Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Academic Writing Task 1:-

The table shows data about the average length of time (in minutes) that people of different ages spend in consultation with family doctors in a number of countries. Write a report summarising the information. Select and describe the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April
Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Sample Answer:-

The chart gives information about the typical time that patients spend with doctors in various countries, split by age group.

We can see that the most common trend is for the time to increase consistently with age. For example, the figure in France more than doubles from 16 to 38 minutes between the youngest and oldest people. Likewise, the USA figure rises from 13 to 31, the UK from 9 to 21, and Italy from 17 to 29. These are all substantial increases. Chile has a consistent but much slighter climb, from 32 to 39 minutes.

Brazil also shows a rise, although after age 60 there is a decline from 26 minutes to an eventual 20. India has a more marked rise and fall, peaking at 21 minutes for people aged 40 to 60, declining to 11 minutes for 70 plus.
Two countries are exceptions. Japan fluctuates across the age groups, between 12 and 16 minutes. Kenya declines steadily as age increases, from 15 minutes for the youngest to 10 minutes for the oldest people.

Overall, time spent with doctors generally increases with age, except in Japan and Kenya.

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

General Writing Task 1:-

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

You are temporarily moving to a new city for your job. You will be there for three months, and you would like to rent some accommodation for your stay. Write to an accommodation rental office. In your letter
– Tell them how long you are staying
– Describe the type of accommodation you would like
– Explain what facilities you will need nearby

Sample Answer :

Dear sir or madam,

I will be moving to Carrick for three months with a short term placement for my job, and am looking for a suitable place to rent for the period.

ldeally, I am looking for something with easy access to the motorways as I will be spending a great deal of time travelling to nearby cities. I am not particularly concerned with the particulars of the house itself as I will only need a bedroom and bathroom, and don’t anticipate spending much time in the kitchen.

I will, however, need internet access as I will be working at home on my computer and will need to be in touch with my head office throughout my stay.

I will also need to be within a reasonable distance from a shopping area, although it will only be for the essentials like bread and milk.
If you have anything you feel may be suitable, then I would be very interested to hear from you.

With regards,

P Smith

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Writing Task 2 (AC+GT) :-

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Some people think that it is best to save money, for example in a bank or savings scheme. Other people feel that money should be spent whenever it is available. Discuss these views and reach an opinion on this debate.

Give reasons for your answer, and support your essay with ideas and examples from your own experience.

Sample Answer :-

The question of whether to save or spend money is very topical today, as so many people are struggling with financial worries. There are valid arguments on both sides, which I will discuss now.

On the one hand, it is often said that spending money is one way to relax and enjoy life, for instance by shopping or taking holidays, and there is certainly some truth in this. In addition, we usually have no choice but to spend quite a large proportion of our available salary on day to day expenses such as food, housing and transport, and so there is surprisingly Little remaining to save anyway. Finally, spending money on products and services boosts the economy and creates employment, and in this sense is a worthwhile action.

On the other hand, other people point out the dangers of reckless spending, for example on frivolous or unnecessary items, which is often encouraged by advertising. Young people in particular are vulnerable to being influenced like this. Furthermore, advocates of saving often point out that, without a reserve of funds for emergencies, unemployment or illness, people are putting themselves at risk of hardship or even bankruptcy. This is especially true in the current economic situation. Lastly on this side of the debate, people emphasise the need to accumulate wealth during one’s lifetime, so that one’s children can inherit money or property which will increase their security and standard of living.

Overall, I tend to agree that it is wiser to save money wherever possible, for reasons which benefit both individuals today and future generations.

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

IELTS Speaking Full Interview:-

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

PART – 1 Intro Part

What is your name?
My name is Rohit Verma.

Can I see your ID?
Sure, Here! It is.

Are you studying or working?
I am currently studying in the final year of my graduation studies. It’s a 3 years degree programme in Bachelor of Arts and I am completing it in the prestigious Delhi University.

Which is your favourite subject?
I like economics subject the most though all the subjects are quite interesting. It is because economics is the subject which deals with studying about GDP, consumerism, finance, wealth, banking etc. It is about the study of how people, in their real life, utilize resources. Since it is more practical and applicable in my life, I find this subject as the most fascinating one.

Why do you like this subject?
As said earlier, I find this subject very much close to my real life. All the principles and concepts that are taught in this subject are useful to deal with the real life financial problems as well. This is the reason I think learning this subject would be really helpful for me.

Why did you choose to study in your chosen discipline?
I chose to study Bachelor of Arts since I am quite concerned about learning arts subjects such as history, geography, economics etc. which, if I learn, would help me to clear civil services exam which is my future career goal. Other than this, I think it is quite easy for me to learn subjective courses which I like to study in my free time also. When I study these subjects, I don’t feel my studies like a burden. Rather, I enjoy learning more and more about these subjects.

PART – 2 Cue Card

Describe the best experience of your school/university life you have had

You should say

  • What it was,
  • when it was,
  • why it happened,
  • and explain why it was the best of experience

Sample Answer

It was almost 8 years since I competed in an English Speaking Contest, standing on a big stage in front of a hundred-strong crowd to deliver one of the best speeches I’ve ever given with the support of my friends. That was something you can never forget in your whole life and the most magnificent moment, bar none, of my high school highlights.

Never had it crossed my mind that one day I would be on stage talking about the thing I treasured most in my life – my family and friends or just be qualified enough to represent the entire school compete at such competition. If it hadn’t been for my English teacher’s constant encouragement, I wouldn’t have participated in the contest in the first place. Students were free to choose their topics and were asked to present it in front of a panel of judges and audience. It sounded intimidating for so many reasons but I had managed to subdue my anxiety and learned to believe in myself. Preparation for D-day was tough for everyone, both emotionally and physically. We kept practicing nonstop for 4 hours straight, every single day; me trying to perfect my pronunciation and acquire that American accent, my friends singing their heart out Miley Cyrus’s song “True Friend” since we wanted to kick our performance up the notch by featuring some musical element. Our hard work had finally paid off with us bringing home the Champion Cup as well as Best Performance Award. It brought me to tears as I realized at that moment it wouldn’t have mattered if we hadn’t won because we already won when we got over ourselves, stepped out of our comfort zone and kept going till the end. That was our true victory. Until now, the lesson I’ve learnt 8 years ago still has its Own value and will always be there to remind me of those good old days.

PART – 3 Discussion

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

What are some popular subjects that university students study in your country? Why?
For years, we have seen that subjects Like computer science, computer engineering. electrical engineering. pharmacy, business administration, medical science, public administration, international relationship, marine science and engineering, and other engineering subjects (like architectural and mechanical engineering) have remained popular. These subjects have remained popular primarily because they offer better employment and earning opportunities. They are popular also because they usually bring a greater social status and prestige for people that are not exactly associated with other subjects.

Do you think that university education should be free for students? Why/Why not?
No, I don’t really like to subscribe to the idea that university education should be free for students because that would tempt students to take education for granted, meaning that they wouldn’t possibly be enough serious about their studies. Besides, free education would also mean that universities wouldn’t probably have enough funds to put forth for high-level research works and structural improvements (i.e. building new university residences and faculty halls) which would certainly harm the interests of students in the long run.

Do you think students from all majors should study subjects like math and history? Why/Why not?
In principle, I am in favour of studying all subjects, including math and history, because the more we learn, the better will it prepare us to face the challenges of the real world. Studying math equip us more analytical and reasoning capabilities which may prove out to be crucial in looking for a solution for complicated problems while studying history would allow us to take a more informed decision in the light of previous success and failures for identical problems or challenges.

What are the differences between a private university and a public university? Which one do you prefer?
Well. as the name suggests. Private universities are privately owned universities contrary to the government or state-owned public universities. Private universities are quite expensive and in many cases, offer a few selected courses. On the other hand. Public universities are funded by the state and do not require high tuition fees for the students. From my personal experience I can say that. Public universities large campuses and a great number of students while the opposite is the case for private universities.
Which one do I prefer? Well, as a public university student I personally prefer a public university over a private university. However, I am quite broad-minded in terms of accepting some advantages of studying at a private university. For example, a student from a private university can complete his course in due time while this is not possible at many public universities.

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

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Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

Best Writing IELTS Task 2, Task 1, IELTS Speaking Topic, 13th April

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