxed as well. You should concentrate on the exam, not on the shirt or pants that are too tight, right?

The IELTS speaking exam will involve a lot of speaking (obviously) in front of the examiner. And you just have to make a good impression! You need to look serious, intelligent and ready!

We’ve established that you need to wear something that is comfortable, that will make you look serious and confident. But what will that be?

In order to get that “business casual” look, you will need to follow some tips:

Slacks: They will help you to achieve that formal look. And slacks are quite comfortable as well. The best option is to wear (or buy) black slacks since they will go with almost everything. You can also choose another color, like dark blue or brown.

Boots and leggings: For women, remember to stick with something comfortable — no high heels. Wear leggings and boots if the weather allows, as long as they are comfortable enough. If you are going with leggings, then choose a long shirt to get more “business casual” look. For gentleman the option is easy – wear your formal shoes.

How about the top? Ladies, your option is a white blouse (without a cleavage). Gentlemen, it is a good idea to wear a collared shirt. You don’t need to wear a bow tie, but it’s a good idea to button up that shirt. The shirt will make you look more serious and professional!

Ladies, you can also wear a skirt or a dress. If you are going with the first option, then look up some classic designs. And choose a dark colour – dark brown or black. As for the dress – classic, black, with no cleavage. It can be as a shirtwaist, high waist or drop waist. You can even use Coco Chanel as a reference! The length of both of them has to be at least to your knee. You want to look serious, right.

You might want to stay away from:

Sweat pants or suits: These might look lazy, even if they are comfortable.

Blue jeans: While jeans are better than sweat pants, you might look better and feel just as relaxed in a nice pair of slacks.

T-shirts: This might come off as too casual — especially if it’s a t-shirt with images or text on it.

For both ladies and gentlemen

• Have your hair fixed. Long hair for women can either be tied or not as long as it is not distracting in the course of the interview. Men’s hair should be groomed well. Most use hair products to keep it neat and nice.

• Put on some makeup for the ladies. Do not look too pale on the interview. Men can use some lip balms to have their lips moisturized.

• Cut your nails days before the interview. Polished nails look good as well.

• Brush your teeth, use a mouthwash or even a breath freshener for the interview.

The IELTS test is not strict with how you look during the speaking test. However, it is still recommended to be at your best appearance once you start the interview for your speaking test.


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